Arsenal’s best option to solve looming left back crisis?

It would be just about typical of the bad luck Arsenal have had with injury problems this season. Just when we get our first choice central defender Laurent Koscielny back in the Gunners line-up, there is a chance that both of our front line left backs will be out of action after picking up knocks in the same match.

England international Kieran Gibbs was given a well earned rest, but that lasted just 20 minutes as our Spanish defender Nacho Monreal picked up a knee problem that looks certain to keep him out of the Premier League clash with Southampton. Gibbs then took a knock to his ankle which will be assessed this week but knowing out luck, there is a good chance that Wenger will have to shuffle the Arsenal pack again.

And those that want to berate Wenger for letting Thomas Vermaelen leave should know that the Belgian has not played fro his new club yet and is now set for surgery and a five month spell on the sidelines.

The Gunners do have a few options here; the first is moving the versatile young Calum Chambers over to the left and bringing Hector Bellerin in to the right back role. Or perhaps to avoid too many changes, the young Spanish defender could come in at left back, where his pace might help him to compensate for his lack of experience.

The other option is to bring Chambers into the middle and play Koscielny at left back. The French international is the better defender and he is quick to boot, but that would also weaken the centre of our back four and I don’t think that is the way to go.

I’m pretty sure that Wenger will be having a look at Bellerin for the role this week, but the boss will also be crossing his fingers that Gibbs can play. If not, how would you set up the Arsenal defence?

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    1. And Flamini is going to be because he used to play there for Milan. He also played RB at Milan so except his age I am not sure what the problem would be. Put some workhorse in front of him (Sanchez) and left flank would be just fine.

      1. Agree, Flam on the left isnt a bad idea, Especially with how well Welbeck and Sanchez were at closing down, I imagine they will be very busy with Southamptons full-backs.. Ox in the middle against Southampton would be terrible though. This is the kind of game where we will miss Ozil.

        1. @MDOwn
          Not really. At the moment Santi offers more than Ozil in the form of going forward as well as creating, making runs, shots from outside the box and defending.
          Who we need on the right is Joel instead of Ox. He has a better work rate, technical ability and end product. If ever allowed to show it.

  1. we have to know by now that as much as we love gibbo at LB he is extremely injury prone and cannot give us a full season .
    back up is needed in January hoping we can put together one of our late runs, but we need a proper defensive structure.

  2. ————–Martinez
    ————-Cazorla ———–
    Sanchez —————Ox

    Giroud off the bench….where’s Walcott?

    1. Zulu boy dont give me the impression that you are an african politician judging by the way you misrepresent facts. At no time did Aserne say he made a mistake by not replacing verm. He said the club couldnot find a player of right quality to replace verm. Another issue you completely miss is the context in which verm is brought in the article. TV could play leftback so if he had not been sold and was fit he would have slotted in the leftback. Replacing TV would not have guaranteed a centre back who can play left back.

      1. To me, the left flank is the least concern, really. There we do have 3 good options (Coquelin would have been a welcome 4th). Even right flank is not really a concern. What we miss is center and FINISHING ! If we’d have finished half the chances we had all these games I tell you the gap with Chelsea would be halved at least. We need better finishing, seriously. It is really frustrating to create SO many chances but convert so few.

    2. Trouble is that he did replace him (Chambers which is clearly an upgrade) but we did not bought that extra quality CB we needed the most these months. Only if you think that we could have left Mert on bench.
      To me, the biggest mystery is why Bellerin isn’t played. That’s because soon Chambers will be worn out. But who knows, maybe Debuchy will be fit again exactly when Chambers will start shaking. Time will tell.

      1. That’s the biggest head scratcher for me too. Why let Jenkinson go out on loan if you’re not going to trust Bellerin? Then Chambers would have slotted into CB and none of us would be bemoaning the fact that Wenger didn’t replace Vermaalen.

  3. Well, Podolski has been itching for some game time lately..

    Is he left-footed? Yes
    Can he give a cross? Yes
    Is he fit and available? Yes
    Should he move to LB permanently? No need to rush, let’s see how he does on Wednesday, and we can take it from there.

    1. @Twig..
      That will be suicide playing podi as left back…? If I may ask you. u know why podi is not getting game time..? He very lazy , can’t mark, dosint track back……I bet you if u play podi at left back u will not find his there , what per did against man u was just a tip of the ice bug…..u fill find in inside 18yards box of opponent forgetting his primary responsibility which is to defend.

    2. @Twig
      Podolski doesn’t have a defensive bone in his body. Putting him at LB is like putting Per at CF, a dead giveaway…

  4. Say to hell with it and play chambers, kos, and mert as a back 3. Flamini and Rambo as DM and deep lying respectively. Ox, Santi, and Sanchez infront of them with Welbeck and OG up top.. screw fullbacks or wingbacks – just don’t give the opposition the ball lol.

    1. I like the sentiment but “Ramsey” and “deep lying” go together about as well as “Ed Milliband” and “approval rating”

  5. On a serious note, it’s really not a problem. We could switch to a 3-5-2 just for this game. LVG has been switching United’s formation all season, and it seems to be working well for them.

    _______Welbeck Giroud
    _____Sanchez Cazorla OX
    _______Ramsey Flamini
    Koscielny Mertesacker Chambers

    1. Twig i get you sir. But our style of play is not suitable for 3-5-2 formation. We will get slaughtered on the counter.

    2. @Twig
      Take out Aaron. Push up Chambers alongside Flamini. Replace Per with Hayden and add Bellerin.

  6. It’s only a month to Jan 1st but lots of matches in 4 weeks.

    We need to win as many matches as possible by January and then make some signings. It’s not impossible to win 5-7 games in a row. We will play Southampton twice, but no other top teams. We need to start a winning streak.

    If Wenger does sign anyone decent (I’ve heard rumors of Smalling and Kallstrom) then 4th place is in jeopardy. We are NOT guaranteed 4th place.

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