Arsenal’s best performance under Emery? Have the players finally clicked to Emery-ball?

Although Arsenal didn’t beat Liverpool at the weekend, they certainly had control for long periods of the match and looked like a team that knew what they were doing. We have won lots of games where we didn’t really have that control, but according to Shkrodan Mustafi, all Emery’s training finally came to fruition. He told “For me personally, the biggest thing was that he’s someone who really knows what he wants from each player.”

“He tells you exactly what he wants you to do, but gives you freedom to expose your talent. When we don’t have the ball, he tells you where to stand and how to get it back, when we have it, he gives you options you can use. You can decide which option you choose. For me it’s a good mix between freedom and discipline, and having the same plan in the whole team. I think that’s what we saw against Liverpool. That was the first game where I felt like we came out from the first minute and were everywhere until the 90th minute. I feel like there’s a good mix between discipline and freedom.”

So Mustafi thinks this was the best game we have played this season. Would you agree?

One thing is for sure is that Emery demands more from his players every week, as the boss said after the Liverpool game:
“Each match gives us more information for how we can improve,”

“Against Liverpool we played a good match, but it isn’t enough – we need more. If we can continue improving we will be closer to beating Liverpool and other teams like that.”

If the players really do now believe that they have mastered the managers tactics, then surely there is only one way we can go?

Onwards and Upwards!



  1. gotanidea says:

    Arsenal’s best performance was when they obliterated Fulham at the Craven Cottage by five goals

    All players were clicked and the attackers swapped their positions dynamically

    1. kev says:

      The quality of the opposition does count to be fair.We split Liverpool open very easily.Our defense is a worry though considering how easily at times we are split open.

  2. the coach and the players should have a telepathic understanding of each other especially when the going gets tough,emery is good at that.

  3. Sue says:

    I loved our comeback against Leicester also…. Aubameyang’s 2nd goal…. I will never tire of watching it ?
    We’ve had some brilliant performances so far & I hope there are many more to come! Everyone is putting a decent shift in…. we have some team ?? can’t wait till later COYG

    1. Break-on-through says:

      Can you believe that Ramsey’s goal beat that one for best goal of month. Ramsey’s was terrific an absolute beauty, but for me team goals beat out solo efforts. Ramsey’s had allot of solo effort involved, whereas the Aubameyang goal is “Harlem Globetrotters stuff”

      1. Sue says:

        I voted for it on MOTD2.. he missed out by 1% to Ramsey. It was brilliant & his celebration with Ozil was superb ? love those guys!!

  4. AndersS says:

    Yes, the Liverpool was the best so far. Not the result, but the way, we played. For several years, we have not been able to cope with the speed and intensity in their pressing. But this time it was different. They were The game showed, we have really improved, and if we can keep improving, we are really on to something.

  5. Goona says:

    Have to agree with Mustaphi on this one,I have never been prouder of my gooners,they just flatly refused to let Liverpool play,took salah out of the game.the only player who didn’t click for me was Mkhi,sore thumb really

  6. Ackshay says:

    emery style of coaching is like a new life for most of the squad. under wenger attackers mostly flourished with his open play and learn by yourself ethics while defenders suffered as they benefit from a tactical instruction and attention to small details. Mustafi, koscielny,holding always repeated the same mistakes because they could teach themselves and coaching staff never did.

    Also one major change in emery era is a more direct approach and people like iwobi have improved. Iwobi was a daredevil who liked to take risks in attacking when he made his debut then safe sideway passing killed him. Not criticising wenger but his tactics and instructions suited the fabregas, nasri, rvp team but not the later teams and his failure to adjust his philosophy depending on his squad was his downfall.

  7. benex says:

    Agreed, cause Liverpool is the real test since we’ve played City and Chelsea in our first two games.
    We are everywhere through out the game as Mustafi as said. Things we’ve been missing for years. I hope they do more when we will be playing Spur and Man utd.
    Few years to this time with Emery progressing I think we’ll be able to catch City and Chelsea at the top

  8. Samuel Akinsola Adebosin says:

    Well, the Gunners performance in the last Liverpool big game at the Ems maybe judged as their best so far this season. But for me, it’s all about winning. If Arsenal had played ugly in the match but win it, I will take that over playing brilliantly in the match but dropped points as they did in the match last Sunday. Which has seen Arsenal dropped from 4th to 5th behind Tottenham Hotspur now on 4th in the table.

    For Arsenal, winning is essential. Henceforth, they MUST endeavour to win all games irrespective of whether the match is against the lower or big opposition teams. They had to be winning consistently. More so, in the PL if they are to keep their title charge going alive this season and not allow it to fissile away into the thin air.

    Imperatively, Arsenal MUST beat Sporting CP tonight at the Ems in the Europa League Cup match day No 4. to not only qualify for the knock stages of the competition on the night but enhance their unbeaten run in all competition and as well return to the winning ways before they host Wolves in the PL on Sunday.

  9. GunnerJack says:

    Unai’s influence really came to the boil vs Liverpool and it was definitely our best game so far. Others, such as easily beating Fulham, were nowhere near and I think our under 23’s would have won that game. Here are a few things of note:

    1) We had a PLAN – not just a vague idea of how we were going to play

    2) Mustafi, Xhaka and Iwobi showed how much they have improved with Unai’s coaching

    3) We never gave in and kept going to the end – good aggression throughout the game.

    4) Unai’s enthusiasm has rubbed off on the players and I just love his ‘Whirling Dervish’ impressions in the technical area, which certainly help to get the crowd on board!

  10. jon fox says:

    Bearing in mind the opposition, I found the Liverpool game perf easily thre besy over 90 mins

  11. Break-on-through says:

    Mustafi is right, all round that was the best performance, the Fulham and Leic games, our attack from the whole team was very good. The Liv game everyone done their job defensively and offensively, to a good standard. The tactics were almost spot on, probably were spot on, only Liv have improved defensively and things are still a bit new for our players. I’m glad they came out of that tie with some belief, because it could’ve been a huge setback, after losing the first two big games we gained improvement, it could have been a big blow. Even though a draw at our place is good for Liv, it was the manner of the game and how we dominated play that hurt them, they did not expect that at all.

    1. Sarmmie says:

      Spot on, mate, spot on
      Losing would have definitely been a big blow cos rival fans, pundits expected arsenal to lose heavily and the way we dominated play really hurt Liverpool, even though the result didn’t really do that

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