Arsenal’s best starting XI based on this seasons form?


It is difficult for any team to depend on a single player in each position all through the season because of reasons such as form of players, tactical changes and injuries. But most coaches like to to have some players as their major starters in the various positions in games pending reasons stated above.

My suggestion depends on the effectiveness of players in the various positions so far this season using 4-2-3-1 as a formation.

This department divides the views of fans due to the form of Cech and initial lack of knowledge of Leno’s reliability. Though no disrespect to the form and saves made by Cech before the injury, I selected Leno based on the fact that his ability to play with his feet suits the the tactics of Emery. From the Liverpool game, he impressed fans with the ability to know when to play from the back and when to a long pass forward occasionally.

It is easy to see that Bellerin has improved in his crosses so far this season. No wonders he has reasonable numbers of assist already. Lichtsteiner, though seems match rusty currently, has not done enough to justify a starting place ahead of Bellerin.

I know so many fans are not comfortable with this name in the line up. Let us not judge certain players based on their performances during the era when the entire team was struggling. Mustafi’s experience is needed to adapt Sokratis to the league and gradually bring up our younger defenders. How many fans noticed that he has become more solid in his games since the coach started using Torreira in the line up?

This player proved many critics wrong with the way he adapted to the pace of the premier league. He is a no-nonsense kind of defender.

Holding so far, I believe has done enough to be very close to the two guys in the center.

Monreal is one of the players in the premier league that are highly underrated. Some fans like to call him ‘Mr Dependable’. Though Kolasic is not a bad left fullback, he hasn’t done enough to dethrone Monreal in the position when both of them are fit. Am I the only one who noticed that Kolasinac is injury prone?

He is the ‘wow’ signing so far. The type of player we have been asking for. His presence brings the best out of those behind and in front of him when on the pitch. If this guy was signed two seasons ago, Le Prof probably wouldn’t have left our club by now.

Contrary to the view of those fans who wish that Guendouzi should be considered ahead of Xhaka, Guendouzi is mainly an understudy to Torreira except when Xhaka was deployed to left fullback. The coming of Torreira no doubt has brought out the best in Xhaka. Did you see the way they combined against Liverpool?

This position is also a subject for argument. Ozil and Mkhitaryan have played mostly from this position. While playing Ozil there minimizes the effectiveness of Ozil in games, Mkhitaryan seems to be more comfortable at it. The problem with Mkhitaryan so far is lack of calmness in finishing. If not he has gotten himself in goal scoring positions severally but he seems to be under undue pressure to score. Even before he scored against Chelsea, he wasted some good chances. And he seems to be a player who can’t last the full 90 minutes.

Though he started the season by playing from the left where he wasn’t so comfortable, the inability of Ramsey to take the opportunities given to him by Emery afforded Ozil the opportunity to take the position. It gives him the opportunity to interchange positions with his wingers. Mark this, the best of Ozil this season is yet to come.

One of the players that were written off by some fans before the season started. He seems to have found his confidence under the guidance of Emery. He is the most technical player to play from the left wing at the moment. I hope he finds consistency. Aubameyang has actually put in some shift out there. But he is a striker who is supposed to be deployed there when we desperately need more striking options to score goals. Welbeck is another option here. His lack of technicality and finishing seems to undermine his athleticism and marking ability. Though he has scored a reasonable amount of goals so far this season.

It is quite difficult to decide between Lacazette and Aubameyang on who to be the main center forward. The major difference between the two of them is that while Aubameyang is the calmer and more pacy finisher, Lacazette is better in the all round game. Lacazette is more suitable to playing with his team mates right from our own half to the opponents’ half. The choice, I must confess is a difficult one.

Who would you choose?



  1. Tas says:

    OFF TOPIC = AW finaly admitted making mistakes at Arsenal but the later part of his statement baffles me a bit considering he made mistakes for over a decade,

    Wenger admits he made plenty of mistakes during his 22-year tenure with Arsenal but refused to pinpoint his greatest error.

    He said: “Would I have done things differently?

    “I regret every mistake I made. If I have to do it again, of course I would not repeat the mistakes I made.

    “But that is part of life. Top-level people have a good, objective analysis of their mistakes and try not to repeat them.”

    So is he saying his not top-level because he was a serial mistake offender?

    1. P says:

      What has this got to do with the article? Wenger is no longer at Arsenal so can we move on and maybe find a new rhetoric?

      1. tas says:

        if AW comments regarding Arsenal then i can comment on his comment and yes it has nothing to do with the article so what?

        1. jon fox says:

          Discussing Wenger will continue to be relevant to Arsenal matters, UNTIL all his players have finally departed. As yet, the team is still a majority of his signings and in the squad even a bigger majority still of his, so OF COURSE discussing WENGER IS STILL RELEVANT. I too will continue to mention him whenever I wish. I applaud you for standing up to would be, self appointed WENGER CENSORS. Ignore them, as you have already done!

    2. Chabaloah says:

      No, he is saying he has made mistakes and knew of them and tried to correct them. That is all.

      Stop spinning the narrative and get off Wengers back. He’s left now.

      1. Tas says:

        I know what his saying thank you but what his saying don’t make sense when he says ” Top level people have a good objective analysis of their mistakes and try not to repeat them” as much as I have respect for the guy but comment like this is rediculous when he was making the same mistake over and over agin for over a decade, and another thing AW was a huge part of my life for twenty two years so I can comment as much as I like

        1. jon fox says:

          Well said ! Stay strong and do not give in to Wenger censoring bullies!

  2. Atid says:

    Aubameyang instead of mkhitaryan

  3. Tas says:

    Admin almost agree with you but I have to have Aubamayang in the first eleven and go for 4-4-2 let’s not forget his joint top scorer in the EPL atm, I would drop Mkhitaryan on his recent performances but we don’t have anyone who can play on the righ wing unless we drop Iwobie and use Auba as a winger/ striker

    1. tas says:

      I suppose if we all agreed on the first eleven then we are shore to be lacking in depth so its a good thing we cannot agree fully

  4. Aubamezzette says:

    Is our best XI so far.
    Aubameyang has to be tried in the RW or Lacazette there… Iwobi seem to be most grounded on the left.

    1. ozziegunner says:


    2. jon fox says:

      Total agreement !

  5. Aubamezzette says:

    On another note.. Crystal Palace want Welbz, i believe he is a very useful squad player but i wont mind exchanging with cash for Zaha

    1. Tas says:

      Like for like player but Zaha just has the edge with finishing Weltz 10M Zaha 70M

      Yes I see Weltz more as a winger then a striker

      1. Aubamezzette says:

        … and dribbling,trickery, movement and goal threat plus being a proper winger that has been in form for 2years now n wont mind being benched sometimes.
        Except we are getting Ousmane Dembele, Zaha is the best option to go for on the right.
        I love Welbz industry but we need proven wingers more than a third choice versatile striker.
        Having Iwobi -LW n Zaha-RW on either flanks by January is better than what we have now.

        1. tas says:

          Aubamezzette i have been calling for Arsenal to buy Zaha for way over a year now so i’m with you on that

  6. Innit says:

    Cech over leno
    lichtsteiner over Bellerin
    Aubameyang as deserving as Lacazette

    1. Kenny Rolfe says:

      Are you enjoying watching Cech falling over the ball like an eight year old every time it’s played back to him and having 60,000 panicking fans every other week biting their fingernails

      1. Sue says:

        Innit.. I agree about Aubameyang but not Cech & Lichtsteiner

      2. jon fox says:

        Kenny, I was fairly certain after a mere 15 minutes of our first Prem game against City, after watching Cech’s and our fans agony when he had the ball at his feet, that his days as our first choice were behind him. So it has proved! If we played a non playing out from the back system , it MIGHT, just might, be a different matter.

  7. Jah son says:

    Some of arsenal fans keep calling for Zaha but I yet to hear one talking about his defensive duties can we really do with another luxury player which is not even world class just a question

    1. Sparkles says:

      How is Zaha a luxury player? You saw him when we played Palace 2 weekends ago. Even Sarri admitted he was a threat to Chelsea. We haven’t got a RW and Zaha is a good one. About not being defensive, how defensive are Auba and Mhiki on the wings? You don’t seem to worry about them do you? He’s not world class, how many arsenal players now are world class? How many world class players will be happy to play in the Europa? Zaha is a very good player, if we can afford him, it will be a big plus to our team.

  8. Mig says:

    I’d go with what the others suggest Aubameyang instead of Mkhitaryan and I would also have Holding instead of Sokratis I think Holding is almost as good in defence as Sokratis but he is much more comfortable on the ball and adds more options with his passing abilities and he will improve with time. I also loved the way he went in hard at Stoke (I think) last year and the player had to be replaced his attitude is great.

  9. gotanidea says:

    Wanna see Arsenal play with a false nine sometimes:

    Bellerin . Mustafi . Sokratis . Monreal
    ……..Mkhitaryan ……. Guendouzi

    1. Kenny Rolfe says:

      I’ve played at a reasonable level and I’ve been watching the game for sixty years and have never before heard any player described as a false nine. I’ve heard of a deep lying centre forward, Alfredo de Stefano was such a player, one of the all time greats but a false nine. It’s got me. Is it a child’s game like FIFA 18 or FOOTBALL MANAGER or whatever it’s called

      1. Goona says:

        That description started with Messi and Barcelona, even Fabregas tried it

        1. @Goona
          Yea, I remember Fabregas playing as a false 9 for Spain! In more recent times, doesn’t Firmino operate as a false 9? He never was a striker to begin with if I remember correctly. These days he’s more of a striker but initially he operated as a false 9.
          Oh and FIFA rules!

          1. @Kenny Rolfe
            How is FIFA a child’s game? All the people I see in gaming arcades(me included) playing FIFA are adults with the occasional 10 year old here and there.

          2. Kenny Rolfe says:

            Sorry QD, I know nothing about these games, played Subbuteo as a kid but prefer the real thing.

          3. jon fox says:

            Kenny, I have never played a video game in my life, for the simple reason that I HAVE a life. Children, even technically adult children, some well into legal adulthood, waste their lives on this rubbish. I know, as I have youngsters in the family and getting them to stop playing on these silly games is like starting World War Three! When our generation were children we spent most of our non school time outdoors, REALLY playing football and other sports and were leaner, healthier and more rounded kids for that freedom from arthritic thumbs, hunched shoulders, bent necks and much else besides.

          4. Sue says:

            I used to have a Sega mega drive (?) loved sonic the hedgehog! Got bored after about 30 minutes on it though!! So how these kids spend hours on end on it baffles me!!!
            My kids have xbox 1’s and I have to say my youngest lad is a little pro on fifa ? but he also loves actual football, basketball & tennis ?

          5. Kenny Rolfe says:

            Absolutely right Jon. Played football outside from the minute I got up till bedtime, every break at school, after school and that’s the reason I’m sixty eight, carry no weight, still run, twice a week around Victoria Park. I’m fit have an excellent diet and to be honest, I’m quite proud of myself. I feel sorry for these people, especially the youngsters who are obsessed by these games and fear for their long time health.

          6. GunnerJack says:

            Maybe Kenny was referring to the mentality of people who play FIFA when he called them 10 year olds.

          7. Kenny Rolfe says:

            Exactly Gunner Jack.

          8. jon fox says:

            That might depend on what one regards as a TRUE adult, rather than merely being over eighteen . I warrant you do not see too many 50+ aged and truly mature fans in any GAMING arcade. I suggest to you that most males do not TRULY grow up til well into late middle or even old age, if even then! DIFFERENT WITH THE FEMALE SEX, THANK GOD!! Aged 68, I have not remotely yet grown up and never intend to. Not that I have any choice!

  10. Kenny Rolfe says:

    Pierre- Emerick Aubameyang is the top goalscorer in the Premier League, but not good enough for your eleven. I’ve heard it all now.

    1. Goona says:

      I also think we don’t appreciate Auba enough.I don’t know why though,he always has the most shots at goal and I trust him more than lacazet at the end of a counter.

  11. Patrick Karani says:

    How does Mkhitaryan get into the team ahead of Aubameyang? And Mustafi instead of Holding? I do not know which Arsenal you have been watching.

    1. Chabaloah says:

      This. How does Rob Holding not get into the team? He’s only been good since he was introduced and Mihki although works hard and does well to stretch and overlap with Bellerin he can’t beat out Auba, Auba forces defences to sit back and give save to lacazette. Lacazette is more mobile but Auba is too dangerous to ignore on that wing.

  12. David Ozil says:

    Leno Bl Mus RobH Kol Tor Xh Ozil Iw Lac Mh …… The Best Line Up 4 Sunday Sub Aubameyang Ramsey Rows Nach Che

  13. jim wall says:

    Best 11…………leno……………..
    Bell………… Hold……. Sok…… Mon
    Wellbeck……… Xakai……….. Iwobi…
    ………………..auba….. Lacaz…………..

    1. Phil says:

      I believe I have seen it all when Mesut Ozil is on the bench behind Iwobi and Welbeck.Thats If he’s on the bench of course.Cech,Lichstiener,Sokritis,Kolasinac,Elneney,Ramsey,Guendouzi.
      There you go.Leys just sell him pal shall we?

      1. jim wall says:

        Put on your glasses phil, if you can see what i wrote i have Wellbeck, iwobi as wingers are you telling me ozil is a winger..
        You twatt…

        1. jon fox says:

          Jin Your last two words totally undermine your argument. But I know from our past correspondenc that you have not the wit to realise that fact. Therefore any o0f your posts wil l be widely diregarded immature and childish, even when your main point may have a point. To be clear forceful language is allowed but not expletives and filth. LEARN THE DIFFERENCE AND SOME FOLK MAY TAKE YOU MORE SERIOUSLY. I SIGH AS I AM EXPECTING AN EXPLETIVE COMMENT BACK FROM YOU, WHICH IS PAR FOR YOUR COURSE. You may notice that last sentence of mine, was forceful but not filthy or contained expletives.

          1. Phil says:

            @jimwall-you have a team with NO MESUT OZIL.You have a 4132 line up with NO MESUT OZIL.I would suggest Torreira and Xhaka are pretty much nailed on in midfield.Same with Lacazette and Aubamayang up top.So you have preferred both Welbeck AND Iwobi in front of MESUT OZIL.
            Mesut Ozil is NOT a winger.But neither are Welbeck and Iwobi.Welbeck is a forward and Iwobi is an attacking CM.They are forced to play wide to get into the team.And I do know what a winger is.George Armstrong was a winger.Anders Limpar was a winger.Marc Overmars was a winger.I can tell you these are the only out and out wingers that have been at the Club since the 1971 double winning side.Players such as Ray Parlour played wide midfield.So too Graham Rix,David Rocastle,Robert Pires.Freddie Lljunberg and Sylvan Wiltord often used to line up wide but they were not out and out wingers.Arsenal HAVE NOT GOT AN OUT AND OUT WINGER.Welbeck would never get a game as a first choice CF.Iwobi is unlikely to get a game as an attacking midfielder (at the moment).They get game time playing out of their natural position.
            YOU were the one who named your line-up.Not me.You were the one that put Welbeck and Iwobi as wingers.You are even saying they ARE wingers if you believe they get into the side over MESUT OZIL who is obviously not a “Wide Player”.
            So in my mind it is YOU that has made yourself (in your words) A TWAT,YOU TWAT, by insinuating that I am a TWAT when quite clearly it is you that is the TWAT by writing a post that only a TWAT would write.
            Got it-YOU TWAT

          2. jim wall says:

            Twat i didnt say Wellbeck and iwobi were wingers, i said they should be played out wide can you honestly tell me ozil is better than them out wide, sir alex played him out wide lots of times england managers have played him out wide… But you know more

          3. Phil says:

            And of course YOU know everything don’t YOU.
            You name a team with no Mesut Ozil because he is not a winger.In this you are correct.Bit YOU then say Ozil is NOT a winger which is why you put Welbeck and Iwobi in your line-up.But they too are not wingers.The fact is we do not have a single Winger.Not one.We have players who play out wide but that does not make them wingers.
            So by trying to sound like a clever TWAT you only come across as a TWAT.Not much of a difference.Still a TWAT.

          4. jim wall says:

            Look phil its obvious your a young lad
            And your probably a nice young lad, you dont know much about football at the moment but you will learn in time, i shouldnt be upset with you with your posts… Sorry for the name calling..

          5. Kenny Rolfe says:

            Sorry Jim, got to agree with Phil, can’t leave Ozil out for Welbeck. My side would be: Leno
            Bellerin Holding Sokratis Monreal
            Iwobi Xhaka
            Laccazette Aubameyang
            I think a diamond midfield would suit our game and keep everyone in their right positions. Oh and Jim, Phil’s be following Arsenal since the early sixties and like yourself deserves a bit more respect.

          6. Phil says:

            Jim wall-If only I was a young lad.All those “Wingers” I mentioned in an earlier reply I had the privilege os seeing in the flesh with George Armstrong the best of them all.
            Happy to leave it at that

  14. Declan says:

    Bring back Nelson from Hoffenheim I say!
    Seriously though, is anyone worried that another club might make a huge offer for him and “someone” decides he should be sold? He’s got 5 goals in 6 appearances for Hoff and Dembele was sold to Barca for £96 million on the back of 6 goals for Dortmund in a season……….

    1. Aubamezzette says:

      I think its better he finishes the season in Germany to be well and fully grounded. We should get Zaha in January n by next season we have:
      Iwobi, Zaha,Nelson all vying for two wing spots.
      Aubameyang vs Lacazette for CF
      Ozil vs Mkhitaryan vs SmithRowe for CAM
      Xhaka vs Guendouzi for DLP
      Torreira vs (new DM eg T.Partey) vs Niles for DM
      Kolasinac vs Monreal for LB
      Bellerin vs (T.Partey) vs Lichsteiner for RB
      Sokratis vs Kosci vs Holding for LCB
      Benatia vs Bailly fr RCB … SELL MUSTAFI
      Leno vs Cech for GK

    2. Kenny Rolfe says:

      Did you see his goal against Bayer Leverkusen, if not google it, fantastic

      1. vangoals says:

        Twas Sublime, cant get it off my head! #Bring Him Back pls!

  15. LENOhappy says:

    Even if we sell him,he’s not gonna be the first or the last player that will be sold,so that’s no big deal,he’s been okay this season nothing more,we can and we will cope without ozil that am sure of

  16. Grandad says:

    To exclude Holding for a plodder like Mustafi beggars belief.

  17. Arslan says:

    Both Auba & Iwobi are inconsistent.. Both played brilliantly against lower teams ie, in the Europa & League Cup but didn’t really shine against big teams in EPL.
    Auba was very poor against Liverpool.. He was the only non-performing attacking player in that match that had he was in top form, we should have beaten them. While Iwobi was average in both matches against Liverpool & palace. So the best is for the 2 to rotate for the left wing position with Auba to also play as striker in the Europa league..

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