Who is Arsenal’s best striker? Giroud, Sanchez or Walcott?

Every Arsenal fan will have their own opinion about this subject, and the geeks among us will bring out an array of stats to prove that this one is better than that one, etc, etc.

First of all we look at actual goals scored. In the League Giroud comes out on top (like every season) but this year he’s only got 13 goals so far. Alexis Sanchez is second with 9 and Walcott a woeful 5 (which is 1 less than Mesut Ozil on 6).

Now let’s look at average minutes on pitch needed between goals, which seems a bit fairer as I am sure that Giroud has played a lot more games than Walcott. So this season the Frenchman again comes out on top with a goal every 165 minutes, while poor Theo is way out on 263. Alexis Sanchez is sitting in the middle with a goal every 213 minutes. Ozil, with a LOT more games under his belt comes in at 465 minutes per goal, but massacres all the others in assists of course.

Now the latest figures to come out are showing how much money it costs the club for each goal scored by our strikers, which obviously varies according to the weekly wage each player is on at the moment.

Unsurprisingly our great French striker Olivier Giroud yet again comes out on top with a cost of only (lol) £275,000 per goal, while Walcott is three times that price at £726,000. Sanchez is in the middle again at £467,000 per goal despite earning much more than Theo. (Just for info as he is not really classed as a striker, Ozil’s figure is £1,045,000 per goal)

So, although Giroud is much maligned as donkey or a lamppost or other such names, he is still far and away Arsenal’s best value striker. But is that because he is good? Or because the others are even worse?

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  1. out of those 3….

    thierry henry

    and what the hell happened to robert lewan’carroll’ski
    smashes 3 past us in 8 mins, nothing against the ‘amazing’ defence of united-

    oh well, top 4 awaits- open top skateboard to be ran over by an actual bus on the holloway rd

  2. Wellbeck! (Laughs uncontrollably into his bottle of Navy’s Rum, whilst simultaneously kicking his dog, that doesn’t even exist).

    What’s Messi’s cost per goal I wonder?
    Or Ron-aldo?

    1. €207,000 euros per goal


      Cheap! Can we swap with Ozil?;)

    2. Guess what!……..Tonight Messi cost absolutely nothing

      WeLdone Athletico….. Love u guys

      1. Our next manager pulls it off again.

        A proper General is DS!
        I’d go to war for him (although not the Falklands as that would be a bit difficult)!

        1. never happen, for our board he’s too outspoken , takes too many risks
          wenger is safe, frugal and a gent
          his replacement will be a carbon copy.

          until stan buggers off- which he won’t he will pass on to his son

          were screwed
          without vaseline or music

  3. Giroud was never meant to be our main striker. There’s tons of literature to prove it but we ended up with him. Wenger was in for Higuain and then for Suarez and failed to get any of them. In fact if he’d stuck by Higuain and not chasing Suarez then probably we would have a chance to see Higuain here.

    1. Yes by bidding 23m instead of 25m for Higuain, and adding £1 in the case of Suarez, why do you think he was really serious into buying any of them? He always plays with fans’ minds and his followers like you buddy will always defend him no matter what the reality looks like. He loves Giroud and he didn’t even want Welbeck coz he hates to see his son challenged, coz he might be exposed like how Welbeck is doing now

  4. Well lets be honest here nobody can argue that Giroud is a bad player on contrary Giroud is a really good to great striker if not he wouldn’t starting so many games for the french national team, a lot of arsenal fans underappreciate him but now comes the problem.. he just isn’t worldclass if you expect worldclass performances from him and that he decides games on his own almost every time then obviously you will hate him. But if you look at him objectively and not imagining a world class striker you will see that he is a class striker.. he is a striker with patches and when he has his yearly positive patches then in those p.patches he is on the worldclass level but the problem is he also has his other negative patches where he is.. well just reaaaally bad…
    Either we have to get a worldclass striker and keep giroud as a substitute and as soon as giroud is on form/ on his positive patch.. then for me he is the starting striker, because then he is just as good as any striker out there, a ratio of 1 goal/game but as soon as he fails to score in two consecutive games the wc striker is the leading one again. and if we cant get a wc striker, we need an equal/better striker as giroud and they would share the time, like with the wc striker when giroud has his patches thats when to change the ranking…
    Well i think thats what wenger intended to do with walcott and giroud and that worked fantastically till the halfway-line but then walcott was injured and as soon as giroud lost his form, we were on the losing end.. and walcott (like sanchez) came back near soulless from injury and couldnt get his form again

  5. I really can’t see anyone comparing OG with any other striker in the league. He does much more than score goals. Just last game he made a tackle on our own line.
    All everyone wants to compare is goals this goals that. When you play with your back to goal your wings in this case Sanchez and Walcott should have a greater goal tally than your target man forward. If those two had been equal to Giroud’s tally then we win the league and perhaps are still competing for the FA cup.

    1. yep i agree with you, i always loved walcott and here on this page many including me said last year, that we have the two most productive wingers in the league and that was the truth prior to this season. the three wingers in the league who could score the most goals and give the most assists of all the wingers in the league were hazard, sanchez and walcott well on a stretch sterling too and we had two of them.. thats why i expected much of a starting eleven with the trio of sanchez giroud and walcott.. but they failed to deliver.. mostly walcott and sanchez but giroud too.. well they didnt had to perform like msn but at least at an appropriate level 😀

  6. Alexis WC winger but had a bad season to his standards
    Giroud Very good but not excellent like Vardy, Lukaku and Kane
    Welbeck Good (slightly above above average but still plenty of time to improve )

    I’m still not sure why we went for Welbeck in the first place though instead of a striker better than Giroud

    1. Because Wenger was out of the country at this time (yes I know) and the cleaner walked into the usually locked room with the big red button that confirms player purchases.

      Well, as Wellbecks profile flashed up on the screen, that she wasn’t aware of, she at this time bent down to pick up her duster that she had dropped and consequently hit the big red button with her arse. the rest as you know, is history.

      The moral of the story is. Never leave the frigging country when you haven’t already bought a much needed striker yourself, Arsene, or the board will in desperation do it for you in your absence.

  7. Athletico showing how it’s done. Not too long ago they were in the final as well.

    And much have they spent on their squad?

    1. in my opinion the only team who could beat barca over two legs
      simeone yet again proving he’s in top 5 managers in world .

      man city have a shot now.
      if pellegrini can get his tactics right an rest the right players
      real an Bayern can be got at

      1. if they win then we must hang ourselves. The foxes found us wanting for more than 10 years and they took the title while we watching them do it, we have been participating in the CL for 20 years and Man city comes and take it just like that, after letting Chelsea do it coz they had none as well. Something is really wrong with our outdated coach

    1. Yeh, but would he say ‘yes’ as much to the board or ‘I understand our money is just for important stuff like ranches’.

      1. half the team would walk.
        there used to wengers softly softly approach
        premadonnas with no heart

        simeone would grab each of them by the nuts…an say whos your daddy…

        an thats just at the team meeting

  8. A team full of passionate players a manager who gets his team and the crowd up for the game and is able to bring Barcelona to its knees. What have we?

  9. I must say since tme of rvp,arsenal havent had a world class striker.when likes of rvp,arshavin played;u expected the team to always hav a chance whoever.i guess u cant say the same of giroud.attitude-wise and overall Giroud is a good player,but not suited for arsenal style….not that hes bad !

  10. Lol how is Welbeck not even on the list and he is a striker too? Anyways as some have already mentioned Giroud is probably our most under-appreciated player. He is a target man type of striker and has done a great job as such even if some of you won’t admit it. What Wenger should have done was get a more direct and better striker than him which he clearly didn’t do. I’ll go ahead and predict now that next season Welbeck will be one of the top scorers in the EPL. Maybe i’m the only one that sees it but his game has improved a lot since his United days and he has the qualities to be a great striker.

    1. Ras I bet you all my worldly possessions that this will not be the case!

      That is of course unless the next manager hasn’t sold him on by then!

  11. simeone conducting the crowd was boss
    his bus parking makes mourinhos look like a bmx
    hes pretty intense
    probably stares down his pet labrador till it submits like a lil punk
    can imagine him walking into nandos an asking for bigmac, them refusing…
    then he stands up an stares….’ok sir what will you be having on your bigmac…some mayo?’

  12. Welbeck lol. All three give us something equal I think if selected correctly by Wenger
    Giroud aerial the way and hold up, Walcott countering pace of only he could finish well! And sanchez most like a fox in the box. If I chose which one of three I could keep it would be alexis.

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