Arsenal Analysis – Our best team to face Hull (anticipating Barca game)

Hull best team in anticipation of Barca by MHA

Fans, Fans, Fans who will and when shall you be satisfied?

I have been reading threads day and night, some very interesting.. some not so interesting. There was a slow down after Arsenal’s win over Leicester City last weekend. I just have a few things to say as concerns our upcoming fixture, to which has caused verbal diarrhea to many fans. We should be aware that, as usual, whatever we say doesn’t change much – but its still enough to keep us occupied during the week.

Here is an analysis of our team at the moment, with two center backs out and three crucial games within a week. What could be the best formation against HULL CITY…

Ospina takes the No1 jersey for me and there is no need to explain further
Bellerin (needs to play in the hope of getting back former electrifying form)
Chambers (proving versatility day by day and Hull is best training ground for him)
Per (with Gabriel playing recently, Per had a rest for a few games, he can freshen his legs at Hull)
Monreal (the only pity that he can’t rest, Gibbs is out and can’t play 2 games in a row, need backup)
Coquelin (needs to complete 90 minutes anticipating Barca, don’t want to see Flamini anywhere near bench during the Barca game)

*Now here is where I am sure fans have been undecided. I’ll offer my thoughts as follows.
8- Ox
7- Campbell
10- Welbeck
11- Alexis

This forward line has both individual dribbling, possession based pace to hurt Hull. Alexis needs to play and at least get on the score sheet as a morale booster for Barca, same to Walcott & Welbeck fitness-wise. Walcott upfront might trigger an OG reaction and finally start scoring again. Giroud seems to only start scoring after he’s benched and I do not understand why Wenger has waited for so long.

Bellerin – Chambers – Per – Monreal
Coquelin – Oxlade Chamberlain
Campbell – Welbeck – Alexis

The bench can pick itself but please without Arteta. Whenever I see him warming up I just go and grab a fresh beer as its too much for me. If we are leading, then our subs can take place as early as beginning of 2nd half?

To those fans who do not know what they want…… it’s so sad for you. For instance, when Rambo was on the wings, they moaned that he was useless there, now that he is in the middle they want him back to the wing for ‘stability’ Haha. Let’s support our player. For someone to even get trials in a national league is not a joke, leave alone being accepted to play at that level. This doesn’t mean I support when players get indoctrinated with senile pessimism and start pimping mediocrity…

We should not underrate Hull, and they know we are doing that due to looming Barca game. Meanwhile, fans all over, let’s stop hoping and start believing that a double is possible (FA and PL), and let’s hope that UCL isn’t impossible either…

Moses Hillary Akuno

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  1. Cech (he doesn’t need a rest…I would play him)
    Flamini (done the job before) Per Chambers Monreal or U21 player

    Ox Mo El neny

    Campbell Iwobi Welbeck

  2. Whoever we put out there, they need to play their best. Don’t underestimate or disrespect Hull.

    I would play Welbeck after his heroic goal. He deserves a run out there. Seeing him play for 45 minutes at least will give us a better look at him.

    Personally, if I were Hodgson, I’d pick Danny over the other Danny. Welbeck over Sturridge. Just saying

    1. i wouldnt sturridge has been a better striker than welbeck for years.

      dont do bias . if its a spade its a spade

      1. yeah i agree with you with just one remark ^^
        i think sturridge is obviously the better player… i really like welbeck but lets be honest here… welbeck scored about 4 goals or something last year when he played as a striker… whereas sturridge is a really great striker and i would have loved to have him when he just hadnt been so injury prone…
        but when we talk about the national team.. i dont know why but welbeck always play really great for the national team :O like bendtner for denmark.. i think in that point davros is right.. in the national team i would pick welbeck over sturridge even though sturridge is club-wise the better player 😀

  3. ospina
    chambers mertesacker koscienly gibbs
    elneny coquelin
    campbell iwobi sanchez

    Sanchez and coquelin need to find rythm before the barcelona game

  4. Nice name, Akuno….. Is that Spanish for: A Gooner? ?

    Wenger has already hinted that Elneny will start against Hull and that he will put out a strong team.

    He aso stated that Koscielny will have some tests done today, to see if he is okay to start, personally I think that it would be better to save Koscielny for the Barcelona game,
    As for Gabriel… It’s reported that he is running outside, whatever that means ?… but it sounds good to me. ?
    He could be back for the Utd game!

      1. ? Well Excuuuuuuuuuse ME!, Mrs know it all, For only being 99% correct! … Oh look ?, there’s an Article about it now…. Go and read it ??

  5. Barca are a big team and Arsenal are a bigger team than most of the la-liga outfits they rip. Chelsea knew what they had to do and get past and the kind of luck which is special to them. The formation used by them and the players have changed and Arsenal need to do a job on them. There is a lot of problems the manager has to understand and one of them has to be taking chances. Barca will use Mathieu,Pique as centre backs and Alves alongside Alba. Busquets holding with Rakitic and Iniesta in the attacking mid. The forward line of Messi,Neymar and Suarez is what they will really ask to provide attack. Forward line of Sanchez,Welbeck,Walcott is to be considered as the focus at the start with pace on all fronts. Ramsey and Coquelin in the holding role with Ozil in attack where quick starts matter.

  6. please don’t play Walcott! cause I fear injury, the only player Barcelona are scared of is teo cause of his direct play, and I think he is the only tool we can use to defeat barca

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