Arsenal’s BFG out for Zagreb but IN for Chelsea?

The Arsenal vice/captain and centre back Per Mertesacker has certainly been in the wars recently. The German World Cup winner had to miss the Premier League games against Liverpool and Newcastle United before the international break after picking up some mystery illness.

But as the Big Flipping German has now retired from international football, he would have expected to be back in action for the Gunners after the two week break, but it was not to be and he was not even on the bench. Per is also going to miss our opening Champions League game in Croatia against Dinamo Zagreb and we now know the reason why.

An Evening Standard report has revealed that the defender was involved in a car accident in torrential rain that left him very shaken but luckily for us without any major injury.

So Gabriel will continue alongside Koscielny this week but there is a very good chance that the BFG will be back in the team for the crunch Premier League clash with Chelsea on Saturday as he will be training this week. Arsene Wenger is likely to select Mertesacker against Chelsea because of his EPL experience and his size and ability to defend crosses and set pieces, but is Gabriel pushing him hard for that coveted place in the starting XI?

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  1. 95% fans here believed arsenal shouldn’t have signed mandzukic because he is better than giorudless but yesterdays performance proved them wrong he is miles better than giroud for 10m wenger missed a great opprtunity

    1. His first goal of the season, at a big time!!
      But looking over he stats he was non-existent vs Roma and Udinese in disappointing losses for Juve. But sure… One CL goal = Miles better than Giroud, obviously!

      1. Just one goal in 4 matches, then he is miles better. Am not saying he is not good. Let’s boost the morale of what we have. At least for now.

    2. Lmao so you’re saying based on one performance he is better?? Giroud has scored against Man city too ya know. Not saying Giroud is world class or anything but mandzukic is not miles better than him

      1. shhh!! Giroud never scores!!
        Oh aside from those two already this season.. Oh and 19 last season with a lot of time out injured…
        But he did have that 8 league game drought!! he didn’t score then!!

  2. We should have gotten Benteke and Martial instead…

    they are world class…

    we would have easily destroy any team with Sanchez, Benteke, Martial, Ozil

    1. Hafiz. I’ve heard they ‘guarantee goals’ like Balotelli and Falcao. Is this true!?!? Why didn’t you say something earlier!?!?
      Because if it is… I just… I don’t know how we will possibly ever win again 🙁

    2. @Hafiz
      Strange how you only mention Martial after the Man U-Liverpool game and not while the transfer window was still open, means you didn’t know much about him…Mate 1 goal doesn’t make a player a World class….(World class is Ronaldo and Messi’s category – and Martial got a long way to go to fall into that category)…

  3. Our defenders really haven’t had much to do the last few games, with two new faces being integrated into our preferred first XI’s defence, more game time together can only be a good thing, especially between Cech, Kos and Gabby.
    It should be a game we have control of, hopefully not too much energy will be spent if they do start together.

    1. yes, sooKi, definetely, gabriel is quicker and take no sh!!t attitude than per,

      because beware chelshit is in the wounds pressure, and they might wake up and use our weak mentallity to bully our players as always before.

  4. I thought this article was set to find out what fans felt about Mertesacker’s possible return to replace Gabriel. For me this would be insane,especially against Chelsea. Since Gab came into the side the team have been better balanced,also moving the ball forward more quickly and generally much more fluid and comfortable. Kos loves to go forward now and then and will score the odd goal.He knows that now he doesn’t have to break his neck to get back. Above all Gab is a much more complete defender, with pace,reading the game,heading, tackling, in fact the lot. He is also a fine team player, Finally I feel with Gab in the team we have a real chance to achieve something big.

  5. Giroud is one of the best CF’s in world football, his stike rate last. season was affected by a freak injury against everton, but he still got into double figures. This season he has started well. He brings others into play in an exceptional way. critics will point at his poor finishing, but lack of chances is worse than poor finishing. According to wenger finishing is cyclical means it comes and goes for every player i.e youth player and $100million player will finish poorly atimes. But what really matters is the general contribution to the team, Giroud holds d ball up, harries defenders n oppositioo midfielders and defends corner kicks n free kicks and is a constant threat in set pieces. Thats quality… COYG

    1. Arsenal team vs dynamo zagreb

      or OZIL can replace CARZOLA.

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