Arsenal’s BFG worried he will miss amazing EPL title chase

Only the Arsenal manager will know whether the current first choice pairing of Gabriel with Laurent Koscielny at the heart of the Arsenal defence is a temporary arrangement or something that the manager is taking on a game by game basis. Even if it is supposed to be the new regular central defensive set up we know that can quickly change depending on form, fitness and disciplinary issues.

But if the Brazilian defender keeps performing well and Arsenal keep winning with a strong defensive platform it is hard to see our World Cup winning German star Per Mertesacker getting much game time between now and the end of the season. Our BFG certainly seems to be worried about his place in the side, even though he says in a Sky Sports report that he is not letting it affect him too much.

Mertesacker said, “I’ve got to admit it is new to me. I’ve been around a long time now and this has not so often been the case, but I’m in good spirits, am fit and I have no pain. Of course I’m playing less, but I’m sticking at it. Maybe I’ll get another chance. Things change quickly nowadays.

“You get ups and downs as a footballer and you’ve just got to remain professional, and I’ve always been that down the years. That’s why I’ve survived for so long in this business. I listen closely to what the coach says and he knows that he can count on me, no matter what happens.

“I want to show him in every training session that I’m ready when needed. The team needs every player, whether I’m on the bench now or not – I don’t just write it off. I always look ahead positively and that is the best way to get over the disappointment of not playing.”

It is not just the fact that the current situation is a new one on the vastly experienced centre back either. He is one of the Gunners that seems the most optimistic about Arsenal pulling off a remarkable comeback in the hunt for the Premier League title, especially after two clean sheets, six goals and six points from the last two games. I get the feeling that the BFG thinks he might miss out on one of the most amazing finishes in EPL history.

He said, “It’s not totally over yet. If we win all of our matches, then we’ve got a good chance.

“We’ve got to keep focusing on that and that’s why we’re taking things game by game. We’re trying to concentrate fully on our next game against West Ham. We have a bit more time now that we’re not in any other competition so we don’t have to concentrate on anything else, other than the title.”

I hope he is right and I think he may well still have a part to play, especially when we come up against physical and defensive sides like West Brom and Sunderland. But will it be the finish that we are all hoping for?

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  1. Nothing against BFG …
    But truth be told, he got no enough qualities to stay in big clubs even as bench player … Wenger got him wrong at the first place after we got smashed against MU and then Wenger insisted playing him regularly …

  2. For me, Mert is a top CB,he has been playing a bit too much these past seasons and am happy he is on the bench for now, am sure he will come back strong after recharging his batteries.
    He has been very good for us as he never gets injured,,personally that’s the first thing I look for in an Arsenal player;Fitness!!!
    Giroud,Mert, monreal,Bellerin even Cazorla and Ozil +plus Coq are so reliable fitness-wise that’s why I so much love them

    1. Terry, Silva, Ramos, Company, Godin, Kos, Hummels and maybe others … these are top top class CB ..
      David Luiz, Smalling, Jagielka, Stones, Boateng, Mascherano as CB, Alderweireld, Cahill, Pepe and others … these are top CB …
      Below these classes are average CB’s and should not be starter at big clubs …
      So, what do you mean by “Mert is a top CB” ?

  3. I need many will eat me up for this, but don’t you think we should start the BFG against WestHam?????
    W/ham pose aerial threats from free kicks…Mert can organise the defence well and cope with their aerial threats easily…

    1. “and cope with their aerial threats easily” are you serious !
      Despite his unmatched height he still can’t dominate the air, shy to pull and push strikers …

  4. OT: Did some1 see the UCL mike dean yesterday..?only D.Simeon missed a yellow coz he was out but every ATL Madrid foul was a yellow while there was non to fcb for similar or more serious ofences..this refereeing makes futbal lose test and must be banned.

  5. Be careful with your harsh comments about Per.

    We need him this season especially if Gabriel gets injured. Also if we did win the PL he would be part of the reason among all the other players. He also helped us win 2 FA Cups. He also represented his country and helped them win a WC.

    I want a new CB next season as I think Per is not good enough anymore but I respect Per for being an Arsenal player

  6. Mertesacker is not physically good neither a defensive rock. You push the man he will get tumbling to the ground. Gabriel has pace and tenacity to withstand some mean challenges. Arsenal need to start considering 2nd place. Mertesacker has been caught out quicker players and agile yet slower players. He,giroud and Walcott are the same only promises and no end result.

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