Arsenal´s big transfer boost from Costa and Chelsea

As far as we are aware it is only Arsenal that is actively seeking to complete the transfer of the France international star Alexandre Lacazette from his French club Olympique Lyonnais. I certainly hope so because that will make things a lot easier for Arsene Wenger in his dealings with the club´s outspoken president Jean-Michel Aulas.

The Lyon supremo seems to be constantly posting updates about the transfer and a lot of them have been about the value of the forward and the Gunners needing to match the price they previously agree with Atletico Madrid. I get the feeling he is reminding the Gunners that Lacazette would have preferred to sign for the Spanish club and suggesting that he still could by just waiting a few months, but that appears to have been negated.

The Mail on Sunday reported yesterday that Atletico were very close to re-signing the Chelsea and Spain forward Diego Costa who is apparently happy to just train with them until he can be registered with them after the transfer ban is lifted.

This gives Arsenal and Wenger a huge boost to the chances of completing on Lacazette who will not be aware that his move to Madrid is not happening. Why Chelsea are happy to let such a key player leave is anyone’s guess and it could also weaken their title chances and subsequently increase ours, especially as it will help us seal the deal for a new striker to lead the line. Cheers Chelsea.


  1. Losing Costa could a big deal for them, since he was key player for Chelsea last season. Replacing him for a similar striker or stature is difficult unless they pull off Lewandowski, or…Giroud.

    He will probably stay at Chelsea and sign a huge contract

    1. I’d say Aubameyang, Mbappe, Dembelle, Belotti. These four will be on their list. And they might be scouring south America for the next big thing. Lukaku maybe, but I think Conte will want to try and get better.

      If I had to pick two from that list which I think could be Chelsea’s most likely. I’d say Belotti or Mbappe.

  2. “…who will not be aware that his move to Madrid is not happening.”

    I don’t understand the above.

  3. Let him go, Diego Ccsta is not good as to be compared to Lukaku, Lewandoski or Giroud if one among these player is ready yo to sign I advise not hesitate to do so, Chelsea is having strong centre forward that’s why even Batshuayi on the last games was able to score for chances he got.

  4. And who says he can not be replaced in Chelsea. The can spend big to find a very good replacement.
    We should just focus on ourselves and aim for the best we can achieve.

    1. Chelsea are a top side who can attract the best players with money and guaranteed success.
      Conte is young and dynamic.
      Everything that Arsenal and Wenger are not.
      I am not exaggerating when I say I really fear for Arsenal – there is nothing dynamic about them at all.
      We should be making a statement of intent that we want to challenge but instead we just languish doing nothing.
      Bad times ahead for Arsenal I believe…

  5. I read a report from someone out in France and they say that Arsenal and working with Arsene has been Lacazettes dream move all along. Why would he not wait six months for his no1 destination after spending his entire career so far at Lyon, he must like Lyon or he would’ve left ages ago. So I believe the report I read. If Barca or Madrid came calling it would be different you’d imagine. But most French players still see Arsenal as one of the top destinations. Arsene should’ve been pilfering French players these last years. France have come back and now have a squad that can rival Germany. He missed out on allot of great talent because of his stubbornness and his failure to give up on players. Lets hope we’re not too late.

  6. Everton apparently went in for Lacazette but once they heard about Arsenals interest they ran away!

    Conte has told Chelsea that he wants Lukaku, whatever the Cost-a ?

  7. I love abrohimovich with his money, wait and see​ how he will surprise us ,you can’t compare him with kroenke.This guy can even sign Messi ,Ronaldo or lewendowsk and manage to pay them .

    1. Abramovich is the true pound per pound “special one” from Chelsea. Not like that Portugal clown who are not so special one anymore.

  8. Yes ,you are right Sanchez might be on his way to Chelsea because he says he knows where he will play and be paid 420 a week

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