Arsenal’s Calum Chambers unavailable at any price

Leicester have had a bid in excess of £20 Million rejected by Arsenal for the services of Calum Chambers.

The Gunners signed the English defender from Southampton in 2014, but after failing to earn a regular starting role after two years, was sent out on loan last season.

Chambers enjoyed a regular role with Middlesbrough last term, and has since returned to Arsenal, but had been linked with a possible exit this summer.

The 2016 Premier League champions Leicester have now tested the resolve of the North-London side with a bid believed to be in excess of £20 Million, but according to Sky Sports News, Arsenal have said that he is not available for a move.

Gabriel Paulista have already left the club this month, and Shkodran Mustafi is being targeted by Serie A sides today, which would leave our options slim at the back, and Chambers is now clearly a part of Arsene Wenger’s plans.

The 22 year-old played a role in our pre-season campaign, and has seemingly shown enough to be included in our playing squad for the term, but if he has shown enough, why have we been leaving him sidelined while fielding two left-backs (Kolasinac and Monreal) as makeshift defenders?

It’s a complicated and painful time being an Arsenal fan at present, and the transfer window has highlighted that hardship.

Is Chambers good enough to play regularly for Arsenal? Should we have jumped at the £20 Million offer?

Pat J

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  1. Where the fudge is he? Haven’t even made the bench for the past 3 games.

    Don’t worry, our new CB signing is already here, MOHAMED ELNENYYYY! Standing 180 cm tall, weighing 70 kilos and has never succesfully performed a tackle, the man the myth the legend!

  2. It’s fine, we’ll just rejig the team. Lb’s playing as Cb’s. I’ve rejigged my house too. I’ve started using my microwave as a sink, my toothbrush as a comb and my tv as a coffee table.
    I just bought a lovely new car but i’ve left it parked in my garage while I cycle in to work. I thought the atmosphere of the road might be too intense for it. My life is chaos now, but I though hey, it works for arsenal, works for me.

  3. Shambles, disastrous…this club has no clear on and off the pitch and for me they are all responsible but Wenger more than any!! And that change of stance on Chambers epitomizes the issues.
    1) On the pitch:
    -we always start 3-4-3 but always switch back to a back 4…it isn’t tactical as we look bad in both
    -Bellerin playibg LWB when you have the best in the bundesliga last season on the bench
    -Welbeck playing the striker role when he can do everything but score when you have Lacazette a record signing on the
    -Monreal in back 3 when you have Kostafi who can flank Per in the middle protecting him against pace as well as having a commending figure and
    -Telling Xhaka to not play as a 3rd offensive player when Ramsey dashes
    -Playing a guy in Ox so out of position and persisting with him over preseason as if he would be there for years when it is clear he doesn’t want to play for us (his case is a weird one)

    2) Off the pitch:
    -Clubs prepare for the window weeks before it actually happens. You can’t tell me Wenger & his team didn’t identify the deadwood week 1? Why wait until the last week & selling on rebate…you just sold Gibbs for 7m when you turned down a 10m from Watford because you wanted 13!! Perez on a loan when you turned down an 11m offer…
    -if the strategy is to get rid of deadwoods at all cost why do it on rebate like in the case mentioned above when you have turned down better offer?
    -The contract rebels saga and mainly Ox. Something as I mentioned look fishy; he almost signed a 100k/wk offer in July. Was Liverpoo l always in the picture? His agent (similar to sterling saga)? Or just AFC issues? Reminds a bit about Gnabry…we are now a bit short on wingers
    -Sanchez…why is the club at 72h of the window closing finally open to him leaving?!They knew his stance all along it would have been sensible to do it early put a deadline to City and maybe ask for a player something they might have been willing early in the window.
    -In essence we just signed one guy for 52m and we now have no money like what is going on?We have the most match day revenue in world football even with stuff, commercial portfolio that keeps growing, tv deals that keep getting bigger & we are apparently looking for a new kit manufacturer to match the revenue stream for this that clubs like CFC or MANU get…and also we again lost on our prime target: Lemar

    I mean come on now…ineptitude, shocking. A true and complete disaster…

  4. I can not come and go and die and kill myself away 4 arsenal these days…I can’t!! Headless chickens leading the club

  5. MR Wenger is incompetent in terms of his failure to acquire a top class centre back and defensive midfielder. chambers is not top class and never will be,but I much prefer him to Mustafi who at £35m is one of the managers worst buys. at a time when the club is crying out for a quality centre back just what input is Steve Boulder bringing to the table. Wenger,quite justifiably is getting pelters for his incompetence whilst Bould escapes any criticism. for a tough physical centre back his silence on and off the pitch is remarkable?

  6. If Mustafi goes, and Chambers stays and takes his spot, I don’t have a problem with that. I do have a feeling, however, that we’re bringing in another CB today. Not sure if it’s gonna be VVD, or Evans, or some other name, but someone is coming. Just my gut feeling.

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