Arsenal’s Campbell and Cech issues due to Wenger’s scrambled brain?

The Arsenal manager suggested after the loss to Swansea City that the reason that the Costa Rican forward Joel Campbell was the first Gunner to be replaced was that he was tiring after not playing too much first team football recently. Maybe he was but I did not notice and I think that Arsene Wenger’s comments reported by the Arsenal website were covering himself after the Emirates crowd let the boss know what they thought of this sub.

The Frenchman said, “Campbell hasn’t played for a while and he started to tire. He played against a very young left back and I thought Welbeck could give him some problems with his runs in behind. These kinds of decisions don’t mean that Campbell did badly. I think he did quite well tonight. I also think that there was room on that flank to be very dangerous.”

Not only had Campbell scored a fantastic goal to put the Gunners into the lead, but he was the player most likely to create or score a goal before ans after that first half strike. He was making things happen and did not seem to be suffering from the same crisis of confidence as, for instance, Olivier Giroud is going through.

I can understand why Wenger wanted to bring on Danny Welbeck but surely the obvious choice to go off was the French centre forward. Unless Campbell really was done in physically, which I saw no evidence of, this decision by the boss points to a scrambled brain.

There was another little nugget dropped by Wenger that points to the fact that this Premier League title pressure is getting to him and wrecking his head and that was the admission that he knew about the groin problem of Petr Cech before the match.

He said, “He struggled. He had a little groin problem before the game and I think he struggled a little bit tonight.

“He will not play on Saturday.

“I trust Ospina completely.”

But if he trusts Ospina, why risk Cech in a game that looks easily winnable when there is a much tougher looking north London derby coming up days later? Is the prof losing the plot?

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    1. 1 Jamie Vardy 19
      2 Romelu Lukaku 17
      3 Harry Kane 16
      4 Odion Ighalo 14
      5. Sergio Agüero 14
      6. Riyad Mahrez 14
      7 Olivier Giroud 12
      8 Diego Costa 11
      9 Jermain Defoe 10

      Not good enough . A striker who consistently disappoint exactly when you need him.
      Aguero was out injured for most of the season .
      The rest do not have Ozil behind them .

  1. when we brought in Cech………Everyone was saying he will save us points

    LiL did we know, the other players + wenger will throw away the points….

  2. steve Bould is just Like wenger………they are both anonymous at the sidelines

    u need to see how most team managers + their assistant and even the kits controllers bark orders to players at the touchline

    it’s the opposite at Arsenal……Bunch of sitted shivering chickens at the touchline

    *Admin is out to delete my comment….watch it*

  3. Our finishing has been poor for several seasons now. I cannot remember a game when i though we shouldn’t have scored 2 or 3 more goals due to missed chances.

  4. Did you just say ” is the Prof beginning to lose the plot”? Really? Where have you been in the last decade? The old man has lost it for ages now, but most of you held him in too much awe that you failed realize! Wenger Out!

  5. He lost the plot long ago, I stuck by him but after the constant 4-0, 5-1, 6-0 thrashings in a single season I knew we were never going to change under him. As long as he continues to rely on mediocrity and crocked players we will never win the league and forget about the CL. Man City will win it before us even though they only started participating in the UCL 5 years ago. Very shameful from an Arsenal perspective.

  6. I have lost a chunk of my salary on my useless Arsenal FC every season through data subscription for internet facility at home and on mobile just to follow them and know latest regarding them.

    IF they fail to deliver the EPL gong this season and Wenger is still in charge next season, I will definitely review my follower-ship until he leaves. Enough of this embarrassment.
    I don’t know the humiliation that you fellow gunners receive where ever you live, but in Africa, especially in Nigeria, we Arsenal are laughing stocks among other EPL club fans.
    Imagine a friend of mine took bet with me that we will not finish among first three even though we were on top of the table that night . OMG !!

    1. You want to try paying for 3 season tickets, travel to home, away and European games for 3 people, all the food and travel expenses, it totals 10s of thousands of pounds over the past 10 years alone. Baring in mind I’ve had a season ticket for over 30 years the amount of money spent is eye watering.

      I think this could be my last season ticket, I’m fed up paying thousands of pounds to be disappointed week after week, year after year to watch a team that looks like it can’t be arsed a lot of the time. I’m reluctant to let the tickets go, but I’m not sure if I can justify the outlay anymore, to watch a team that shows no ambition whatsoever, and support a board of directors hell bent on boosting the share price and maintaining a fat bank balance.

      I have my tickets for the NLD, but I’m not at all sure if I want to go and watch Spurs walk all over us, which will happen if the current form continues. Maybe I should just let the seats go empty for the day.

      1. Don’t talk like that hold on to those tickets and you better be at the line cheering us on this is when the boys need it most

  7. AW to Welbz ” I’m pulluing Joel off, he’s looking a bit tired, but he’s done well getting past that dodgy young left back, keep doing the same”
    Welbz ” right boss”
    AW “on you go Welbz, don’t forget keep going past the young left back”
    Welbz ” what was it Wenger said to me know?”
    How many times did Welbz take on the young left back, I can’t remember anyone mentioning that he ever went past him or even tried to take him on in any real way.

  8. Robson told talkSPORT: “It’s how you bounce back from defeats. Arsenal have now had three on the trot and it’s not been good enough.
    “The attitude – I don’t think it’s quite been good enough – and the organization wasn’t good enough when that ball was played through for Swansea’s goal.
    “You can’t keep looking at everything else, you have to look at yourself at some point. That is where, over the years, I have thought the manager’s been wrong. They don’t look at themselves.

    Well said Rob…. But wenger and his many disciple and minions still disagrees with that!

    They are so stubborn and stone-headed!

    *the jury’s out to prey on my comment*

  9. The ‘ Wenger Out’ supporter Hafeez and a constant user of this forum, knew all along that AW is desperately in need of a psychiatrist. Hafeez is lost now. I kind of miss his posts!

  10. Arsenal still have a weak-line of a chance to win the title this season if they beat Spurs on Saturday to start making their title weak-line chance strong, stronger & strongest at the end of the campaign for winning the title.

    The Boss and the Gunners have all the coaching, training, practice and the IT – info’ support they need and required to help then beat Spurs 0-2 on Saturday at the Lane.

    But what the Boss doesn’t have in his recent 4 Gunners starts outings in all competitions are, the correct starts to win the 4 games.

    Not to repeat the error which had been committed unknowingly by d Boss’ last 4 starts, I am begging the Boss to pls consider the bellow starts & bench for adoption to start the Spurs game. Because surely, the starts are the starters that’ll beat Spurs. Since every game has it’s own complexion, so too are the starts who’ll play the game.

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