Arsenal’s Champions League hopes could receive surprise boost by Russia (Opinion)

Russia’s recent invasion of Ukraine has seen their national and international teams banned from competing with foreign clubs, meaning that their European slots could be set to be shared out with other countries as reported by Football.London, possibly boosting our hopes of playing in the Champions League.

At present, we are on course to finish in the top four, meaning that we could well secure participation into the elite European competition regardless of how the remaining two slots are shared out.

It could well be decided that we may only need to secure fifth place in the division however, with England currently ranked top of the UEFA coefficient table, and therefore the first in line should the powers decided that the top of the ladder will get one of the extra positions, but they may look to share those spots with countries that do not currently have four potential places available.

It is a strange time to be alive, with a potential world war on our hands, but at present there is no inclination as to whether the tensions between Russia and their enemies will spill outside of Ukraine, and we can all hope that Russia backtracks on their takeover attempts sooner rather than later.


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  1. Sorry but I’m having difficulty in hoping we could get into the Champions League in 5th place because of the war in Ukraine where innocent people are losing there lives. I really feel that this article is somewhat crass and inappropriate.

    1. i feel you are mixing issues… the world doesnt stop because of the invasion of Ukraine …life goes on,,football goes….

    2. my feeling exactly.actually I would prefer to miss on CL football all together,if that’s the way we were to get it.

  2. well at least that explains the smell of tin foil in the air…you should sleep exceptionally well tonight knowing that this most recent “information” drop has almost assuredly raised your “Q” score

  3. Ending up fifth might see us participate in the ucl playoffs which i expect we ease past but i prefer we finish third or fourth because of the money.

  4. Arsenal needs to focus on their game and forget about what-ifs. We need to win games and not be handed the positions,

  5. While I take Declans point in his post above, though only to a point, normal life (which means football to we addicts) does and should go on. IT IS PLAINLY MORALLY RIGHT THAT RUSSIA SHOULD BE EXCLUDED and worldwide, but that need not apply to other and moral countries, IMO.

    I for just one fan appreciate the thinking behind Patricks possible 5th place poser.

    I have no idea if it will happen or not but we should not dismiss it out of hand as impossible, at least until we know how UEFA will choose to allot the two Russian spots, now cancelled.

    I had not thought of this possibility but Patrick HAS DONE. Lets give him due credit for that then!!

    My personal decision to ban myself from watching the immorally awarded Russian held World Cup four years ago now looks to have been vindicated.

    Those among us who are keenly interested in world affairs and know a fair bit about how many countries work, even when actual war is absent, are not as surprised about Putins invasion as those who care nothing for anything outside their own private interests, which in practice means Arsenal and family only to SOME on here.

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