Arsenal’s Champions League line-up after a perfect transfer window

Arsenal may have failed to lift the Premier League even after dominating the league, but the 2022-23 season was still a success.

After a 7-year hiatus, the Gunners are back in Champions League football. Targeting to win it would be excellent but too ambitious for next season, So, at best, I see Mikel Arteta and his boys pushing to reach at least as far as the quarter finals, and after that, who knows…

To do so, the squad Arteta had last season is much too thin. There’s no secret that adding quality this summer is non-negotiable. Transfer links to top stars are already making rounds in the internet.

Let’s say Arteta manages to bolster the midfield and defence as speculated (moving for attackers, at least not yet); what could his lineup for his first Champions League game as the Arsenal boss look like?

In goal, Ramsdale could start.

Sacha Boey, William Saliba, Gabriel, and Oleksander Zinchenko could start in defence.

In midfield, Thomas Partey could be played as the sole No. 6, with Declan Rice and Martin Odegaard as double 8s.

In the attack, Gabriel Martinelli, Gabriel Jesus, and Bukayo Saka start.

With the above lineup starting, we could see Xavi Simons introduced for Odegaard (to keep the Norwegian fresh for other fixtures). We could also see Leandro Trossard and Reiss Nelson replacing Martinelli and Saka.

Whichever teams play Arsenal in the group stages would be unlucky. This lineup could safely guide Arsenal to the champions league knockouts. Don’t you think so?

Now the season is over, it’s time for the summer Arsenal quiz from our friends at Dublin Arsenal – It’s always a laugh and helps while away the time while we wait for Arsenal’s first signings to come in!

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  1. I don’t think we’ll sign a new fullback. Maybe we will buy Rice as next season’s marquee signing and play with Guardiola’s false-CB tactic:

    …….………….….. Ramsdale
    ………. White .… Saliba …. Magalhaes
    ……………….… Rice …….… Partey
    Saka . Odegaard . Zinchenko . Martinelli
    ……………………….…. Jesus

      1. I’m sure Arsenal will try their best to meet his demands, because he is a homegrown player

    1. White is so loose, Magalhaes is loose, in the whole premier league it’s only Arsenal defenders who aren’t so tough and arrogant with opponents, they defend running into the penalty area

    1. PJ-SA – and if he does you’ll see those tears of his falling like rain. I wish he would stop looking like a child who can’t get his own way. I like the guy but he should knuckle down to getting results, putting the ball in the net, and stop ‘crying’. In truth, I don’t think Arteta is playing him where he would be more useful. Wider.

      1. EG, Jesus constantly looks worried and never happy.
        When he was at City, my private nickname for him was “quizzical ping -pong cheeks”.

        Now, I simply think of him as JESUS.

        1. Hahahahhahahha- Exquisite comedy.
          “Quizzical ping-pong cheeks”. Oh dear, I nearly wet myself then.
          Tielemans another with distinguishable cheeks. Red ones that glow tremendously, like a smacked bum.
          email to peruse.

          1. EG you want more then? OK, KdB is “Pinky”. He is pink all over and its extremely obvious. I have always called him Pinky, but only to myself of course.

            Arshavin was christened “Apple Cheeks” by my Sue and it stuck , for me to use. Tielemans is “Baby Face”.

              1. Not at all, EG. I reckon many Gooners will be interested in private nicknames. Some will have their own I am sure.

                I never thinkof ANY, by using dirty names nor filth, which is never in my thinking at all. They are meant humourously and never unkindly.

                Jesus does have permanently raised eyebrows which make him look quizzical or worried.

  2. Doubt it very much!
    In ur formation Partey plays as a left DM. i cant remember ever seeing him play in that position. For me that would unbalance the team as Partey is right footed.

    Also Zinchenko i see is in an attacking role & nt an inverted LB. This would mean Magalhaes would b transitioned into a lb, which he is nt, when & if Rice moves back into CB.

    Why fix something that isnt broken! Hope im right in my understanding of ur setup. If nt pls correct me.

    I got a feeling Boey will most likely be used as an inverted RB if he comes & White to be used again more centrally esp now with the cloud of uncertainty hovering over the club wrt the Saliba issue.

  3. For me l think arsenal should go for Moises Caicedo and Gnarbry, Maddison, victor they will help us since we are in UCL

  4. Arsenal never have the perfect transfer window always fail to get there main targets so no surprise if we fail to get rice or caceido need to take a leaf out of liverpool transfer policy identify the player and get the deal done no wees or months of negotiations they get there buisness done early and very efficiently!

  5. Let’s just get the best players this time. No delay, no procrastination. Good Players make the difference. If you must be at the top please get the best players – that is the secret of Man City. Pep knows what he wants and gets it. Arsenal should buckle up. Don’t go for mediocre players. Go for the best and get the best results. Good players make coaching work easy. Good players with skill and strength make victory possible. It is time to be the best. No second fiddle. Go! Arsenal GO! I am always a proud Gunner.

    1. And very good at spending Kroenkes money for players his own decision will not run too, I see!!.

  6. Other clubs are making signings and yet noone is concerned that at Arsenal we only have players linked to us. Are deals already done and dusted and we are only waiting for window to open to make announcements or are we looking for bargains. Another concern is the Saliba issue. Should we meet his demands, or is he really just an injury prone player. I would say sell him, swap him or meet his demands, but structure it in such a way that it will be deserving for him and the club.




    Tomiyasu White Saliba Zinchenko

    Partey Rice

    Saka Odegaardt Martinelli




    Boey White Saliba Tierney

    Caicedo Rice

    Saka Smith-Rowe Martinelli


  8. i meant


    White Saliba Gabriel Zinchenko

    Partey Rice

    Saka Odegaardt Martinelli


  9. None of the above predicted team line up for next season excites me and makes me think we will challenge for the tittle Arteta said we must nail the transfer window feel sorry for him as Arsenal never get all there targets need 5 top quality players at least to give us a chance!

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