Arsenal’s chances of winning the 2023/24 Premier League assessed

As an ardent Arsenal fan, it’s only natural to feel optimistic about the Gunners’ chances of having a successful future. While the outcome of any EPL season is always uncertain, the Gunners still have a chance to win the upcoming English premier league.

For a while in the last campaign, the Gunners looked like they were ready to end Manchester City’s dominance in the league, but they faded in the last weeks. However, the team seems ready to come back stronger next season. Here’s a look at Arsenal’s chances of winning the upcoming EPL season, while giving you some football betting tips for their upcoming matches.

  1. Youth development & squad building

The Gunners’ focus on squad building and youth development in recent times has shown promising signs for the team’s future. Arsenal has heavily invested in nurturing young players, giving them the chance to shine. This approach gives the team a strong foundation for them to challenge Manchester City for the title in the 2023/2024 EPL season.

In the 2023/2024 season, Arsenal will have a great mix of experience and youth in their squad. Their forward line is already settled with young stars like Gabriel Martinelli and Bukayo Saka ready for the attack. Mikel Arteta’s side also has the services of German international and recent acquisition, Kai Havertz being upfront with Gabriel Jesus.

  1. Managerial stability

Managerial stability is one of the key factors for the long-term success of any team. The manager plays a crucial role in motivating the players, shaping the team tactics, and making key decisions during games. An experienced and stable manager who understands the intricate details of the English Premier League can offer the necessary structure and guidance to navigate through challenging matches.

Manager Mikel Arteta has a wonderful job bringing together a sensational young squad, with enough experience to carry the Gunners all the way in the next season. While Mikel Arteta’s team seems quite young, the experienced coach has done a remarkable job at developing different areas to win trophies in the future.

With Mikel Arteta’s revolution in action, we’re finally seeing the results of Arsenal finally becoming a destination team. Arteta has already facilitated three long-term deals for Gabriel Martinelli, Bukayo Saka, and William Saliba. That said, many Arsenal fans understand what Arteta is building in London, and all the hard work might start paying off next season in their attempt to dethrone Manchester City from the EPL title.

Arteta’s track record and experience in developing young talents give Arsenal fans more reasons to be optimistic about next season. With an effective managerial approach and a clear vision, the team now has the leadership it needs to navigate the challenges of the EPL campaign.

  1. Tactical evolution

To stay competitive in this dynamic sport, football teams need to adapt their playing tactics to remain competitive. If the Gunners can evolve their playing style, they can gain an edge over their rivals and manager Mikel Arteta seems keen on that. The Gunners have secured some top-tier acquisitions including a creative midfield maestro, a world-class center-back, and an excellent striker.

These recent signings have brought fresh energy and quality to the team, improving Arsenal’s overall competitiveness. The exuberance of these players paired with the guidance of experienced players gives Arsenal’s game a dynamic edge. The team has also gone through a great tactical transformation with the astute leadership of manager Arteta, creating a strong foundation for Arsenal’s future success.

Arteta’s innovative approach has brought together a cohesive team that seamlessly transitions between defense and attack. This tactical transformation has made the Gunners a force to be reckoned with and capable of destroying even the best opposition teams.

  1. Defensive resurgence

Arsenal’s defense cohesion has gone through significant improvements in recent seasons. The acquisition of a top-tier center-back has given the team a strong backbone ready to stop the strongest teams in the league. Their defensive unit operates with a greater understanding and cohesion, displaying their impressive ability to battle opposing attacks. This defense resilience mitigates goals conceded and provides a platform for the Gunner’s attack to shine.


The 2022/2023 season was an excellent opportunity for Arsenal to bag the Premier League title, but they failed to achieve the feat. That means Mikel Arteta’s men will need to rise above the psychological blow of losing the title towards the last weeks of the season. Additionally, they’ll have the additional pressure of performing in the Champions League.

Regardless of the pressure, Arsenal seems to have what it takes to be at their best twice every week until Christmas. While that’s tough for a team that has been trying to strengthen this summer, Mikel Arteta has reinforced his squad as best as he could. Unfortunately, Manchester City is still a strong team to outsmart, and Chelsea and Liverpool are expected to bounce back in the 2023/2024 season despite their disappointing performance last season.

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