Arsenal’s clear the air talks leads to finger-pointing

Mikel Arteta assembled his Arsenal team for clear the air talks on Tuesday which may have contributed to their 4-1 win over Rapid Vienna yesterday.

The Gunners had been beaten 2-1 by Wolves at the weekend and the Spaniard brought his players together to have a meeting about their poor run of form in the league.

Arteta reportedly finished what he wanted to tell the players and he left them alongside his coaches for the players to talk amongst themselves.

ESPN claims that the meeting was intense and stormy and that there was some finger-pointing between them.

A number of the club’s players have been underperforming which has led to the team’s overall poor form.

They had to discuss the problems they were having and finger-pointing was one of the ways that they needed to clear the air.

At the end of the day, the report claims that the players’ dialogue ended in a fine manner, with the players agreeing to up their game and rally round their manager by beginning to win games.

They would go on to beat Rapid Vienna in the Europa League last night and Arteta will hope that it is a sign of good things to come.

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  1. Well. MAURIZIO SARRI is the coach I most want to see at our club regardless of what most fans want; because they’re just clouded with hatred!!!

    Back to the North London Derby, all I want is for the coach to effect these changes immediately, otherwise we’re in for a walloping….

    1. Replace Bellerin IMMEDIATELY with Cedric

    2. Replace Xhaka IMMEDIATELY with Elneny

    3. And mind you, WILLIAN is a definite starter in Arsenal. No one has his dynamism and skillset.

    4. And it’s time to ditch Saka because he massively unbalances the team!

    Cedric… Mustafi… Gabriel… Tierney
    Elneny… Ceballos
    Willian… Willock… Nelson

    I can talk with confidence that if he does that, the win is ours by an UNIMAGINABLE MARGIN,,,,,, but if he picks those usual suspects, be prepared for his usual excuses of “we’re doing something wrong… blah blah”

  2. Interestingly, it is also being reported that, after this meeting, MA has indicated that he has not closed the door on ANY player returning who is under contract – one in particular!!! (source google)


    Perhaps, just my suggestion of course, certain players names who weren’t getting a fair crack of the whip, like AMN for example, were mentioned and discussed in this fiery meeting?

  3. I would like to believe a few fingers and harsh words were pointed at Arteta by the players. Let’s face it, he is picking the team, tactics, formations. The worst start to a season since 1981-82 season and a few on this site will remember just how bad we were atthat time. Well I don’t believe we are far off that firm but with better players than we had then, so this is surely Arteta being as much, if not more to blame, than the players.
    What I cannot understand is why Arteta has allowed this team to be far too easy to beat. We are as predictable in these times as we were under Wenger in his latter seasons, minus the goals and points.
    However much critisism Kronke gets, the one thing he has proved is he is not afraid to sack managers who are not doing their jobs. If we do not improve quickly under Arteta he will soon follow the two others who under performed.

    1. @Phil, sad you probably won’t see this comment , but I think the meeting would have been because Arteta was asking the players what exactly he’s doing wrong. I honestly don’t see anything wrong with the tactics, but tactics in any sense is referring to a gameplan , and we all know that a plan is only as good as the moving parts on the ground.

      Some of the moving parts have needed a kick up the arse for a while. I whined about one particular part yesterday, I’m not going to do it again.

      1. Joe- that hardly inspires confidence in the manager if he is having to ask the players where he is going wrong.
        Apparently Arteta demands workrate above anything. Do you feel that is happening on the pitch? What it needs is a side that is balanced in its formation and with a clear understanding of what is required and I have seen very little of this since the start of the season

  4. Who is the whistle blower or was it a deliberate leak?
    I thought Bellerin was the player/management go between? Should really stay within the group in my opinion

    1. Wa it the same whistle blower or deliberate leak that has been hard at work since March of this year SueP?

      We never found out who that was and I doubt we will find out this time either, but to follow on from Phil’s post, if it is deliberate what is the motivation behind it?

      Is kronkie about to sack MA in the same way as UE, or is he anticipating the resignation of MA, just as he did with AW and paving the way for Allegri to take over….of such theories does the world go around and around LOL.

      1. I thought MA was going to find out who had been leaking and there’d be consequences..

        This may mean we’ll see a reaction on Sunday, Ken!

        1. Maybe Sue, he actually knows who it was and is aware of the consequences if it does come out??
          It is certainly someone high up and with privileged information about players contracts, the clauses within said contract, including bonuses and that’s why I rule out any of the players.

          I just hope that we turn up on Sunday, give a positive account of ourselves, don’t play defensive right from the start and make a game of it.

          If, at the end, we can say all of the players fulfilled their roles 100%, then, along with MA selecting the right players, I have a feeling we won’t be coming away from the toilet bowl without a point at least.

      2. In reply to Declan and Ken

        BS or a sh*t stirrer – neither help the cause
        As far as sacking MA – has he lost the dressing room? Last night would suggest not. Well not to me. Of course Monday is only the weekend away

        1. But Sue P- the dressing room last night will be very different to the one on Sunday. Of those who started last night, only Lacazette has a chance of starting against the dustbinlids , possibly AMN.So it’s the senior players that he needs to convince

          1. Yes it will Phil. But why should the first 11 think that they should all be ahead of the second 11? I know that Vienna and Spurs are poles apart, but none of them should take anything for granted.
            I think that Arteta took the right course of action by calling this meeting and it was, by the sounds of it, a real chance for all sides to say it as it is. If that meeting has cleared the air then it was well worth it

        1. Andrew, I don’t think we will ever know – simply because it had to be someone from the high!!!
          Someone with the inside knowledge of contracts etc – tht’s what MO meant when he said “no loyalty”and probably why he is going to screw the club for every penny he can!!!

          Sorry for the late reply – hope you read it.

  5. Well Sue P I agree with you in regards the meeting. But Arteta is the one who took a successful cup winning side with a system and identity that he was able to make work, and turned those same players into this toothless shambles we now have.
    Winning two trophies, however great that achievement was, only allows him so much time. He is solely in charge therefore solely accountable.
    To come our and say today he needs six more players is most likely correct, but does little to inspire confidence among the existing side

    1. Phil
      I wholeheartedly agree that there is a huge difference between last season and this so far. Whether by saying publicly he needs 6 players is right or wrong depends on who will be offsky in June and my guess is that a few know who they are already
      I’m far from happy with the start. It will be a mark of the man if he can fix his shortcomings and let some of the underperformers know that they need to step up and fix theirs. At the very least I expect the club captain in a public arena to act like one instead of showing poor body language for the tv world to feast on

  6. Please, let Lacazette remain at 10 and a youngster takes the 9 Do not tie a buldozing Lacazette on 9 and attract a lot of Defenders to aggress him.
    Please do as you did on Thursday. It played a big role in the 4–1 win. For Now let him play at least 70 minutes on 10 position.

  7. Can they hold the Spurs? If they lose to the Spurs, then all that talking is a waste of time. What Arsenal is also missing is attitude.

    The player with attitude, Matteo Elias Kenzo Guendouzi Olié, was dumped, when the right thing to do was coach him up and out of being rude to other teams.

    Selling the keeper with attitude Damián Emiliano Martínez Romero was dumb to the maximum, when we are left with a shaky one…

    Mesut Özil oozes attitude with knowledge of the game and posses sublime passing, and what does the manager with no sense do? Take German out the team!

    There is more…

    1. JJ PAWN, I’d love to know precisely what you THINK the word “attitude” means.
      When I took my English degree many years ago, it meant something very different from how you are using it! The meaning has only been changed in your head, it seems.

  8. Blimey! So there was ateam meeting to discuss poor form andhow to improve it. Fine thats not that unusual for a big club when results are below expectation. I’ll happily buy THAT for sure.

    But all the other stuffis straight out of Trumps “I did not lose the election as there was voter fraud” fantasy land stuff. Some fans, even senior ones it appears, just love a conspiracy theory. Exclude me out from them! They probably think the vaccine is not safe too! That would be typical of that type.

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