Arsenal’s Cloe Lacasse scores for Canada, and praises new women’s soccer league (NSL)

Arsenal Women forward, Cloe Lacasse, joined our Gunners last summer, from Portuguese team Benfica. Lacasse is currently with the Canadian Women’s  National team (CANWNT) during the international break. Canada beat Mexico 2-0 on 1st June, with Lacasse scoring a goal in the 86th minute. Canada & Mexico will meet again on Wednesday 5th June.

According to reports, Canada will launch a brand-new women’s soccer league. That league will be dubbed the Northern Super League, and it’s set to debut in April 2025.

There will be a total of 8 teams to start with, including Vancouver Whitecaps FC, Calgary Foothills SC, Ottawa, and Montréal. However, the league plans to expand in the future.
Cloé Lacasse, a Canadian Arsenal Women forward, in the WSL, believes that the NSL’s unveiling in Canada will bring about a change in reality.

Lacasse admits that if it had been around when she was younger, she wouldn’t have had to take the long path before her brilliance was discovered.

“It’s something that really resonates with me,” Lacasse said, “I wish when I was younger that this existed because my journey wasn’t easy. I had a very difficult journey to get where I am just because there was no visibility.

“There weren’t many coaches, so I didn’t have those eyes on me, and I think this league will provide that for kids that maybe aren’t drafted into the NWSL or WSL. It gives them a second opportunity almost.”

Lacasse is happy chasing her soccer dream in Europe, too, but wouldn’t rule a move to the new NSL in the future, saying  “Everyone on this team (CANWNT) is seeing this league as a place that they could potentially land,” Lacasse said. “You could definitely see some big names in this league in the future.”

It’s awesome to see the Canadian Women’s soccer fraternity make a bold move in the women’s game. Now, WSL teams and other European sides will have the opportunity to scout talent from Canada by watching the NSL. Who knows? We might discover more players like Sabrina D’Angelo and Cloe Lacasse!

What do you think Gooners?

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