Arsenal’s coach explains which Napoli player he wants (NOT Higuain!)

Arsenal may have been linked a lot lately with Napoli forward Gonzalo Higuain, but according to one of Arsenal’s coachs Neil Banfield, Higuain isn’t the only Napoli player we should be interested in.

Arsenal are currently prioritising their hunt for a striker, or at least we hope they are, but are yet to see any real luck or change in developments. Whether the Gunners have been in contact with Napoli remains unknown, although Arsenal certainly have scouts in Naples looking at some of their first team players. According to Banfield, Higuain shouldn’t be the main target from Napoli in Wenger’s eyes, with the scout instead suggesting that Jorginho is a much better player.

Banfield told Gonfialarete: ‘There is a footballer in Naples (for whom I) would sign a blank check. This football player Jorginho – the strongest midfielder that there is at this time in Serie A. Watching him play is a pleasure for the eyes, it makes me mad.’

The bad news of course is that Jorginho is another midfielder and as you know we already have plenty of those at the club. With the signing of Xhaka and promotion of Reine-Adelaide, I find it increasingly difficult to see Wenger bringing in another midfielder. However if Wenger is on the lookout, then you can be sure there is some interest from the Gunners. Back in March Jorginho’s agent spoke out about Arsenal’s interest in his client.

“Real Madrid and Arsenal know Jorginho, if they came forward with an official offer we’d talk but at the moment all I can say is that Jorginho has a five-year contract with Napoli and wants to play for them in the Champions League next year.”

At the time it seemed apparent that the Italian international wanted to stay at Napoli, but things may have changed since then and Arsenal may be able to strike up a deal. I don’t know too much on Jorginho personally, although he seems to have been quite a late bloomer to fame at 24 years old. Banfield obviously knows more about football scouting than me, but I don’t see anything to special about what Jorginho could offer to Arsenal that we don’t already have. But for a top scout at Arsenal to come out and say that ‘he’d sign a blank cheque’, seems like he is highly rated by the Gunners scouting network.

Should we expect any further developments from this story?



  1. LmFaO……. So it’s not Higuain?……and it’s also not Koulibaly?…… It’s Jorginho …. Another Midfielder! ………. Hahahaha ….

    Keep up with the BuLL ….we enjoying it!

    1. Wenger keeps on frustrating every time. Get damn higuain asap..and get a player to play on rw why didn’t we get mikhtarian???we could have easily got him. Or Ben arfa ..these were good options… anyways we don’t need another midfielder we need higuain and a rw. If possible then get a quality cb…why didn’t wenger move for umtiti? Barcelona snapped him..he would have been the perfect partner for the boss

  2. another midfields? And more MARATA 12 gols articles…. it start so well, now I worry, 30 days till start of Premium League, the player need times to get ready, why we not purchasing WENGER WHY!!

    1. @Quantic dream…….. I dn’t think Buttflaps is from an english speaking country…… But He’s trying and can get better with time


      Thumbs up to him!

    2. Take heart bro!! Wenger won’t purchase because he and Kroenke are the 2 most stingy people on the face of earth …

  3. Is this dude scouting for us or is he scouting for football in general. He reckons he’s (Jorginho) the best in the entire of Italy. We pay you to give us that information, don’t we. About three years back this players name came up allot, so Banfield must of been on about him all that time, it must irk him that Wenger never listened.

    Id love to know which of our scouts urged Wenger to snap up Xhaka instead. He listened to the scout who proposed Zelalem and Campbell. Gnabry, Ozil when young, and now Xhaka, he listens to our German base. Our man or men in England he listens to it would seem. That dude over in S American, he should be doing better, Zelalem Wellington and Campbell, come on dude!.

  4. I can’t see us getting Higuain, not with no real sell on value attached. I really cannot see it unless they lower the asking price. They are asking for an amount that goes with a top striker before they reach they’re prime. To those who have slight tunnel vision – Sell on value is an about way of saying, many many years of football still ahead, whether or Not, you decide to seek any of the outlay back.

  5. Arsenal XI with new signings

    Sanchez Nwakali Ozil
    Xhaka Elnenny
    Monreal Koscielny Gabriel Bellerin

  6. Phew!

    Who is this??….
    And does his opinion matter to Wenger??? When he rarely listen to our scouts advice and make his decision quickly????

    Jorginho indeed!

    1. What are you talking about? How do you have an insight into what Wenger and the scouts discuss?

  7. With all due respect if i could take any players they would be Higuain and Koulibaly
    Higuain scored 36 goals from 38 matches and scored 29 one season for Real Madrid
    Of course he is not Suarez but better than what we have
    £79 million release clause is way too expensive
    But im hoping Higuain wanting to leave will force Napoli to lower the price considerably

    With all honesty Wenger is again very slow
    Mktharyan and Janssen would have been great but they are taken
    Ibrahimovic was unlikely but he is taken again by the PL
    Morata is staying (i didnt want him anyway)

    I think we just throw in bids for Lewandowski, Reus, Aubemeyang
    If that isn’t possible get Draxler or Mahrez
    AND Higuain, Lacazette, Lukaku or Icardi

    waiting for the last day is very risky

    1. Jorginho is not needed and raked-up a few cards last season. We should go for Higuain at a lower price, and if not possible Lukaku, Icardi or Lacazette. For the midfield we should try to sign both Draxler and Mahrez, and get rid of the rotting Arsenal dead-wood… Gabriel Barbosa and or Gabriel Jesus would be a great addtion. Oh yeah, we’ll also need a top top top CB 🙂

  8. Now I see why Arsenal loves a lot of midfielders.Its like its in their blood.Even scouts love them.Oh! goodness.You guys should take it easy on Morata he’s not worth his price yet but he’s gonna be eventually with a proper team to give him the right chances.Then he’s gonna be very wanted.But as for now you guys can continue to slate him but when the time comes I hope you wont be saying please come please come like cry babies.

    1. What we need is not morata…we need to win the bpl this season..we need higuain or aubameyang

  9. At one point i thought we would have bought Jorginho, but it never happen (our english core). i think wenger has already decided who he is going to bring in as a forward and trying to get the cheapest price possible.

    Of note he has started to make space in the midfield by asking Campbell to find a new team, another player who is far better than the english core, but will not be given the time to grow, as the likes of Ramsay, Wilshere, Walcott and Chamberlain,, even to the detriment of the team position in the league, such a tragedy

  10. The Latest is Thomas Vermaelen. If Wenger does Buy Vermaelen this makes a statement about which direction Arsenal are going. Vermaelen was sold for a reason so why is he buying him back
    I will tell you why because he is CHEAP. All I can Say If this happens It Shower that Mr Wenger and the Board have NO AMBITION AT All. It is Heart Breaking to be an Arsenal Fan under the Present Management . Every Other Club is Strengthening their squads while old Money Bags is counting his Penny’s Again. This has to stop.

  11. Among the Arsenal transfer rumers heared so far from the media, the case of Julian Draxler seems realistic cosideting Wenger’s past experience. We shall focus on him as he can be converted to CF .

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