Arsenal’s confidence will get them across the Middlesbrough bridge

Arsenal are not just on a run of seven winning games in a row, they are also scoring goals for fun with 23 goals in those 7 fixtures, with confidence at a massive high at the moment. As Theo Walcott said after this week’s 6-0 demolition of Ludogorets. “Obviously the goals are fantastic but we always say we want to keep a clean sheet, that’s always our first goal, and we managed to do that,” Walcott said.

“We know how well we are going forward and it was all about sorting ourselves out at the back and we’ve managed to do that this season.

“The performances are coming.

“They started the game very strongly and technically they have got a lot of very good players and the scoreline may suggest it was quite easy but it was far from easy. So we can be proud of that and look forward to the weekend now.

“We always want to take our chances and today we managed to take pretty much all of them.

“Everyone was very focused and ruthless and it’s a great result going into the weekend. The whole team is flying with confidence at the moment.”

“Obviously the past is the past, we need to focus on the now,”

“We can’t be looking too far ahead, we will focus on our recovery now and then Middlesbrough and when we cross that bridge we’ve still got a lot to do, a couple of tough away games, but who knows?”

The only danger I can see is that Arsenal may get OVER confident, but then again they should be feeling happy at the prospect of facing a Middlesbrough team that is completely devoid of confidence right now, but Arsene Wenger is counselling calm after such an easy win, and hope the team don’t get too far ahead of themselves.

“Let’s not be too quick on the verdict. We have a strong squad and a strong spirit, but you have to take care of it and keep your feet on the ground,” Le Prof said.

“Maybe the confidence is high, we have a good balance at the moment in the team. In this game, a lot is linked with confidence. I feel that at the moment because we win game after game, maybe we get through dodgy periods with less psychological damage.”

Okay maybe we should all be aware that we cannot win every single game, but a bit of confidence can go a long way this weekend against relegation fodder. Another massacre will prepare us well to do the same at Sunderland next week, who are the only team that Middlesbrough have beaten and are rock bottom of the table!

The (near) future is bright and very red and white!



  1. Kumagaya says:

    Given the current form of Arsenal, Boro should be a fodder. of course whatever is happening now in that team is down to the new players. I strongly believe that Mustafi is marshalling our back very well-all the time he is is vocal and organising-always the first to run to the ref-, this is what we have been missing in the first place. Not belittling KossBoss and Mert, before when we were leading, meet would start strolling and get caught up while Koss went forward for trying to be on the scoresheet. 2nd is down to competition; and this i will explain clearly- There is no more English Core-, this issue made some players lazy. With the current depth Even Theo&ox knows that a slip in form will confine them out, on top of this, Wilshere’s loan was a wake up call to these guys. If Wilshere could go on Loan, then No one is guaranteed a start,- the others ran away e.g. Campbell and Gnabry before real action started. BUT the biggest change of all time is the ManagerAW. Since when do we see him making subs early?Since when do we see long range passes from all corners of the pitch?Now happens, Since when do we see the inform player on the pitch and not AW’s favouritism(which the fans have said for a decade), AW flexibility this season is a reborn. He is a reborn man, seemingly open to twice the team as the game rolls. I believe never again we shall see the team leading 2-0 and he fills the team with defenders like before. fast forward to this weekend, we shall win Boro, reading and Sunderland. In November, I am very sure we shall win all the games even though it looks tougher e.g. Spuds, Man u and PSG. Now is the time to rest Santi. All the way Gooner for Life

  2. Alexis the Great says:

    It seems Wenger is more desperate than ever to get it right this time. He has got his players. He has used the money well. And you are right about making the right subs too!

    Arsene definitely knows best this year!

  3. Arsenal_Girl says:

    Be careful with confidence. One can be too confident. Overconfidence can be detrimental

    Being positive is a better thing
    Having belief in yourself and your team
    And working your behind off

    We have bags of talent
    We just need our boys to go out there, work hard for 90+ mins and have belief and we will continue winning

  4. NY_Gunner says:

    Middlesbrough are desperate for a win. They will do whatever they have to in order to get one too. More than likely they will get physical and defend with 10 men…

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