Arsenal’s confirmed transfer deals so far and what more can we expect?

It would appear that Edu and Mikel Arteta are trying to get as many deals done as possible before Arsenal’s first game of the season against Crystal Palace, and it is looking good so far.

The Gunners have already officially confirmed the signing of Marquinhos from Sao Paolo, which appears to be a steal due to his contract problems in Brazil.

Then we had the surprising out-of-the-blue acquisition of Fabio Vieira from Porto, who stats from last season were amazing, and if he can settle quickly in England we could have a real star on our hands.

In another bargain deal, Arteta persuaded Eddie Nketiah to re-sign for us on a long term contract. Considering his form at the end of last season and how much it would have cost to replace him, it looks like another excellent bit of business.

Another signing yet to be confirmed by the club is the USA international keeper Matt Turner, but him and his wife are now in London house-hunting. He also looks like a bargain and I like his attitude. He told SkySports: “I’d agree with it for now (being second choice to Ramsdale). I’m coming in to push him and become the best goalkeeper I can become, while also making him the best goalkeeper he can become. That’s really my goal for it all.

“The project they have going on there, (I want to be) an important part of the locker room, adding some experience – not a ton of Premier League experience – but national team experience, league experience and playing games in pressured environments. I’ll be an older head in the locker room, being 28.”

With Sky, Ornstein, Fabrizio Romano all saying that Jesus is now imminent, it looks like we have had a great start to the summer window, with much more yet to come. As Romano told CaughtOffside: “I’m aware of reports suggesting Arsenal have cooled their interest in Youri Tielemans and thought I’d offer my understanding of the situation: Arsenal have long had contacts with the player’s camp and with Leicester but have not made official offers so far.

“Talks are still on, but they are not at the key stages yet because the club is focused on Gabriel Jesus as a priority and is trying to compete for Raphinha, two deals on which you need to be quick. It’s worth keeping an eye on how these deals progress in the coming days and how that might affect what Arsenal do with Tielemans.”

So it looks like the club have now moved on to chasing Raphinha before going for Tielemans, but we have a long way to go before the window shuts.

I’d say things are looking extremely positive so far, wouldn’t you?

Admin Pat

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      1. agreed.
        Raphina is overrated he is a big fish in a small pond. I think he will be like Zaha at United where the pond is too big.
        Also Pepe out performed him in France if I recall. I would. bot go for him.
        30 mil max.

        Jesus is not what we need, too small so wont offer anything for Arteta ‘cross’ the ball. 30 mil max.

        Nkeitah ia overrated, his returns are poor and has had a single purple ptach.
        maybe he comes good but I doubt it. he is probably close to.hia ceiling.

        1. Teilsman however you spell it is juat a younger xhaka. wewill be replacing slow and immobile with slow and immobile.

  1. Extremely promising and if arsenal can sign these players they’re after in jesus raphinia martinez tielmans I think arsenal will be a surprise package this season

    1. I really want us to get that Lisandro Martinez guy.. Seems like a very intelligent player..

      1. Ditto Goonster – his long passing makes Luiz look like an amateur. I really classy left sided DM or CB who would start to redress our limited progression on the left.

  2. Agree Pat! All going well on signings.

    Who might we sell apart from youngsters like Ballard?

    We need to bring in a few £££s

    No obvious interest in Pepe. Or Belerin. Or Torreira. Or even Maitland -Niles.

    I like Tavares and Lokonga and see them in our Cup and Europa sides.

    But hope we don’t have to pay off others to leave.

  3. I just look forward to Lisandro Martinez’s arrival and I don’t fancy the other transfer targets. But I understand they’re building a highly skilled team

    Rather than chasing Tielemans, they’d better get Zinchenko

    1. Thank you very much.. I don’t know why, but just watching a few clips of that Lisandro guy, I have been impressed even ig I did not know anything about him until we were linked to him this month.
      I am more excited about him than any other rumoured player we have been linked with. And also have high hopes for Fabio Vieira..

      Hope it all works out for us.. Can’t keep pelting the Kroenkes for not providing enough funds for us.. They seem to be all in this time around..

      Let’s keep pushing..

      1. Lisandro Martinez is a left-footed defensive player. So if he plays in the CDM position, we could assign Partey or Smith-Rowe in the left midfield area

        But if he plays in the left CB position, he would likely be too small to play against towering CFs in EPL. I hope we sign him as squad rotation player for the CDM and LB roles

  4. Matt Turner GK
    Auston Trusty CB
    Marquinhos /RW
    Fabio Viera AM/RW/LW
    Gabriel Jesus ST/RW

    All already signed.

    Now we need Raphinha, and Martinez.
    If we sign Tielemans then I don’t know how this window won’t be 10/10.
    So far it’s looking like it’s heading to towards 9/10 with the players we’re strongly chasing.

    Can’t imagine the mad squad depth we’ll have if we get all these players.
    Actually seems the Kroenkes weren’t the problem and only refused to spend while sharing ownership of the club.

  5. I’m concerned now, no outgoings, except the reserves who in my opinion are much better then the dross in the first team, at least they found themselves clubs. Leno, Bellerin, Holding, AMN, Torrera, Pepe, no concrete talks of them going. 60-70M at stake + salary/wages. Plus loan deals for Nelson, Balogun, Tavares, Karl Hein/Runar. Pity Mikel, will have to put up with some disgruntled players for another 6 months till the winter window? Come on Edu, please reduce Mikel’s woes!

    1. Lol, you’re mistaken.
      Those guys will be shipped out.
      Unlike before, the plan is to conclude the important deals first because of interest from other clubs.
      Imagine insisting we sell Pepe before making a move for Raphinha with other players also interested in him.
      Leno, Pepe and some players will be sold.
      I like this move of wrapping up our signings first

      1. This is a good point. Unlike previous windows where it felt like players needed to be shipped out before new ones were signed, Edu seems to have license to be aggressive from the get go and worry about the outgoings later. Big change.

  6. The US have had some great keepers these past 25 years or so, so Matt Turner could push for a regular team spot. Not seen him yet but a stats obessed US blogger rates him very highly.

  7. If jesus,Raphinha & martinez all arrive,arsenal will no douth compite for top four.i wish this be true

  8. everything is looking very good for us so far. a real good time to be a gunner i must admit. i cant help but think ,if we get those players that we are after then are we still a little shy in the goalscoring department ?. a good mobile tall centre forward would be the icing on the cake, for me.

  9. Steal, bargain, for players 98% percentage of our fans never knew or watch them play. And as for nketia he has my support. But majority of the fans wanted him gone halfway the season, how has he become a bargain just because he did good in just 7 games??

    You would probably have named runnerson a steal at the time of purchase too.

    1. How did the players 98% of you didn’t know from last summer (tomiyasu, ramsdale & crew) prove you? Please be positive for once.

  10. Why rafinha before tielemans in terms of priority? Why can’t they work on two things at once?
    And where does the money end? I’d still be surprised if we ended up getting raphinha, but if we did, would we then have to sell before moving on tielemans?

    1. @Davi, raphinha will be there for other club’s taking if we don’t act fast while tielemans is not.

      1. I get that, but what’s stopping us moving on both at once? Either we are incapable of focusing on more than one thing at a time (a club that has a huge number of employees and deals in terms of tens of millions!) or we can’t buy tielemans now for financial reasons.
        And i see raphinha as a “nice to have” rather than someone we really *need* – we really need a CM, whether that’s tielemans or someone else, because we’re weak in that area, whereas we have several attacking mids at the moment. Raphinha might improve us, but not as much as a competent CM surely would

        1. Agreed,that tielemans deal seems super easy to strike plus no pressure from other clubs but who knows? A deal might have been struck already.

  11. Growing speculation that we are closing in on Raphinha with Martinez and Tielemens also in the pipeline, all preferably before the US Florida tour then massive credit to Arteta, Edu, negotiations and recruitment team. We should hit the ground running next season and with the kind fixtures in August and September Barr Man utd (a), we should be looking to pick up almost maximum points.

  12. Iv been very critical of the Jesus deal but if we do sign Gabriel along with Teilimans (who has agreed personal terms already), Rafinha & Martinez then Kudos to the club for having a proper go.

    Add Saliba, Turner, Trusty & Marquihos to the mix then we have a decent squad. I still believe though we will be missing that goal scoring no9 in this team.

    Now time to shift on the guys who want to go in Leno, Pepe, Lucas, Nelson & Hector to raise funds to pay for a part these deals. Matteo and Dino didn’t bring in much, £15m between them.

    Nice that the work is being done early for a change which has been rare for Arsenal. The only one I see dragging on is the Teiliamans one to get the price down.

  13. Agreed,that tielemans deal seems super easy to strike plus no pressure from other clubs but who knows? A deal might have been struck already.

  14. Hope Jesus comes into our lives and becomes our forward

    Jesus will save us. Praise Jesus

  15. Even the most pessimistic of fan will be please so far.
    Raphinha ?
    Now Edu you need to pull of a next trick like the one that brought Veriera to the club and find that young energetic mobile defensive midfielder

  16. Rightnow, I can see from the comments Which have been made by the Gooners that Youri Tielemans is their most favoured player who they want to see AFC sign this summerv window.. But
    hopefully, AFC might respond favourably to their yearnings, I not been an exception to the yearning. As the club could go ahead to sing Tielemans this summer. Just like they responded positively to the Gooners’ yearnings last summer and signed Thomas Partey.
    Meaning, Arteta’s managed Arsenal do a times accept the Gooners’ demands and implements them? But at other times he doesn’t? Yes, of course, For, he ignored some and moved on in doing his things.
    Nevertheless, as the saying goes saying that the soup that is sweet is money that killed it. Therefore, will Arsenal soup on this summer window be much sweet next season than it was last season? But if they add Tielemans, Raphinha and Martinez to their ranks to further boost their new signings this summer? Yes, of course it will.
    But notwithstanding, one of the key department in the in the team’s departments which I think Artetal should further do well to further improve on it this summer, is for them to further boost their striker’s dept by signing a 3rd top quality striker this summer. After they have signed Gabriel Jesus and also having Eddie Nkethia on their books to have the strikers mann their striker’s department.
    It has been alluded to, that Nkethia and G Jesus are of similar heights,. But Arsenal should contract the duo’s average heights by signing a tall and effective striker this summer for options and to provide cover adequately next season.
    But who is that towering and effective striker who readily comes to mind for Arsenal to sign him this summer? And who I think and implore Arsenal to sign him. By my own reckoning, He is Gianluca Samacca who plays for Serie A club side Sassuolo. But I think Arsenal know about him far far more than I do. As they have submitted a bid to his club to sign him this summer. But their attempts to price the striker away from Sassuolo his club has not yet materialized. However, Arsenal should keep on pushing, pressing and knocking Sassuolo and Gianluca to get their man signed by them this summer. which looks to be compelling for Arsenal to do. Moreso as they don’t look compelled to sign Victor Osimhen as Gianluca has surfaced. But is Gianluca a better option to Osimhen for Arsenal to sign one of the pair strikers this summer? Well, I’ll leave that to Arsenal to decide.

  17. With these signings I believe we should target winning Europa and top four realistically.

  18. If AFC pay Leeds the reported £50m to sign their Raphinha this summer. But which Leeds were said to have turned it down according to reports.
    But how much realistically do Leeds want AFC to pay them before they’ll allow Raphinha to transfer to Arsenal? £55m but with no add ons?
    Any other amount in transfer cost price of £55m with no add ons to it payable to Leeds by AFC to sign Raphinha this summer is more than okay in my own look.
    Therefore, Arsenal should not pay Leeds more than £55m with no add ons to Leeds to sign their Raphinha this summer. £50m transfer fee charge for Raphinha by Leeds who has 2 years left to run on his contract with them is already a undeserving exploitative transfer fee charge by Leeds for Arsenal to pay for their Raphinha signing. Talkless of the £55m that I have suggested.
    Which I believe Barca, Spurs, Chelsea and others will not match or not go beyond it if they want to sign Raphinha this window.
    But would Arsenal want to lessing the financial burden they’ll go through to sign Raphinha by offering Leeds a player say, Pepe for £30m? Then pay Leeds £25m in a player plus money payment to sign Raphinha.
    Well, I think Arsenal know all those things professionally better than I amateurly do know.

  19. An effort is being made in terms of proactively chasing down deals at a better speed in this window (and why wouldn’t it!;), so this is a good thing.

    Will raphinia set the world alight at Arsenal, not sure. Tieliemens is tidy but is he a bit pedestrian. Marquinhos – young and not EPL ready? Hope he does catch fire like Martinelli did initially (but who has since stagnated imo probably because of what he is asked to do). Viera again looks tidy but young and not EPL experienced and cost us 3k more than mane would have;)

    Jesus will undoubtedly add EPL experience and much needed goals if we do bag him even though he misses a few. If the fit and teams system of play is right and suited to his skill set then maybe he can improve on this.

    Hope it works out but even though we are spending the dough it’s all down to again what and who you spend it on and how it will benefit the system of play (whatever that is;).

    Only mid season will we know more but it’s a healthy window so far.

  20. The signings aren’t bad think we need a strong boxtobox player especially against the big teams need 2 strong defensive players in midfield against Liverpool and man City.but I’m a bit worried martinez and raphfina are to replace Tierney and saka.

  21. Withal those signed I am sure arsenal will be the surprise package team say even second in league .it it not nice to dream.well I believe

  22. We are nearly there. Viera, Marquinhos, Turner Jesus….but we are, in my view, still a midfield player short, it’s time Xhaka left. I like Raphinha’s aggressive style of football, but will he come here….and William Saliba will be like a new signing. This EPL gets harder as other teams like Newcastle will sooner than later start to challenge. We will certainly have an extra gear in the coming season if we complete the transfer window.

  23. Positive transer window thus far. It is difficult to understand why Arsenal couldn’t put more effort into developing Pepe, rather than spending funds chasing Raphinha?
    The most important transfer in my opinion would be a top class DM to augment Partey as box to box midfielder and replace Xhaka as first choice.

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