Arsenal’s confirmed team to face Leeds today – Jesus is fit after all

Okay so we are getting closer and closer to our big game today, and despite all the optimism from pundits and fans alike, I cannot help but feel nervous when Arsenal are fully expected to win. That is when the banana skins appear under our feet.

Obviously I do believe that Arteta has given the side a new belief and a hungry winning mentality, but a cold Sunday afternoon in front of 35,000 fanatical Leeds fans doesn’t look like a stroll in the park to me, but I’m hoping that this young team can continue to impress me with their drive and intensity.

Despite the need for rotation in this incredible cluttered timetable we have, I think that Arteta intends to play his best possible team, and also who are the freshest available players. Right now he seems to be managing the minutes in midweek games very well, so I think he will stick with his very best team, and this was who I predicted earlier….

White, Gabriel, Saliba, Tomiyasu
Xhaka , Partey
Saka, Odegaard , Martinelli

The only big question mark is if Jesus will start, and personally I think that was just Arteta’s mind games, but we’ll find out in a minute won’t we?

So here is Arteta’s confirmed selection for today…

And I got the team exactly right…..


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  1. Nice line-up, but hopefully Jesus is really fit to play

    Tomiyasu on the starting line-up is a surprise, but I guess he must be rewarded for his faultless defending against Liverpool and maybe Tierney isn’t fully fit after playing in Norway

    1. I don’t think that Tomi is a surprise. Tierney started and played the whole game against Bodo so I was expecting Tomi to start if Zini was unavailable.

  2. Strong line up there from the Manager… Lets end that recent home record at Elland Road.
    0-3 victory for the Gunners!

  3. Contrary to spurious reports, some in JA, some elsewhere, Jesus is starting, as some of us, the realists, always knew he would.
    He was sensibly lef behind on Thurday for rest in general and not because of a head injury that was always way over dramatised!,

  4. Areta has done extremely well with his mind games this season, in the gaffer we have a very balanced coach.

    This is the strongest possible line up, said on another thread only Anfield will rival Elland road in terms of Atmosphere today, the Lily white fans just don’t know when nothing is in the game for them, we must wrap it up early and avoid any nervy ending.

    1. Apparently there is power in at VAR place and that’s why there is no communication between in field ref and VAR

  5. Did the game restart? Passing my time watching manu vs newcastle and not impressed lol… wanna watch our sleek football.

  6. Players are back out on the pitch at Elland Road.
    We’re expecting a five to ten minute warm up then play will resume.

    As Per sky sports

  7. GAME DELAYED FOR POWER CUT! I realise electric cost is going up , but you’d think even those tight LEEDS lot could afford to pay the bill. What a dismal farce though!

  8. Difficult game but made more so by playing the hapless Ben white ahead of tomi on the right and dropping tiernay on the left

    1. Been some sloppy play at times, we’ve gotten away with it. Leeds look rabid and really taking it to us in the 1st half.

      Ramsdale poor distribution a couple times, especially that time to Tomi where he had no time to get the ball

      Ben White dribbling in our own box unnecessary, just boot it out.

      Gabriel at CB, oh my he looks Mustafi-ish far too often.

      Perhaps time to partner Saliba with Tomi at CB for a few games, until Gabriel gets his head right.

      Great goal by Saka, not sure if 1 is enough though, fair play to Leeds who are absolutely up for this game.

  9. Excellent shot by Saka. I bet he made the decision less than a half-second, after watching Meslier went down

    Tomiyasu was caught by Leeds a couple of times. I think we’ll need Tierney in the second half

  10. Damn feels good to have a front 4 that you know at least one of them is gonna get you a goal or 2 every match. Especially after the toothless attack of last season.

  11. We’re getting a bit sloppy in possession and have gotten away with it a couple of times.
    Hopefully we can relax the game a bit and get back in control.

  12. I was thinking the same @RW1. Shouldn’t we think of bringing on fresh legs and change the team shape. Viera for Odegaard at this point would be a welcome change.

  13. We have been very lucky we need to score again while they are open. Man City would’ve buried them by now.

    1. Anyway our competition is not with Man City…
      We just need to keep winning because we want to finish in top 4

  14. 1st game ive managed to watch in a while, was expecting a bit more. Zero pressure on the ball, midfield almost non exisistent. Lost count of the amount of balls the Leeds defenders have played straight though to their forwards on the ground. Midfield also not tracking the runners at all. BW leaving Saliba exposed most of the game.

    Where is our press?

  15. The same way they buried Villa and Newcastle away. Agree we’ve been profligate but so have City in certain away games this season.

        1. I get your point Angus, but listening on the radio the reaction by the commentators and the general hullabaloo gave the impression that Arsenal got lucky this afternoon

          1. In that regard, Leeds had us completely pinned back, missed a legit penalty and Ramsdale saved us on multiple occasions. Just that exact decision was spot on, Bamford caused the whole thing and the leg kick from Gabriel was nothing barely brushed Bamford and it was as he fell.

  16. Wow. Im so happy the penalty was disallowed. 3 points from this game is vital. Hoping for Liverpool to beat Man city.

  17. Wow , just wow. VAR helping us out today big time. Leeds by far the better team this second half. If they had equalised they would have thoroughly deserved it. Our players look tired , saka and saliba especially.

  18. The best start to a season since we’ve been in the top flight. The joint best start overall including lower-tier football matched with the 1903 season. Survived a big scare with Leeds dominating the 2nd half. Ramsdale earnt his wage today.

  19. Good job for us they waited for VAR to reboot at the start of the game
    Tough game, hard fought and fortunate win. Leeds were great and we were determined to keep our lead. Disappointed with the second half. Had Leeds scored, I think they would have been more likely to go on and win – I’m not sure we’d have been able to reverse that momentum tbh



    1. It did it’s job properly today. Both giving the penalty against Saliba and overturning the penalty against Gabriel.

    1. Yeah that 2nd half was poor, we were the better side 1st half but we didn’t dominate it like Leeds did 2nd. Still Ramsdale did his job when those in front of him were losing their heads a bit and they didn’t score. We did our job even if it wasn’t pretty. Spurs have done that all season and are only 4 points behind us doubt anyone would give credit to us on that account if they end up above us later on.

    2. So when a team defended well, and their goalkeeper was flawless in keeping them on the game and they manage to win, do you call that underserved? Mourinho us to park that bus against us during Arsene Wenger era, we would dominate proceedings yet Drogba will score from a corner kick or a penalty will be awarded to them and they win. Not once have I ever heard undeserved. We were shaky yes, but Leeds were wasteful too, at the end we thoroughly deserve the 3 points putting everything under consideration

  21. By far our toughest match to date. Wow, Leeds we’re all that and a bag of chips… Bug ups to them. Mostly to the lads for hanging in there and defending like all get out… 1 nil to The Arsenal…👏🏾

  22. Job done!! I’m not going to jump on the wagon and criticise our team.i know expectations have increased but to think that we are going to play well every game is just plain naivety.actually,it might be a good thing and a reminder that there is still some work to be done and to not getting carried away.we might have been lucky/not played well but we still won,which is a positive. COYG!!

  23. We were absolutely dominated in the second half. Never the less 3 points, rest and rotation is going to be key going deeper into the season. They were full on running, we looked tired.

  24. You see this is why you utilise your reserve players for Thursday right games. Ødegaard, saka , white, Saliba all looked mentally and physically tired couldn’t create anything or even assert themselves on the game , Our team B needs to play PSV on Thursday, no question about it. Any result we get out of it we should accept, we would still qualify top of the group cos PSV won’t be able to beat Bodo glimpt in norway.

  25. An interesting stat for our four away Prem wins. Collectively, our four victims have lost just FIVE games at home so far Four were beaten by US.
    Total home wins by those four teams are NINE. Total home draws are SIX. TOTAL HOME LOSSES FIVE , FOUR TO US.
    I consider that significant, even at this early stage.

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