Arsenal’s Costa complaints backed up by AMAZING source

Everyone who follows Arsenal will be delighted by this news and will be having a goog old laugh, but I cannot see Jose Mourinho taking too kindly to it and I assume that the Chelsea captain John Terry will have his place in the starting line up back again, while young Kurt Zouma could be set for a lengthy spell on the bench.

The French defender, who opened the scoring against Arsenal at the weekend, seems to have not read the Chelsea script and simply told the truth when he was asked about the controversy surrounding the game with the behaviour of his yeam mate Diego Costa.

As reported by The Mirror, Zouma was speaking to French TV about Costa and amazingly he admitted what everyone suspects, that Costa is a cheat and he does this sort of thing all the time in the hope that he can get an opposition player sent off.

Zouma said, “No, we’re not surprised because we know Diego. Everyone knows Diego and this guy likes to cheat a lot and put the opponent out of his game.”

Jose Mourinho had already backed his striker, of course, but if Zouma is well aware of Costa’s actions and intentions, it is clear that the Chelsea boss is as well and is complicit in the cheating. Again this is hardly news but to have it confirmed by one of his own players will surely have him pulling his hair out.

And what will all the Premier League referees be thinking the next time they are in charge of a game involving Chelsea and Costa? Nice one Zouma.

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  1. Dont need Zouma’s words to see that Costa is a cheat-it was there for everyone to see….but it always sounds better comming from his own teammate…

  2. You are boring with the Costa story…we lost cnt we move on its lyk we wr expectin us to beat chelsea at their ground unles u and wenger smok the same thing!

      1. Thumbed you down because it was with 10 men, we had a man short and set pieces an extra man can make all the difference. Lets not focus on the extra man though, lets blame the defending instead…

        Work for SkySports? Sounds like it.

        1. My point being it was a set-piece and not open play….cannot use the 10 man thing as an excuse for everything – we had already brought in a replacement CB…

    1. The Costa story might be boring to you, but not to the millions of true fans, seething in anger at the daylight robbery against Arsenal. It’s not about the game or whether we expected Arsenal to win. It’s about the thuggish behaviour that was allowed by a man called Dean who has a mission against us. It’s about cheating us every time he refs. Have you ever thought that if we took all the games Dean reffed for us, and put it into one season, we would have been relegated. Wenger takes the blame for a red card issued by that corrupt ref Dean, the FA do f…all about Dean with video replay evidence, even though millions saw the incident, except Dean and Chelsea fans.

    2. You are boring with your childish spelling, lyk? wr? cnt?
      Do you need a dictionary?

      Yes we lost but before we had a player sent off our team was doing very well against a ref that stops us from winning, how abouit focus on how our players done very well prior to the sending off, they had a hard battle to fight and Mike Dean was an auto loss we had to fight against. Our players was careful until Gabriel lost his cool after seeing his CB partner grounded. Before then Chelsea looked like a toothless granny trying to bite her way through a tough stake.

      If you dont want to read about Costa then I suggest you read title headlines!
      You are boring with your inability to read titles!

  3. Now Chelsea are trying to say he got his words wrong lol
    “It’s harsh to take literally the words of a young player spoken in his second language immediately after a game,” said a Chelsea spokesperson.

    “He is deeply upset his words have been used to attack a team-mate and friend.”

    1. He knew exactly what he was saying and was reprimanded, so the second language excuse is weak. Chelsea had no idea that was coming and are trying dame control by stating how upset Zouma is now. Bullshit……he is not and merely stated the obvious that we see weekly with Costa.

  4. This Zouma confession is already old news. Topic suggestions: XI for spurs, how high will Arsenal finish, can we qualify to CL quarter finals, who should stand in for Coquelin, Ozil’s form, Sanchez form etc etc.

      1. Do you have anything in that head to think with?
        Steve Bould has made an improvment, it is harder to see such an improvement when you are down to 10 men!

        Oh look, Arsenal conceeded with 10 men, must be the defense fault for being s**t!

        how about clean sheets?
        Lets not count those eh? I mean, if people seen we was getting clean sheets then you might be laughed at a bit more!

        1. Bru, it was a set piece and not open play that we conceded from – the replacement CB was already on….Point is the same defensive mistakes continue to happen – poor defending from set pieces..Look at the goals we concede and tell me how many could’ve been avoided, had it been for better defending.
          We have a great GK, 2 very decent CBs and a beast of a DF, we bound to get clean sheets, but its the simple areas that need addressing…

    1. well…he bought the shares so….he put money all right.
      Granted it was for the shareholders but I am almost sure there was a fee somewhtre going into the club

  5. Is it really not about time now we stop pointing finger and Kroenke and Gazidis and start applying the blame on the one person responsible: Arsene Wenger

    Can someone please explain to me what it is Gazidis and Kroenke have allegedly done wrong apart from run a football club?
    Because I can give you many examples of Wengers errors: Not purchasing needed players, not playing players in right position, not having a plan B in games, not learning from basic mistakes from set pieces, not being honest with fans regarding player injuries, not improving whatsoever domestically and in Europe. The list is endless

    WENGER OUT!! Give him his statue and move him on

    1. Exactly. 19 years in charge with 3 league titles and 0 CL titles.

      Wenger is good at keeping us among the top few in the country, but he’s not a proper winner as proven by his record in the biggest competitions. He’s an owners dream, he safeguards the Arsenal company income from being among the better teams and qualifying for the CL, but doesn’t command big transfer money to actually compete. Yet is among the top 6 earners in world football in his role….

        1. Lots of people on here think ignoring reality and dressing it up as something positive is what a fan entails. It’s hard for some to acknowledge the bad associated Arsenal, it’s wax lyrical or bury head in sand.

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