Arsenal´s creative stats are simply stunning

I thought that the Arsenal and Germany international play maker Mesut Ozil had bagged himself another couple of assists this week, as our midfield maestro inspired the Gunners to another key victory away to Swansea City. Apparently not though, as his EPL assists have only gone up by one, according to the stats website

That still puts Ozil on nine for the season so far though, and that is three more than the next best player David Silva. Looking at the stats in more detail, however, makes you realise just how influential the German has been for the Gunners.

Also involved in the chart of the best creative players are things like passing accuracy, number of completed passes and key passes. In that final category, Ozil has 40 to his name and if that does not float your boat, think about the fact that Silva has just 10.

Ozil´s passing accuracy of 89 percent is also better than any other player in the top 22. The number 23 ranked player has 92 percent but before you start to worry, let me tell you that the name of this player is Santi Cazorla and the Spaniard’s overall score of 881 is by far the best in the chart. No prizes for guessing that Ozil’s score of 600 is second and so it is easy to see why Arsenal are doing so well.

So are therse two Gunners the key to Arsenal winning the title?

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  1. add coquelin to them then considering the midfield chemistry between them this is simply one of the best midfield trio in europe they are working hard for the team at other end they are creating lots of chances which our attackers are now finishing.Long it may continue.

  2. Not quite sure how ozil only got 1 assist? He clearly provided the assists for the 1st and 3rd goals. He also put the ball in for the 2nd goal, but I am assuming that flappyhandski, got the assist for that.

    Agree that our midfield trio is probably amongst the strongest in Europe. It’s just a shame our back up.trio of arteta, Ramsey and wilshire are all injured. Wenger clearly needs to address these injuries, if he cannot locate the problem then he needs to be more drastic and move on some of these constantly injured players. They are blocking new “fit” signings. Flamini, arteta, rosicky have all been injured are taking £250-300k or there abouts. We could bring in 2 world class players for that sort of salary. Who knows we might nick £5m for the 3 if sold in January. I am also beginning to lose patience with the British core or should I say soft centre? wilshire, Ramsey, Welbeck, chamberlain and walcott can we really keep carrying these 5 crocks? 1 or 2 may be.

    Funny how players like coquelin alexis, cazorla and now ozil appear to be play 90 mins week in week out, get overly tackled, but simply get up and get on with it. Yet our British lads can’t string together 3 lots of 90, go down in crumpled heaps and rarely get on with the game after.

  3. did you see the moment where özil drew his foot after flicking the ball to alexis or giroud (dont know to whom anymore) instantly back and so causing two swansea players to foul eachother..
    many of the other guys would maybe have left their foot hanging, and so be injured now :/

  4. Yes, if we’re to win the league Cazorla and Ozil will be key. Don’t forget Bellerin as well who has been creating chances for fun any time he gets forward.

    1. no no they are the ‘The wizard and the magician” there will be tales of the after their career 😉 😛
      no new xavi and iniesta.. they are Özil and Cazorla 😀

      1. Wizard of OZ, that’s what I called Mesut when he arrived. Wasn’t spot on that days. Now, with Mesut has overcome his fitness problem, he’s remain untouchable. Guys, we are seriously title contender now. We should need to see through boxing days, but I’m too thirsty and impatient to wait. I say it now : WE ARE TITLE CONTENDER.

  5. Seriously the injuries to our British guys is something else. Mayb bcos dey play with more Energy.
    Thats also reflected in the expectation of d British media from players like Ozil bcos he plays with less power (as it appears to d eye) but with super tech.
    my point is our British player should stop playing for praise from “power only” fans and play with more tech instead.
    i recall Jack coming back from injury last season nd flying into tackles in his very first game back(yeah we love it) but is it needed?…
    but i ll still keep them cos there r those not having so much injury too, like Rooney Sterling

  6. I noticed Campbell ‘s attitude during the game. I ts a team game young man, you’ve got what it takes, join the party, enjoy yourself and get rid of that moody attitude.

  7. There seems little doubt that Kos and Gabriel are now the best CB pairing for Arsenal. And Mert is certainly nearing the end of his fine career but……..

    I am still amused when the heavy criticisms of Mert continue to come each time he is involved in yet another clean sheet.

  8. With our injuries back we actually do have a deep squad especially if Campbell does the same as Coq/Bellerin, imo he has bags of talent and could cost Ox/Ramsey there place on the right if given a run of games as no way is any player atm breaking into our midfield 3 of Coq/Caz/Ozil even if you are Goldenboys Aaron Ramsey or Jack Wilshere. As much as i like and respect the 2players they are not on level with Mesut or Santi… these 2 have created 81 chances this season so far, same as the whole 300m+ Man Utd squad. Coq is a beast i dont even need to say anything about him.

    Few players imo dont need to be at the club by the summer to free up wages and small tranfer fees maybe, the likes of:
    Debuchy (Jenko back)
    Ospina (Woj back, plus Martinez at Wolves understudy to Cech)
    Keep Mert his presence and experience will be greatly needed even if he doesnt start just like Arteta is doing now.

    After that would obviously a few signing but realistic ones at DM to back Coq and WC Forward that can play over all 3 positions to rotate with Alexis, Theo, G12, Ox, Campbell, Welbeck.

    1. William Carvalho – One of the best young HM in the game atm, box to box he can play aswell as CB is a great asset or 3 to have. Long range passing is great for his age and how he dominated games for portugal the u21 WC last summer speaks for itself. Can we get him? I think we could, great player to help Coq in there… Viera type is William and could slot right in this squad!

      Im not sure about up Top, any ideas?

      1. I don’t think Ramsey will lose his spot and not for the dumb ass reason some say, I reckon Ramsey is too polished a player to lose out to Campbell who himself is very rough around the edges. The only time I see Campbell displacing Aaron besides resting is if we lose allot of pace through injury and if some CMs were to pull up also, Ramsey would come inside and Campbell would replace the missing speed merchant. Ramsey is a very hard working accomplished player whom is important for the Gunners.

        1. Rambo and Joel are different type of player. Rambo doesn’t do flank, he doesn’t need to. Ozil and Alexis are usually interchange position at the right, when Rambo thriving it from the middle looking for opener. Team BALANCE between defensive and offensive mode that’s Arsene keyword to pick Rambo first over the Ox. Joel is a bit similar to Ox, but I sense that Joel is playing his football more maturer than Ox. That’s what you get when you’ve to play for different leagues every year. Time for Joel to proof himself!

  9. If we can keep Cech Bellerin Koscielny Monreal Coquelin Cazorla Ozil Alexis and one to two of our CF options fit for the entire season we will definitely be there or there about come end of season. Really am allot more confident when facing the other challengers as we have matured over this calendar year.

  10. ozil and cazorla are the key definitely.

    on second note just found out squaka stats saying giroud is the deadliest striker in the prenier league with a goal every 88 mins better than aguero n since joining the gooners he has had the maximum number of headed goals to his name since. just wondering if he gets a run of games (mostly due to theo injury ) will he prove to be the final piece of the jigsaw…

    coyg.very very nice run of games.hopefully it continues for a long long time.

  11. Giroud is on good form, but his no were near the level of aguero. Over the past seasons aguero played about half the games giroud played but still almost. Doubled giroud’s goal tally. I paRticulally love the fighting spirit and defensive awereneSs Alexis SanChez has brought to D team and robed off the players. Great mentality which u can’t buy. there isa huge difference between a couch giving u instructions and seeing ur colleague actually doing it. Am seeing ozil, cazola, walcot sticking it it sholder for sholder with opponents. Even cambell dat played against the swans, did not forcus on attack only but on his diffence and pple commented about it-D alexis Effect. Some seasons ago we wld only have talked about cambell attacking and not really bothering about his defence and dats the difference.

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