Arsenal’s crucial next 5 games that could make-or-break our title challenge – Can we win them all?

Arsenal have been flying high in recent weeks, winning five games in a row and scoring an incredible 21 goals.

They thrashed Burnley 5-0 on Saturday, keeping the Gunners two points behind league leaders Liverpool. Arsenal and Liverpool won this weekend, while Manchester City drew with Chelsea, and they now trail Arsenal. They (the Citizens) have played one less game. That game in hand will be played on Tuesday when Brentford travels to Manchester to face them at the Etihad Stadium.

With a victory over Brentford, City could move one point ahead of Arsenal. The Gunners have their work cut out for them; they can’t afford to drop points and must keep their current form intact. This gives them the potential to strike if the Reds and City drop points.

Speaking of maintaining a solid run, here are the next five Arsenal Premier League games that might send them to the top of the table.

1. Newcastle United (H) on February 24th.

After defeating FC Porto, as expected, Arsenal will welcome Newcastle United in their next match at the Emirates Stadium. This will be a difficult matchup after Newcastle United won the first leg 1-0. And, like the Gunners, the Magpies are in good form, having gone unbeaten since the winter break (with three victories and two draws in all outings). But Arsenal has no choice but to take all 3 points this time against Newcastle.

2. Sheffield United (A) on March 4th.
The Gunners will then be on the road on a trip to face Sheffield United. This should be an easy game for the Gunners, given their current form. The last four times they’ve met, Arsenal have won.

3. Brentford (H) on March 9th.

The Gunners will then welcome Brentford at the Emirates Stadium. This season, Arsenal has already defeated Brentford in their first leg game, and in order to top the Premier League table, they will need to do so again. Aside from a win, that game will provide Arteta with an opportunity to watch striker target Ivan Toney up close.

4. Chelsea (H) on March 16th

Arsenal will then host Chelsea at Emirates Stadium. The first leg concluded 2–2 at Stamford Bridge. Chelsea are unpredictable, but Arsenal are in great form (hopefully they can keep it up). With a desire to win the league, I believe Arsenal will turn up and demolish their London rivals.

5. Manchester City (A) on March 31st.

This is a match that will determine which team is most likely to win this year’s league title. Arsenal have already defeated Manchester City twice this season, so they know how. With both teams focused on the Premier League, whoever wins this match will be more likely to win the league. I’m sure Arsenal will turn up for this.

Arteta and the boys will compete for 15 points over the course of these five games. Collecting all 15 points should propel them to the top of the table. With Liverpool scheduled to meet Manchester City between now and when Arsenal plays these five games, hopefully Liverpool against Manchester City on March 10th will result in a draw or a City victory. Liverpool ought to drop points if Arsenal beat City on March 31st when they meet.

So, can Arsenal preserve their flawless record from the winter break until April? Why can’t they?

Sam P

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  1. Yes we can
    Newcastle Away 3 nill
    Sheffield 6 nill
    Branford 4 will
    Chelsea 4 nill
    Man City a hard fought 2 – 1 win to Arsenal

    1. I like an optimist, Gunsmoke.

      I agree that we can, but I am not so confident that we will. On paper Sheffied United and Brentford should be wins. Newcastle at home should also bring about a win. Chelsea are having, by their recent lowly standards, a purple patch by hanging on against City so could represent a challenge and a bigger one still by MC awaits. I would be happy with 4 wins and think that is a viable wish.

  2. can we win all 5 games = yes we can

    not just based on current form but also 3 homes matches again decent teams but only that

    one of the two away is Sheffield United who seem doomed to relegation

    obviously the big test is Man City away

    but Arteta has worked out a strategic formula that hugely improves our chances over 1 year ago when we were blown away

    the high press giving zero space and opportunities to their creative midfield and thus starving their lethal attack of chances – worked brilliantly against Liverpool and Man C already this season, on each occassion their lowest xG

    so it can be done

    that would of course mean 10 consecutive Premier League wins which is statistically very unlikely, but I would be disappointed anything less than 11 points from the 5 games

  3. It really depends on how the team go about their business in each of those games. There’s always the potential to win these games but we have to be ‘on our game’. Newcastle will try to rough us up and disrupt our game with cynical fouls and obvious obstructions, to make us passive and then get the ball quickly up to their front men.

    Brentford will also be quite a physical test and now they have Ayew back he’ll always do his best to cause us problems.

    Sheffield, it should be a given that we win this game. It might not be a resounding win with a hatful of goals but should be a win nonetheless.

    Chelsea, again it is a game I’d expect us to win given their poor form this season. Plus the fact they play open football gives us a bit of freedom to do the same.

    Man city. They trust in what they do and will just go about their normal way. We’ve shown in the past that we can beat them and have the capacity to do so.

    In all these instances, Arsenal can’t be timid or predictable, we have to be more rapier like in our play. For example in the city game, we can’t sit back and try to contain them and seek to hit them on the break. Sit back against City and they cut you to shreds. With regards to predictably everyone knows that predominantly, Saka and Martinelli have been out main source of offence and we have seen both of them doubled up on, with a bit of extra physicality and kicking to further slow them down. We have to mix things up a bit. We have to move the ball faster not the 50 passes when 10 will do.

    We also need to not be the recipients of bad reffing and or VAR decisions!

    Yeah, potential is there to win these games, depending on how we go about it!

  4. Sorry, but we could also lose the next five games!!!!!
    One at a time and don’t forget the two games against Porto sandwiched in between – fingers crossed that we can record SEVEN wins on the trot!!!!!!!

    1. @ Ken1945
      Factualism. You could be arrested for saying such words.
      HA HA HA
      We all need to laugh.

  5. Agree with Ken, one game at a time. If one or two of our key players pick up an injury we are in trouble, we just don’t have the strength in depth compared, in particular, with City. The two UCL games will increase the pressure on the team. However, so far so good!!!

  6. When the 5 first matches of the new year were previewed, virtually no one gave us a chance of a clean sweep. I, for one predicted 10 points with a loss to Liverpool and a draw at West Ham. But we did it.
    This time I’m thinking : if we have the core of the team fit and available, we stand a good chance of repeating the feat.

  7. Irealise thr temptation to try predicting five Prem games in arow, along withe thr unmentioned CL games in that period too.
    But there us a good reason what manager ans players say”one game at a time”!

    And that is that as PROFESSIONALS they never take any game for granted. Nor do wiswr fans. wise folk know rthat trying to predict anything in lifde amonth or more ahears is fools gold and attracts only non realists.
    Realists know that unpredictable injuries ot illnesses can vasty change previous opinions. AND THEY DO!.
    So, as a realist, I willleave parlour game type long term predictions to those who find them of interest .
    I will content myself wth hoping we get no more injuries between now and Newcastle , esp as Porto away is first.

    Our next game therefore and “one game at a time” which may sound dull and boring, but which is GOOD ADVICE!

      1. I leave that hackneyed phrase to those who commonly use it PAT. To YOU in fact!

        No fan who uses English correctly and who knows how top level football works, would DREAM of using such an untrue phrase about a MERE FIVE PREM GAME WINNING RUN

        1. Erm, a MERE 5-game winning run from the start of the year that has NEVER EVER been achieved by any other Arsenal team in history.
          Keep digging me old mucker….

          1. And keep on using hype and wrong use of words old bean! It is now your trademark and folks would not recognise who you are if you stop. Which of course you will not!

            Why bother about boring old truth anyway.
            Only “pedants” such as I prize truth.


            After all, you do it so easily! But then, practise makes perfect!

            1. Are you saying that I’m lying by saying “5-game winning run from the start of the year that has NEVER EVER been achieved by any other Arsenal team in history.”

              How can FACTS be “misleading”???

              1. The fact is that a mer fivew game winning run , irrespective of what time in th season it happens is VERY COMMON INDEED AMONG ALL TOP LEVEL CLUBS.

                . SO WHAT IF IT COINCIDES WITH THE FIRST FEW WEEKS OF THE NEW YEAR. All 38 games whic are won earn THREE POINTS ONLY, be that in August, October , January or May

                A lot of hype about a mere time of the season!

                Its nonsense! !

                The POINT is its only FIVE games, not fifteen or twenty five.
                If a mere five is “,super” I wonder what over the top adjective you would use for 15 or 25!

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