Arsenal’s crunch March fixtures including 3 games in 6 days

Arsenal are slowly but surely pushing their way into the coveted Top Four and will hopefully make it by the end of this weekend, assuming that we beat relegation-threatened Watford, and Liverpool and Manchester City beat the two teams above us, West Ham and Man United.

Tottenham (if we still consider them as rivals!) have a home game against Everton on Monday.

But after that we have to keep racking up the points and the following week we will be hosting Leicester at the Emirates, and with our excellent home form we should get yet another three points. The good news is that Tottenham have to go to Old Trafford, while West Ham have a potential banana skin against Aston Villa.

It makes no sense at all that we are playing the Foxes on the Sunday (13th) considering the following Wednesday night (16th) we host Liverpool in one of our games in hand. Klopp’s side are on an amazing winning run and will be a real test of how much we have improved.

So we play Sunday and Wednesday and then on the Saturday (19th) in the early game as well, so we will be severely tested for stamina when we go to Villa Park. But that weekend could be crucial as Tottenham are at home to West Ham, and Lverpool are at home to United..

After that we will get a much needed rest until we visit Crystal Palace on the 4th April.

So, other than the daunting visit of Liverpool, Arsenal have mostly winnable games in March while our rivals will be taking points off each other. Hopefully we will come out the other end with a clear lead in 4th place…


Just Arsenal Show – Dan Smith discusses Arsenal’s chances of finishing in the Top Four

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  1. We really need to collect maximum points from the Watford, Leicester and Villa games which won’t be easy and then try to get a result against Liverpool.
    OT: looking increasingly likely that Roman will sell up Chelsea which could be a bit of a game changer though it won’t be as detrimental as we’d all hope given their success over the last 20 years which has made them a big club now and enables them to generate their own funds I.e through sponsorship etc, so attracting a wealthy owner won’t be a problem for them, however the big question is whether they would be willing to invest in the club as much as Roman did.

    1. It’s a win for Chelsea. Roman is writing off the 1.5 billion debt and then new owners will come in and likely put investment in but even living within their means their in a fantastic spot maybe a new stadium is about all they need. Their training/youth infrastructure is top notch, no debt, strong reputation and strong commercial revenues. Not going to lose any commercial revenue now. A lot of relieved Chelsea fans I’d imagine.

    2. Talking is easy , that should be translated on the football field. Never under estimate any team . A winning mentality should be the main focus

  2. Lets just start with Watford. One game at a time. We have nothing else to focus on, its in our hands and the lack of injuries has been refreshing.

  3. Liverpool are more creative than us and have better attackers, so I’ll be glad if we can get one point from the game

    But winning against Watford and Leicester City before playing against Liverpool is very important, because we’ll have two tough away matches afterwards

    If we can finish in top four, Lacazette and Xhaka deserve to stay for another season

    1. gai, If we finish in fourth, as looks more and more likely now, why on Earth would any serious and true Gooner wish to keep such dross as XHAKA AND THE FAST AGEING AND INCREASINGLY INEFFECTIVE LACA?

      Gaining fourth place is the perfect time to kick on and get the dross out. Surely even a fairweather fan would know that.

      I know you are a REAL Gooner and that is why your silly last sentence opinion was so disappointing to read !

        1. One of the biggest factors?
          I will call atleast 6 first team players who are ahead of them in teams of importance to the team
          They (laca and xhaka) are just there because we have no options or better options not because they are very important or world class

          1. Lacazette is better than other CFs at Arsenal and Xhaka is our best deep-lying playmaker

            1. The man has never made a play in his Arsenal career… just pray he doesn’t subvert whatever chances we have of a top 4 finish and he’s gone in the summer

  4. We’ve had more than enough time this season to improve our fitness and stamina with the low amount of games we’ve had so no excuses.

  5. 3 games in 6 days would be down to TV companies wanting to show the games. Can’t really complain if we want the millions of £.

    Btw, doesn’t matter what position the swamp dwelling vermin are in the PL, they are always our most hated rivals.

  6. We should simply capitalize on our rivals’ blushes then fourth is definitely ours mark my words.

  7. I am not a fan of Chelsea but an Arsenal supporter. But even at this, for football passion as a lover of the game, I feel quite a lot for Roman Abramovich the Rusian billiovaire Chelsea FC owner. For, I feel it’s a shame and a big one for that matter if he has to sell a big sporting investment of his, Chelsea FC based in London in the UK. Because of an insinuations purportedly linking him to a political decision that bothers on the use of a very big military might which was taken by a friend of his does not mean he was a party to the political/ use of military decision when his friend took and implementing.

    I am not an advocate of Abramovich. But I think it’s unfair if he is made one of the scapegoat as a sacrificial lamb sacrificed to bear the sin of his friend. Which I think the seizing or nationalizing his investments in the UK by the constituent authority concerned will represent and amount to. More so, if there isn’t any concrete evidence to show and prove that Abramovich is and aider and albeiter to the political and the use of a very big military decision that was taken and being implemented by his friend.

    I think Chelsea fans and any one who has something to do with the club in the past 20 years or so owe abramovich a lot of gratitude to thank and continue to thank him showing him solidarity for his having passionately have investmented a part of his money fortune in Chelsea to bring big time success to the club in the form of title wins and in other areas of the club. For which his Chelsea FC has won all the winnable titles that one can think of domestically, externally in Europe and in the world. But which weren’t won before by the club to be in it’s Chelsea silverware/trophy cabinet at Stamford Bridge perior to Abramovich arrived at the scene in Chelsea to buy the club and bought it.


      Do you honestly think in todays world ANY multi billionaire who is a close friend of the monster Putins – and that is demonstably proven as fact over many years past – is as innocent of evil as you are trying to make out? Of course he is not, Samuel.


  8. Hello the Gunnners,ithink from our side let’s win our games and wait others to loose ground for top 4 so that by the end of the season we celebrate.#ARSENAL LONDON.

  9. Why the moaning about game schedules? Other clubs have to deal with similar circumstances and also add European, Caribou and FA cup games in the mix. Some of the whiners might add,” but they have bigger squads than ours”. Well whose fault is that then? Get a life!!!

  10. If we want top 4 we should struggle for the win. I believe in our players and I hope that MA learned from his mistakes.

  11. Well, like for me my real smile will only come to my face when we secure the fourth place spot at the end of the season.

  12. Its true that March will be a defining moment in this season. I expect wins against Watford, Leicester and Villa and a draw against Liverpool. If this happens we will be sitting pretty in the top 4, considering all our rivals play against each other. I only hope our forwards come good, specially Laca and Pepe, since ESR, Saka, Martinelli and Ode are already doing well in the scoring department. I also hope MA puts more faith on Pepe and gives him as much game time as possible to increase his confidence which will get us more and more goals.

    1. Agreed.

      When we play Spurs away, just a draw would be excellent result as it would keep the Spuds at bay. West Ham I think is already out of the top 4. Its down to Spurs and United.

      On paper, I would say our most difficult games left are:
      Pool (H), Chelsea (A), Spurs (A), Saints (A), West Ham (A), Man U (H)

      Spurs have:
      Arsenal (H), United (A), BHA (A), Pool (A), West Ham (H)

      City (A), Spurs (H), Arsenal (A), BHA (A), Chelsea (H)

  13. If we finish in top four, squad depth is important, and it is easy to retain the available hands with experience playing together than to try convince fresh legs.
    For sure we will need additions in midfield and CF areas, if we have a good finisher that can give us 20+ goals and retain Laca, it will be a good business, Xhaka on the other hand can be a good sub for injuries and suspension, he won’t be a regular starter if we add in midfield, but will certainly be a good squad player

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