My Arsenal Cup Final Team – Drop Ozil, Giroud and Le Coq!

My Arsenal team for the FA Cup Final

Hi guys, once more we are at the finals and everyone is happy. Me too I am waiting with a big bucket of beer!

I would like to see a different team this weekend. We have had same team for so long and a little change last weekend proved some of the fans here as well as pundits wrong. I am aware they’ll be after my scalp but I’m sorry I will be already sipping cold beer by then!

Straight to the team I’d prefer….

At the back there should be little change with Ospina guarding their rear. The back four have a rapport (whether Gab or Mert) that shall be very much needed this weekend. I mean Bellerin, Koscielny, Gabriel and Nacho. Inclusion of Gab is simple. The guy has proved in the few games he’s had that he is fast and accurate with a big threat on the other end with his headers. He should get a goal before this season is closed. The opponents also haven’t had enough time to study his skills. I am not against Per, but our opponents, as predicted by others, will park the BUS and try to surprise us on the counter, where that Benteke guy can do damage should Per be up the field trying to score. Its not a good idea to go into a horse race using a donkey!

This part is where some fans could hang me outside the Emirates if I was available. I would drop Le Coq for this game, as Aston Villa shall build the Great Wall of China in their half, and instead go for Ramsey at No. 6? Why? If our defenders keep their discipline and at least two remains behind all the time, Ramsey will be needed to move Box to Box as there shall be no space to give through passes in the final third. For the same reason, I’ll drop Ozil (very unfortunate) and hand the No. 10 slot to the Ox. Ox has proven time and again that he doesn’t fear anyone. If you remember the Champions league, both Dortmund and Monaco games where he played in the middle. He can make those zigzag moves and even puncture that BUS this weekend.

Slot 9 I will hand back to Walcott for several reasons. We do not need hold up. By the way who the hell indoctrinated Arsenal fans with hold up!!!!! We do not need hold up. We need goals! Last weekend, Walcott’s second goal – he was on the floor and within seconds he rose-up, manoeuvered two defenders and poked the ball just before it was blocked. That’s what pace and instincts do in front of the goal. His last tap-in was commendable as well because if it was the mighty King of Hold up, he would be showing us his tongue. I mean we do not have many chances to waste!!

As for Giroud – please wait for the last 20 minutes when the game is won. I would leave Alexis on the left wing and Cazorla at No. 8. There is no need to justify this I guess. Since Welbeck (my first choice on the right flank) is ruled out. I’d experiment again with Wilshere. He shall offer penetration (Sanchez, Wilshere, Cazorla, th Ox and Ramsey all can penetrate to diverse degrees). We must penetrate this great wall I am dreaming of. I hope Wenger can bring on Ozil or Giroud according to how the game changes and at the right time… not too late.

Final team selection

Wilshere- The Ox(I like his attitude) -Alexis

Bench: Giroud,Ozil,Zchez,Gibbs,Gnabry,Rosisky,Le Coq

Moses Hillary Akuno

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  1. The three you have mentioned to be dropped were a big reason why the team is playing this weekend.

  2. You may have parted the Red Sea, but your tactical knowledge of football is somewhat lacking.

    1. Haha this article genuinely made me laugh, I appreciate the guys effort but this is cometely lacking knowledge. Not only would that NEVER happen it is no where near our best team.

  3. Wenger recently mention that Chamberlain is very unfit. Mesut Ozil has been hitting form lately, drop Giroud for Walcott is understandable.

    The final is a test of mental.more than technical skills. Experience players are so crucial in finals.

  4. Excellent tactics….!!!

    world class strategy

    this is why fans should decided who to play, who to drop, who to sign….

    Fans know better!!!

    1. @hafiz
      Come on you’d play the ox over ozil? And giroud starts up top for me, but I want Walcott on the right which means it’s a toss up between Ramsey and cazorla

  5. Haha I stopped reading at “Ox as #10”. Really? He’s just got back from injury and completed just a few mins in our final pl game of the season now u want him to start a full game?

    However, this is not a game to be experimenting so Per should also start.

  6. Not a chance. Le Coque and Ozil must start. Le Coque has to maintain the deep to intercept Villa’s counter attack. Rambo has not enough defensive awareness. This team have two “brain”. Cazorla from distance and Ozil up front. If you drop one of them from the start, then I’m afraid we’ll loose touch of the game since the beginning. I agreed on Theo, he could be our key to break the lock, as he’s still full of gasoline when other teammates are walking down the hill. But, I suggest he better come in second half to make those tire legs of Villa work in wrong way. COYG!!!!

    1. The line up that will play;

      Monreal, Koscielny, Mertesacker, Bellarin
      Cazorla, Coquelin
      Sanchez, Ozil, Walcott,

      You do not drop a striker who’s scored 14 goal in 16 games, Alelxis is a given, and Ozil is why Arsenal are there. I could see Coquelin dropped for Wilshire or Ramsey, but I hope not. Coquelin has earned the right to start the final.

      Arsenal 3-1. (Alexis, Giroud, and Walcott to score).

      1. “Ozil is why Arsenal are there”,how?i think Santi’s better in the no10 role.i know it wont happen but i’d drop Ozil an play Cazorla at no10,an play jack next to Le Coq

  7. people dropping ramsey, lol. wenger will bench walcott. thats why he opted to rest him and giroud the last game. I’m expecting the same lineup that beat liverpool. and im happy with that.

  8. Another one of the “play English player’s at all costs” fans. What’s your masterplan when Villa don’t park the bus ?

  9. villa wont park the bus, its not Sherwood’s style and not how Villa have been successful under Sherwood. Everyone thought Hull would park the bus and that didnt happen either. They are here to play, so leaving Coq out would be a disastrous mistake. Lets not overcomplicate things… we all know what the starting lineup is going to be. Its going to have Ramsey on RM, Cazorla with Coq, Giroud striker, and the usuals everywhere else (Szczesny the cup keeper though so DO expect him to be there). Have faith in Szczesny as well guys, stop criticizing him. Doesnt matter if you dont like him or he’s had a bad season, he’s going to play and we need to be behind everyone in the squad tomorrow, the boys need us, its a final. COYG!

    1. Exactly!! Ramsey loves a big game. For me, I’d love to see him on the pitch, even at RW.
      Plan A with Giroud and a flowing midfield has proved more positive results than negative. If it doesn’t go to plan we have a hungry Theo and Jack who will run rings around the surely tired defence.

      1. I’m with you but I think theo at RW can cause real havoc especially with Richardson out. And giroud can score goals from crosses and theo does put in a good ball.

  10. That is a team that will get crushed on the counter, even with Gabriel.

    If we are expecting them to play on the counter than Coquelin is the first name on the team sheet. The DM handles more of the holdup situations than anyone else on the field. The reason why Per looked terrible first half: Kos had to go forward to try to hold up the counter, when he got beat it was over. And before people start saying Kos shouldn’t have been that far forward, it was by design. Kos still does this a fair amount when he sees the danger, but when Monreal is on the left he slots in and Coquelin will run behind Kos to guard as well. Early in the year, without a decent DM, there was a lot of space between the defense and midfield and teams could drop a ball in there, and when Kos failed to stop it it would be 1 or 2 players against just Per.

    A DM that can read the danger is so important in this situation, so Le Coq is a must.

    Starting Ox is ridiculous. He has played 20 minutes since coming back, and he looked pretty rusty. Also, he is not a good CAM, and may never be. The one issue I have with his game is his decision making, and that is absolutely among the most important traits of a good CAM. Knowing when to get rid of the ball and having the ability to put it right where it needs to be are much more important to that position than being fearless and a good dribbler.

    The only one I agree with and that has any chance of happening is Walcott for Giroud. I think it is a low chance, but possible that Walcott starts through the middle. His pace will be invaluable against a team looking to defend. I think it is much more likely either Ramsey or Cazorla make way if Walcott starts and that he will be on the wing; but it is possible that if Walcott starts it comes down to whether Giroud or Ramsey is the last player in the lineup. And that would likely be my preferred setup.

    Sanchez – Walcott – Ozil
    Coquelin – Ramsey

    Of course plenty of movement there especially with Walcott and Sanchez moving through the middle and both left and right wide areas, and with Ozil, Cazorla, and Ramsey moving around quite a bit, with Ramsey likely reverting to RW as the game goes on.

    For the defense I prefer Gabriel, but it is really a crapshoot. Per obviously makes a good partnership with Kos, while we don’t know much about how well Kos and Gabriel will play together. If we are against counters, Gabriel’s pace could help, but it would come at the cost of putting Kos back on the leash (I firmly believe that Kos can roam about because of Per’s rock solid positioning). So, I am fine with either defender there.

    Szczesny will likely start. That’s fine I guess. Obviously I want Ospina, but it is Arsene’s tradition, and I don’t think that one will be likely to change if he has any trust left for Woj.

    1. This ‘against counter’s’ and preference for Gabriel is complete nonsense.
      Our offside trap has been phenomenal this season. Down mainly, to Kos and Per’s experience together. I get the feeling people are picturing us squirming to track back in a messy heap and selecting the two most likely to recover when it does happen while neglecting the fact that with proper organisation this rarely happens. Organisation is a solid defence’s best friend. If you can prevent those situations before they happen it’s a much better scenario than compensating for the very rare worst case scenario

      1. Phenomenal?like in the 1st leg against Monaco?lets be realistic,phenomenal is not how i would describe our defence

  11. Wow…..
    These tactics actually look like they’re based around computer games… I mean, i play three at the back on FIFA because i’m bad-ass, but that doesn’t translate to reality.
    Mertesacker organizes, keeps shape, Coquelin shields, breaks up play and Koscielny sweeps. And you suggest removing two of these pieces of a proven tactic for one of the most important games of the year!? you reference the counter-attack but then suggest a completely different back-line with no DM in front!!! We have a counter-attack snuffing machine, literally lives for breaking them up! and you have him on the bench!!!! A good defence doesn’t rely on individual brilliance, it’s organization and experience playing together. Silly, silly, silly!
    Ox for Ozil… Ok, so we have one of the world’s best #10’s in great form.. But then suggest we drop him for a youngster on the mend from a lengthy injury, lacking match-sharpness based on the precious few games he’s been used through the middle?? I also recall another game he played through the middle… A certain 1000th game for our manager…. Terrible!! I’m not for one minute slating Ox. Quite the opposite, I’d like to see him fit and firing ready for next season! But even if, for arguments sake he was the slightly better option, why risk his fitness?

    It seems your only motivations for these tactics is putting as many players on the pitch together that are capable of scoring. Neglecting the many, many other factors in the roles of our players.
    The only real question marks are whether Theo or Giroud will start up top, Sczesz or Ospina and who’s going to play on the right.

    1. I don’t like how people keep wanting to play ox in the middle. He’s an amazing winger and could be a real force on the wing. You don’t have to play through the middle to have a big influence on the game, modern football proves that

      1. true.but surely you can see the potential he could have thru the middle with his dribbling skills and ability to shoot with both feet?You can have a big influence from the wing in the modern game(Ronaldos a good example),but its much easier to have an overall influence from the centre.If the Ox develops well he will play there but not for a few years at least,because that position is very overcrowded at Arsenal right now

  12. @admin what are we smoking there.drop le coq and ozil and tell me who will cover our defence during a counter attack coz ramsey will be high up pitch. and giroud i dont thnk wenger is doing that.walcott will start but not at 9.

  13. Whatever their position there are certain names you can not leave out of the Cup Final side.
    Sanchez, Ozil, Walcott, Ramsey, Coquelin,Carzolla and Kosceinly, the rest is up for grabs.

  14. Ospina
    Bellerin – Mert – Kos – Nacho
    Coq – Ramsey
    Wilshere – Ozil – Alexis

    Impact subs: Cazorla, Giroud, Rosicky, Ox
    Tactical subs: Gabriel, Flamini

  15. The problem I have with the admin team ks that Ox is in the CAM position while Santi is one lf the deep laying midfielders…does not make sense to me. Also Wilshere is on the wing and we know Ox is more efficient there than Jack.

    It’s all mixed up!

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