Arsenal’s Debuchy wanted by both St Etienne and West Brom

The French right back Matthieu Debuchy has made no secret of his desire to leave Arsenal in the last couple of years, but he has received very few offers due to his massive wages and his ongoing injury problems, but this season he has managed to keep his fitness up and has played in seven cup games with our second string sides.

This has given Debuchy the hope that he can finally get the move that he craves and return to first team football. He said last month: “I want to leave, to find a new challenge in January.

“The fact I’m playing well will give me opportunities.

“We’ll see if there are good opportunities in the transfer window. I’m open.”

Well now it seems that he does have opportunities as Telefoot in France is reporting that the 32 year-old is in talks with St. Etienne in Ligue 1 over a possible move, but there is also the possibility that he could be reunited with his old manager at Newcastle, Alan Pardew, who is now in charge at West Brom.

I’m sure that the Premier League club would be more attractive to Debuchy, but any deal is very likely to hinge on whether West Brom find a buyer for their captain Jonny Evans, and as Arsenal are reportedly keen to reinforce our defence perhaps we could see him being used as a makeweight if Evans comes to the Emirates?



  1. Innit says:

    I don’t blame him for wanting to leave. Wenger hardly plays him innit. He came to replace Sagna but unfortunately he got injured quickly and Bellerin did well in 4 at the back formation
    But Bellerin hasn’t been that great as a RWB. I was hoping Wenger would give more oppotunities to Debuchy but he didn’t

    1. muffdiver says:

      MUTV (official club channel) is showing the best goals & assists of Alexis. Could be a hint to where he is heading…


  2. Dave says:

    Just don’t care who goes we need a complete overhaul of our club & team it is rotten from inside out!
    Worst thing that happened was beating hull in final as if we hadn’t I’m sure the clueless old man would have not signed new deal!
    Bad times ahead,

  3. Phil says:

    Things never really happened for Debuchy at Arsenal mainly due to injuries.He was the obvious choice to replace Sagna at the time and he was bedding in nicely up until that Stoke TWAT done him.Hope it works out for him wherever he ends up.Decent player

  4. muffdiver says:

    anthony martial has turned us down
    in other news


    1. Darthballz says:

      Man u ruled out the move

    2. The Defiant Man says:

      One of the most depressing parts of this site is the amount of likes idiocy and straight out lies get.

      Martial rejecting us is a lie – yet 11-2 likes/dislikes

      United ruling out the move is the truth: 3-2

      Surely most Arsenal fans are not retarded??

  5. Sue says:

    Christ all these outgoings! Any incoming? I thought not

  6. Ox says:

    Really who’s gonna want to join us at the moment

    1. Me says:

      That Greek defender we brought without Wenger’s knowledge.
      Not that the c**t will ever play him !

      1. The Defiant Man says:

        He played him the whole 90 minutes in yesterday’s 4-0 in Arsenal vs ManU U-23.

        He was reportedly excellent, although he looks almost too powerful and tall for these youth games.

        Holding and Chambers must be nervous now that better talent has arrived and is also more hardworking and motivated, unlike Arsenal’s spoiled English players (well, most of them, Jack of course being one of few exceptions).

  7. Me says:

    Players leaving or left.
    No sign of anyone coming in.
    Sixteen days left of the window.
    World cup this summer so nothing done before July.
    Its all geared up for Wenger to fail spectacularly.
    And there is no one who deserves to fail as much Arsene Wenger.
    Not that he could ever see through his ego to notice it..

    1. RSH says:

      exactly. This is going to all blow up in our faces any second now. Every window Arsenal drag every single deal. I have no confidence Arsenal can get Aubameyang, or even Malcom. No fan would be shocked if Sanchez goes, and we end up with nobody.

      1. ThirdManJW says:

        It already has blown up in our faces. Literally, cannot get any worse!

    2. ks-gunner says:

      Wenger needs Arsenal more then the clubs needs him, it is bec of this that he cant go and leave, so slowly but surely he is coming to his end, and his end wont be a happy end

      Should have left when he won the fa cup, now it to late

  8. ks-gunner says:

    You wont be missed, but before you go, take that french clown with ya and open a circus in france or something

  9. barryglik says:

    I long advocated for a complete overhaul
    of Arsenal going back at least 5 years.
    That’s why I am not so angry like others
    because having waited so long it really is
    exciting to see the changes actually finally taking place.
    Chamberlain (Pool) Gabriel Coquelin (Valencia) Gibbs(WBA) Cazorla (archilles)
    Sanchez. Mertz retiring Koz (Archilles)
    Perez Giroud Walcott Campbell.
    Debuchy is close to leaving.
    Monreal 32 and Cech 35 are close to leaving as well.
    Maybe Jenkinson and Wellbeck could be for the exit as well.
    As many as 17 players moving on in one season
    so it’s clear a big change is happening ..finally.
    The new scouting network means the full control
    is now no longer with Mr Wenger.
    That’s why I am happy not angry.
    We have turned a big corner.
    COYG 🙂

    1. Me says:

      Nothing is happening.
      Arsenal are simply stripping its assets.
      They are behaving like they have just been declared bankrupt.
      And if your theory were correct surely we would have signed someone by now with all of those players leaving.
      And if that were the case would you want that incompetent buffoon “managing” it?

      1. Wenger did insist on numerous occasions before the start of the season that we had a “heavy” squad…probably he’s just trimming off the deadwood. I have no problem with seeing the back of most of the guys who are supposedly getting sold.

    2. RSH says:

      until wenger is confirmed out we haven’t turned a corner. Until we have an ambitious board we haven’t turned a corner. Wenger signing another 2 year contract is not an unreasonable assumption. Hierarchy don’t seem bothered about success, just money, so why would they care if AW stays or goes? I think this still gets worse before it gets better

  10. Ian wrights bruva says:

    Debuchy as a part payment for Jonny Evans seems reasonable. Need someone to help kos out at the back, holding and chambers don’t seem to know if they are playing football or netball at the moment and big mert has served us well and what little speed he had has gone and the players round him can’t help cover his short comings

    We need serious help?

    1. Me says:

      Helping kos out at the back?
      He is slow and a poor reader of the game. He is just as much of a liability as the rest of them..

  11. Malcom in the middle says:

    That Gaizidis email saying we can win the league seems like a long time ago now….

  12. Me says:

    If its defenders you want then don’t ask wenger
    George Graham he’s your man
    Where it all comes from is a mystery
    Like swapping Ashley Cole with Gael Clichy
    But here’s the one thats driving me berserk
    How is Arsene Wenger still in work…
    Tra la la la la
    la la la la la

    1. Malcom in the middle says:

      At Arsenal –

      Only fools and Wenger work

  13. Coldzero says:

    All this Auberyang talk has to be BS as well. If they saying that it’s dependent on Alexi going they are already declaring their hand so to speak and other clubs know we are looking to offload straight away – so will offer us less for Alexi.

    It’s all BS.

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