Arsenal’s decision on Dani Ceballos future revealed, some will be disappointed

A report in Spain is claiming that Arsenal has no plans to extend Dani Ceballos’ loan beyond this season.

The Spaniard has been in fine form for the Gunners just before they suspended the Premier League.

He has, however, had a stop-start season at the Emirates but Mikel Arteta has reportedly been impressed by what he has seen of him so far.

The Spaniard didn’t start the Real Madrid loanee when he first became fit enough to play, but his application in their Dubai training camp impressed him and he has now seen him as an important member of his team.

Ceballos has recently refuted claims that he would be returning to Spain to join another Spanish team, however, his long-term goal remains to play for Los Blancos.

He is unlikely get a chance to play for Zinedine Zidane’s side when he returns, and a return to the Emirates for another loan has been talked about.

However, Spanish media outlet El Confidencial claims that the Gunners have no intention of bringing him back for another loan deal.

Arteta is expected to strengthen his team when the transfer window reopens, but the Spaniard will probably target free agents who can become Arsenal players long term and not just temporarily.

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  1. How does this El Confidencial know this, has Arteta personally called them up and told them, I don’t think so. Another speculative article.

  2. If this is true, I am personally pleased with the outcome.

    If a player openly states that his intentions are to play for another club in the future, why should The Arsenal be used as a stepping stone?
    I lost interest in him as soon as made that remark.

    It seems Aubameyang has promised his grandfather that he would one day play for Real Madrid – fine – let them pay the going rate for him, we lose a player who wants to play elsewhere, he gets his wish and we move on.

    The same thing happened with Cesc, admittedly under different circumstances and look at the way that situation unfolded.

    1. He won la Liga, champions League, premier League, FA Cup, world cup and Euro’s. So it unfolded perfectly for him. Meanwhile years later Arsenal win 3 FA cups. I know what bi would prefer

  3. I guess his loan caused us 15million pounds(am I right ?),so what is the use of another loan at that amount or anything more than 5mil ?

    1. Daz, that is what irritates me, financial losses over useless players and then then point fingers at Stan. Well Stan too is at fault for not questioning the waste of our funds. 15 mill for what – one Burnley game? You noticed, of late the high value (in terms of wages and fees) have given us nothing, except dragging us down to mid table. Take a broom, and sweep that chaff off. Would prefer my Arsenal with lesser known names, but determined, hard working individuals committed to a common goal of winning matches. Last year it was Suarez, and Oh! I forgot this years Soares to add. Total waste of funds.Whoever sanctioned them needs to be held accountable.

      1. Loose Cannon, what your asking for is a “Mystic Meg” at our club, someone who willbe able to see what players are going to be injured, or take time to recover from injuries – just as frustrated as you are about it, but to try and blame someone for unforseen happenings is not the answer…just ask Tierney!!!

        1. Arteta will not sign Ceballos permanently because he can fight for a position of his favourite player(Ozil). Supporters can compain about £15mil used on Ceballos, a player who contributes his energy to the team. They will never compain about the wages of Ozil and Xhaka, they players who do not contribute anything to the team

          1. Well, as Cebs was injured more than he was fit, you can hardly argue that he contributed much to the team – one good game costing £15 million pounds has nothing to do with Ozil or Xhaka… it’s ceballos we’re talking about.

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