Arsenal’s defending was comical AGAIN – and Wenger knows it

All the talk of the last few weeks has been about Arsenal strikers coming and going Blah blah, but I think I can honestly say once again that Wenger should be doing something about our ageing comical defence, who regularly make schoolboy errors and gift goals to our opponents. They have done exactly that again tonight against Swansea, and yet again Wenger admits that we have a problem in that area.

He said to the BBC after the game: “I felt defensively we were very poor and made big mistakes. It’s better not to talk about the second or third goals.

“Swansea were sharp, disciplined and hungry. Unfortunately I believe we were not good enough, I believe we were not disciplined enough.”

I am absolutely amazed that Arsenal haven’t been linked with buying any defenders this January, except for a 20 year-old unknown Greek boy that has no chance of making the team for some time). So does Le Prof actually look at our ‘goals against’ column and compare them to the other teams at the top?

Never mind the top!  Swansea, our opponents who were bottom this morning, have conceded just 2 goals more than us. Brighton, have conceded one LESS than us. Brighton!

Have a word with yourself Arsene and do something about this very obvious problem. You have 24 hours.

Darren N


  1. John Ibrahim says:

    szczesny kept 10 clean sheets for Juventus and yet fans still think hes not good enough and wants him out!

    Its all about the big name and big tag for fans

    1. Sue says:

      And we have Cech the donkey!!!

    2. ThirdManJW says:

      Did you ever watch Szczesny for Arsenal? He was poor. Yes players can progress or regress even further after leaving Arsenal, no one can see into the future, but the reality is that he was poor for us, and needed to be replaced.

      And it’s not about the big names for most fans. I didn’t even want Cech or any new keeper after signing Ospina. He did well enough to stay as our Number one.

      1. McLovin says:

        Actually, after Szczesny’s display for Roma, 99% of the fans here wanted to bring him back.

        The other 1%, back when you went by the name of Hafiz Rahmann, wanted big tag signings. I don’t know what is this another alter ego you have but you have changed your tune!

    3. gotanidea says:

      Yes, it is all about big names and big tags for the fans, like how most fans were clamoring when Arsenal bought Xhaka. I rated Szczesny highly, but I think even De Gea could suffer under Wenger’s system.

      The way Arsenal play currently does not help the defense at all. The opponents just need to crowd their defense with more bodies, then hit Arsenal with quick counter-attacks.

    4. John0711 says:

      Who let him go ? It begins with W your hero

  2. John Ibrahim says:

    Pep’s tenure

    20 players signed and 450m spent in almost 2 seasons

    Fifta 18 style

    most fans would love it

    1. ThirdManJW says:

      Wenger’s tenure

      Almost the highest paid manager on the planet every year! Clearly money isn’t linked with ability and success then haha!

      1. John0711 says:


    2. gotanidea says:

      Yes, I loved it. And there is no reason Arsenal could not do the same thing:

    3. Nothing changed says:

      that’s an average of 22 million per player. Pep has a nose for talent and doesn’t spend Mourinho money on most of his players.

  3. gotanidea says:

    The whole team reflects the mentality of the manager, unwillingness to take risk in the field. Nobody dared to keep the ball for more than two touches, because they are afraid of getting robbed.

    If they keep passing the ball like that, without waiting for better chances, they will miss a lot of opportunities to split the opponent’s defense. Playing too safe and too cautiously in the field has been plagued the team for many years.

    Arsenal defenders often lost in duels and races as well. Finding a more mobile and more anticipating defensive midfielder would be more important than getting a tall striker, because Arsenal are often easily hit from quick counter-attacks.

    1. Break-on-through says:

      Swansea didn’t buy any of it. They knew who not to let have space, and they knew who to let have it. We kept spreading the ball from one wing to the other wing, they stayed with us all the way. It was military like drills, and then the long ball or the short ball had us flapping. They got lucky with the goals, but I believe they’d have won it one way or the other. The space between our midfield and our backline was disgusting, basically our forward line to our backline. Even first half, Elneny was on top of our CB’s, our midfielders were hanging round Ozil territory. It was pug ugly. And if that is what Wenger instructed, to have one sit back like v Chelsea, I don’t know how he can talk about us lacking balance all while keep a straight face.

  4. Shortboygooner says:

    Sorry not all fans wanted szczesny out. Infact most wanted him to return and said ospina was probably on rhe same level but szczesny could develop more.

    Also I beleive a large problem for arsenal is the attack. We only have one style of attack. Pass pass and try and work an opening. The problem with this is thw defence kreeps forward trying to get in on the action and we then get caught on the counter.

    What we need is to firstly change our attack style. If we are getting aubambeyang then he is a versatile player who has pace and height and strength. Lets mix it up with more crosses no running to the touch line and passing bavkwards to the player thst just layed you off whip it in 1st time.

    Secondly. Our DMF must never be xaka. He is crap there basically the 1st goal was 100% his fault. The DMF must focus in preventing a counter and nit have much interest in scoring. Elneny can do this job I beleive but must be moulded some more. The penalty call was a good tack but really someone should have been on him before he got to the box. It was 5 on 4 with 5 arsenal players. Break uo the run and stick a foot in.

    I like HMK last night he whipped balls in and got a head to a offside position. Showed intent and we need to play like that

    1. gotanidea says:

      The first goal was started by Ozil’s inability to keep the ball. He kept giving the ball away.

      Xhaka was not a DM in that game. Elneny was and he could not keep up with the opponents.

      1. Roehahn says:

        Yes, Ozil did give away the ball but if you go back and look at the replay, you will see Elneny looking at Xhaka and pointing him to mark Clucas,literally he was shouting at Xhaka. Xhaka being Xhaka, just froze there and let Clucas get past him and go one on one with Cech. Definitely Xhaka’s fault.

    2. Break-on-through says:

      How many times has Xhaka been perfectly positioned to stop something dead in it’s tracks but he just switches off and ignores it. He done something very similar to this one only the other week or so, he was with a marker but then let the lad go and receive the ball from a cut back. And when he’s not doing this he’s playing the ball straight to players inside our danger area. Xhaka has no future with a top club, I’ve seen enough, he must be sold. He hasn’t got the brains, he hasn’t got physical requirements, he’s not a competitor. Competitors hate to lose, they would not let players wander into the box freely, and they take care of the ball, only risking it in certain high up the pitch areas.

  5. Why aren’t the headlines about Wenger leaving? Any other manager at a top club with his recent record would have been sacked, but nothing from the indecisive board as long as we make a profit. Of course, the main thing will be about us signing strikers, obviously what’s needed after last night!

  6. barryglik says:

    The bad.
    1.The loss lets Liverpool re-establish
    their 8 point lead over us while
    2. Spurs could extend their 3 point lead.
    The good.
    1.We still have time to turn things around.
    2. The long long over due clear out continues apace.
    Gabriel Gibbs Chamberlain Walcott Coquelin Sanchez
    and soon Giroud and we believe Debuchy
    Cazorla injured is finished .
    In the summer.
    Mertz (retiring) Koscielny (archilles)
    probably leaving. Perez Cech Monreal 32 should leave.
    Questions about Wellbeck Chambers Jenkinson Xhaka and Lacazette .
    3. Auba is the striker we have craved sooo long and even at 28
    the chemistry between he, Ozil and Mkh gives me reason for much optimism.
    Its a big corner we are turning but we are definitely on the right track.

  7. rkw says:

    wenger`s like manuel from faulty towers he knows nothin … major protests have to be the order of the day on saturday … club is heading for ac milan territory and with an equally absurd owner

  8. Mobella says:

    It is beyond comical. He came out last night blaming the defence when he actually allowed only two of his players to defend. Bellarin, Xhaka, Ramsy usually join the attacks and not do their duty as a defensive players. These players are capable but are badly coached by Wenger.

  9. Innit says:

    More like a Tragedy than a Comedy because I’m not laughing. I was crying last night innit.
    How low can you go after losing to the former bottom team in the league?
    Iwobi, Xhaka and Eleny should warm the bench. Never start again. Also in Summer we need to get 2 Centre backs and 2 central midfielders of quality and replace Ozil if he leaves.
    With Aubameyang our attack will be fine.
    All this should be done by a NEW Manager
    Wenger MUST GO!!!

  10. Sue says:

    Every player is great until they come to us, then it goes downhill fast!!
    A guy on talk sport said if Wenger coached a fish it would drown!!

  11. Sue says:

    Just seen that Alex Song is training at London Colney

  12. Nothing changed says:

    Honestly, the reason our defense is poor is not because of unskilled defenders or the players. To me, the errors we make are all coachable but we don’t coach. We can buy the best central defenders or fullback the world has to offer but under Wenger’s supervision, the mistakes will be the same because they are a result of an unchoached and undisciplined team not because of defenders with no skills.

  13. John0711 says:

    It’s clear

    Must go. We do my actually need auba it will just affect the balance of the team
    Signing of this window Moura for 25m
    We have needed a DM for years I actually think we need 2
    We need
    Top CB
    Top DM x2
    Then play 4 2 3 1

  14. John Wick says:

    Doesn’t matter who he brings in he’s a terrible coach/manager, dictator or whatever he is! He’s an old man who’s not up to scratch with modern day football! He thinks he can get Arsenal playing like the 1970s Ajax team that he’s obsessed with unfortunately for Mr Wenger they had Johan Cruyff, Rudd Geels, Johan Neeskens and Johnny Rep etc we have Aaron Ramsey, Granit Xhaka, and Alex Iwobi not exactly in the mould of those greats but try telling this dried up old has been that, the same man who stuck with Manuel Almunia for years even though the poor chap looked like crying at any moment.. If last night didn’t up the eyes of Wenger’s hardened fan club nothing ever will! That game last night was proved beyond doubt the old man is long past it, I watched rocky 4 soon after and Balboa reminded me of that Arsenal defence – Non existent! It was an absolute disgrace that back 4 made Sam Clucas look like Messi on steroids and that’s happening almost every away game conceding goals for fun and against weak opposition and nothing is done to correct it! Now is AKB’s gonna blame the Arsenal fans for that ? Last season Wenger put the teams bad performance’s down to his contract distraction, this season he blamed it on a certain wantaway Chilean.. ok both have been sorted but still we are rubbish so who’s to blame now ? He’s all out of excuses even more evident after last night’s interview.. I could of swore I heard that same speech he spouted out 7 or 8 teams already this season.. here’s an idea why don’t they just record what he said last night and play it in our next away game it would save them even interviewing him ? I’ve just come to the conclusion that Arsene Wenger does what he wants and answers only to Arsene Wenger.. this season is still in January and it has been a shambles but our managers job is completely safe.. let’s face facts fellow Gooners Wenger is like Excalibur without King Arthur he will never be removed. Have a good day folks ☺

    1. Nothing changed says:

      @john wick – well said. All this daydreaming about which player we should bring in to fix the problem is naive unless the player had the authority to fire Wenger.

      I am convinced that a proper manager would sort our defensive problems in half a season or less.

      1. John Wick says:

        100% mate we could swap this arsenal team with Barca’s and we’d still be 6th with Wenger in charge the man couldn’t organise a raffle but we’re stuck with him, depressing times ahead ?

  15. antiwenger says:


  16. Ray says:

    Can you imagine Wenger with a 500 piece jigsaw puzzle.. 1 year later! He is certainly not a problem solver! The same comical errors lead me to think there is a gas leak near the Arsenal defense!! Or, there really is a big joke on the fans?

    Complete sh*t! !! Where are all the defender and keeper rumours to Arsenal this January?

  17. John0711 says:

    Apparently there was a video on the clubs website of wenger admitting auba is signed it’s now been r moved
    Why would the club hide things lol

  18. Ray says:

    If I hear Arsene Wenger mutter the same “I felt defensively we were very poor and made big mistakes.” Rhetoric once more, I swear to god!!

    How many times can you say the same sentence!!!???

  19. Henrikh Mkhitaryan says:

    Monreal one goal two assist yesterday, xhaka/ozil one assist

  20. mysty says:

    i hate the sky blue kit…. we use it we lose

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