Arsenal’s defensive struggle against Chelsea termed same as in “the past 15 years.”

One of Arsenal’s biggest problems is their poor defence and they have spent the last few transfer windows trying to fix it.

They broke their transfer record for a defender to sign Ben White in this transfer window.

The Englishman is one of the better defenders in the country and is being tipped to help the Gunners become a top club again.

He played in their opening league game of the season against Brentford, but he missed the match against Chelsea because he tested positive for coronavirus hours before the game.

In his absence, Rob Holding partnered Pablo Mari in the Arsenal defence and they were bullied by a Chelsea attack led by the returning Romelu Lukaku.

However, their poor defensive performance is all too familiar and The Independent says it is the same problem that has plagued them for the last 15 years despite their best efforts to solve it.

They write: “Arsenal’s encouraging start was undone by Lukaku’s early goal and the way the Chelsea striker dominated his opposing defenders was reminiscent of the Gunners’ struggles of the past 15 years.

“Didier Drogba dominated Arsenal during his time at Stamford Bridge while Diego Costa also had a similar effect during his shorter spell in the Premier League. Arsenal’s defenders would be bullied and it contributed to the club’s poor record in North London derbies – although that has improved recently under Mikel Arteta.

“The difference now, however, is that Chelsea once again have a striker to fear while Arsenal are yet to find a centre back who can stand up to the challenge. Arteta’s side have spent £50m on Ben White this window but with the England international out ill, Pablo Mari and Rob Holding were faced with the task.

“Mari, in particular, struggled and the uncertainty of his performance and the ease of which Lukaku was able to win their individual battle spread around the team as well as the stadium. Unfortunately for Arsenal fans, it was nothing new.”

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  1. Every team makes defensive mistakes.
    Chelsea made at least 6 defensive blunders
    but our offense could not capitilize.
    To me it is our offense which needs work.
    We have players to come back.
    White Gabriel Partey Lacazette Aubameyang.
    Players to come in Ramsdale Tavarez Odegaard.
    Easier games to come Norwich Burnley Spurs Brighton Palace Villa.
    Win those 6 we will be top 4.

    1. How can you call Norwich, Burnley, Spurs, Brighton, Palace and Villa “Easier” games? There are no easy games for us any more. We are as mid table a team as any other. At best!

      I know you are trying to stay positive, fairfan but your remarks a truly way out of touch!

      Tell you what, let’s see where we are after those six games and then we can revisit this conversation. If Arsenal have won all of them then I will hold my hands up and congratulate you in your confidence in MA. I promise!!

  2. Holding did ok though, Mari had struggles but in some cases did well to herd Lukaku out. Maybe next season we will get our French giant and Greek warrior(please dont sell, looks better than Rolls royce and has been a good defender this past year too). So we might have good defensive performance to look forward to.

  3. I understand our frustration and bitterness and to be fair , fans don’t deserve what we get but I also feel sorry for the manager.
    To me he looks like someone with lots of ideas but having difficulty articulating them, I have always feel there is something missing in his tactics, I have seen flashes of brilliance and very very poor performance under MA , that proves he is rookie, either the players he brought in are the last piece of the puzzle or not, we will soon find out, and that’s why am willing to wait till the players are fit, at least play 3/4 games together before I start my campaign against him.

    I know there is no excuse in football but no team will do well without there best players no matter how large of a squad is, even city will struggle with 5 members of squad out

    Some people say we wasted money on CB after having 3rd best defence but did we have brilliant defenders ? So

    Let’s talk about VAR, last week second goal foul on Leno, Saka Penalty shout, where is VAR

    1. We are Still in pre season now… League haven’t started..
      Saliba will be better than Mari and Holding
      Buy Bissouma no we have partey already.. pair Partey and Bissouma in the midfield we are good to go.. our mildfield was poor yesterday and Man City is next

  4. How long can some deluded people on here keep supporting what is going on when people who actually know what they are on about and are involved in the game say it how it is and its poor.

    1. How many more times are you going to keep repeating essentially the SAME post day, after day, after day, ad infinitum Reggie?
      Have you no other thoughts beyond this boring, parrot like repetition?

  5. Many defence in the EPL will struggle against that dinosaur in person of Lukaku
    He is definitely on a league of himself

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