Arsenal’s disallowed goal against Palace – Where is the foul? (Video)

Arsenal were obviously embarrassed by losing a two goal lead to Crystal Palace, but the Gunners scored a very legitimate winning goal which suddenly became a disallowed goal, which would have given us the 3 points. If anyone watching this video can tell me how Calum Chambers fouled anyone on the Palace team, then please explain it to me because it looks to me that he just tryed to stay on his feet and got hacked down.

So was that the real reason that it was disallowed? If so, we need some sort of explanation from the referees association as to why it was a disallowed goal. What did that they see that is not on this video?



  1. We have been denied 4 points or maybe more In the last two premiership games. In our game against Liverpool David luiz was penalised for a tug on Sarah’s shirt but when Sokratis shirt is yanked, no pen who knows what would have happened maybe go unto win ? And now the VAR controversy for a legitimate winner vs Palace. And not to mention Bournemouth foul on Pepe. Obviously other teams against us are benefiting from VAR and I feel Emery is right in calling out these cheats who man VAR. Are they anti Arsenal cause for the life of me I don’t understand why VAR is against us. Why aren’t the referees checking VAR positively for us. I smell a conspiracy against the club, let’s not blame Emery for everything VAR is really Messing with Arsenal

    1. Maybe you should VAR yourself and your thinking.
      We are not playing well, Emery is lost. We wont make top 4 this year again and Auba who know else will leave the club or be to old to play on hi when somebody else replace Emery.

      1. Are you saying my points are not legit. Var yourself ? Come on you can do better than that. Emery hasn’t covered himself in glory, but my point wasn’t about Emery, it’s the truth that we are being robbed, cheated

      2. Maks, your comment on Emery doesn’t distract from the truth of Victor’s point.
        Napoleon Bonaparte once said that he would prefer a lucky general over a good one any day. No one can argue that Arsenal and Emery are not having a lucky run with officiating prior to and since VAR.

        1. And if we played good football, we wouldnt have to be worried about VAR. Or do you need to watch all of our 10 Pl matches on VAR to see how badly we are playing. If failing to secure CL is whats required to sack Emery, then, so be it.

          1. Invisible, what supporter wants their club to lose games or finish lower in the table?
            Football, like all sport is results orientated.

          2. Isnt it obvious that i hate losing, but desperate times calls for desperate measures. And its all not only about results, the play matters too and emerys teams suck at it.

  2. I dnt care…
    having 2:0 lead against Palace at home, and then 2:2 without a central midfield figure (Ceballos is box to box mid and he has no magic assists), forcing long balls to our isolated strikers, with Xhaka a captain, … all that concludes to: EMERY IS A LOOSER.

  3. It really doesn’t matter anymore….our play was shhiite anyway.That goal was going to give Emery another breathing space until the next game.Already tired of ugly games and the “ winning” goal coming in the last minutes.Just putting one more breath in an almost dead body.Better be like this,maybe,maybe the upstairs people are going to see the reality,the ugly one.Emery must go,he destroyed the only thing left for Arsenal identity-the beautiful game.With or without results,it was entertaining.Not anymore.Just an ugly team with an ugly style.Emery is confusing Arsenal,a dominant team,with the likes of Valencia or Sevilla,2nd tier teams,playing counterattacking football.Even against bottom of the table teams.Unacceptable.Those teams supposed not to pass the middle of the field in a game against us,with Arsenal attacking in waves.Nobody’s scared of us anymore.Portugal’s bottom table Vitoria came to Emirates and looks like Barcelona.Gone are the times with 5-0 against FC Porto (Portugal’s champions and twice UCL winners!).Disgraceful!I’m going so far to say Arsenal can play better without a manager at all!Emery must go,tired of seeing him changing faces without a clue on the side.

  4. See the truth is if we maximized our attacking prowess and plated to our best.
    One cancelled goal won’t be a discussion here.
    Reading the reactions, it’s clear most people on here didn’t get carried away with the cancelled goal, it’s Emery everyone keep talking about.
    If there was a way to get it across fans at the Emirates, I’ll say Xhaka is a victim of Emery’s games.

    Emery knows fully how the fans feels about Xhaka. They booed him once before, everybody voiced out against Xhaka being captain yet he kept pushing Xhaka into the battlefield as some plot to get shot.
    Xhaka has been the one taking most of the heat for Emery’s crappy tactics and strategies m
    My point is next time, channel the anger towards Emery himself.

    P.S: Right now, it seems Ozil and Mustafi sitting at home favours them, ESP Ozil.
    Man must be calm he’s not in the midst of all this debacle

  5. My prediction was a draw or loss. No way Unai Emery would would have won against Palace. Right now, Arsenal is a League 1 standard.Clueless coach!

  6. emry is really telling us that,there are no lies in everything mesut ozil has said “you are not a coach” and seriously he is not.

  7. I was and still are a big fan of VAR but if they cant get it right and be consistent, it will always be a bad addition to rectifying “mistakes”. I may be biased but the two Penalty shouts against Sheffield United should have been looked at but were not. Zaha today dived and made the most of the situation, was it so obviously a mistake to be changed, im not sure, i dont think it was a clear and obvious error. Chanbers foul was most definitely not a clear and obvious error, in fact i thought and still think it should have been a penalty, if the goal hadn’t been scored. VAR will only be as good as the people who use it, maybe an ex professional footballer should be involved in the process with a ref because i dont think many professional footballers would call for the goal to be disallowed but a ref in the box did.

  8. Stupid VAR what a shame to football it is ! The last goal was a clear goal and a foul on chambers !!! What is this football coming too ???

    1. What fans are coming to when there are some like you who blames VAR for our loss, pardon a draw.
      Xhaka goodbye.
      Emery goodbye too.

  9. It is now crystal clear that the VAR in EPL is for one reason and that reason is to favour man u. And some selected teams. Arsenal are never going to benefit from it because from what happened last Monday and today it us obvious that most of the VAR are anyi-arsenal. Imagine man u first penalty decision again Norwich. Now let me come back to Emery. This guy is clueless and lack any sort of identity. He should be replaced even before the next match.

  10. The post is about, where is the foul and still morons, turn the post into anti Emery. Read the title you dont realise how boring and repetitive you are. Every post that gets put on here gets turned round into anti Emery, get a life and debate the posts or else it just becomes a slagging fest.

    1. I dnt know whos a real moron here but what is a need of proving that VAR was wrong when that s best thing that happened in the game for last 20 years. Problem is that most of English media and fans and referees of course are against it. I dnt have time for more then one proof:
      why there are no replays during a VAR decision making on a big screen that everybody can see what happened?
      Answer that question and everything should be clear.
      …and we were 2:0 up and now we are blaming VAR for Emerys moronic coaching.

      1. Maks, the reason is the same as not playing back penalty incidents on the screens at games…to ensure there is no crowd trouble.

        However, it is this clown Riley, who is protecting his back we should be blaming.
        It was him who forced the premier league to agree to not letting his referees to view these incidents on a screen at the pitchside, different to every other major footballing country in the world.

        The reason why? He wants to ensure that his boast about the english referees getting 96% of all decisions correct, cannot be challenged.
        That is why, Eddie, no blame can be put on them, when a controversial VAR decision is taken – the decision makers are virtually unknown!!!

        1. Ken1945, thanks for your explanation on VAR and the referees. What that means is that the referees have surrendered their authority to the VAR officials who now appear to make decisions for the referees. I thought at the beginning of the season, they said the referees would be in charge and VAR was only to assist with contentious issues. Football rules are the same the world over. So why would referees in Spain, Germany, Italy etc check the pitch side screen themselves to arrive at a decision but don’t do that in England?

    2. Agreed don’t know what Maks on about maybe he need to find an anti Emery blog to let off some steam.

  11. All I want is Emery out.
    Don’t Care if it is a foul or not, I just want Emery out. This is clueless football strategy I keep watching every week. What the hell??????

    Oh and Xhaka should pack his bags

  12. I never liked the VAR anyway, and I’m not really surprised it has come with controversies…. save you once (against manure), screw you twice (or more)…. And like I’ve said before about the goal line tech., what percentage of goals does it get to decide every season, and we probably should start expecting offside tech too, then Android referees, maybe then we’ll realize that the controversies are part of the game, and all these tech. can’t stop corrupt referees. Once the PGMOL (or whatever they’re called) is set right, and the referees get severe sanctions for bias decisions, we can all enjoy football as it’s meant to be played. And of course, the referees are human too, and there should be margin for error, but then only a specified small percentage of errors should be tolerated from them over the course of a season, otherwise, why are they professionals.
    The goal we were denied was only going to give Emery some more breathing space anyways, and I mean, who needs that… better as he’s made some more progress towards that exit door he’s inevitably headed for….. #kicktheemeryout

    1. The problem is that Mike Reilly refuses to implement VAR the same way as the rest of Europe. That doesn’t mean that it will work well, if you have incompetent officials referring to the video screen. There is a reason that no English referees officiated at the last World Cup in Russia.

  13. We shouldn’t be losing games from two goals up, that was the killer today. Defensive tactics is a major problem for this coach.

  14. This game was already fix, u can tell that by the guilty look of the ref, his many wrong decision and VAR. Am just tired of this VAR already, it takes a lot of minute from the game, makes game boring and make many wrong decision which defeat it’s purpose.

  15. The referee was right on BOTH occasions. Zaha dived and Calum Chambers didn’t foul anybody. VAR is shite and dishonest and had no right to interfere. Disgraceful. Club should challenge it. Emery and Xhaka should be sacked too. Useless.

  16. Matches are made up of many parts. One single part cannot be looked at in isolation.

    VAR was wrong in chalking off that goal. How on Earth is that a foul? What are the differences between that incident and Liverpool’s penalty goal?

    VAR is a good tool in the hands of corrupt officials. Simple. Errors in officiating are what they are, errors. VAR is meant to help get less of them as possible. But when it is manned by people who are bent, what do you expect?

    Disallowing the goal was wrong, and so is seeing is as a just reward for playing badly. Fans who see it that way are a huge part o the problem. If we lose, then it shouldn’t be because we were disallowed good legitimate goals. Since when did ‘playing well’ become the yardstick for winning matches in the rule book? It has always been outscore your opponent and you win the match. When people who are supposed to be the arbiter of that now work at seems ng that goals like that are cancelled, then you wonder.

    Some point of us are so used to swallowing the media and refs narrative that we begin to see their lies as truth. Some of us are already conditioned to reach the same conclusions as these people for different reasons.

    Emery’s tactics and stubborn attitude to obvious flaws in the team setup, are despiccable. Why force issues with Xhaka always playing? Why make Torreira lose form by lack of playing time and wrong positional play?

    This is what this man has in common with Wenger and it is a fault. The way it led to Wenger’s fall, it will also lead to Emery’s. Wenger had time on his side to keep doing the same thing the same way in the hope of getting a particular result. Emery is going down the same route. He will soon find out that he is speeding to a dead end leading to a very steep cliff.

  17. VAR is open to corruption or a glory maker who wants attention. Those that do the VAR should have their bank accounts checked and investigated.

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