Arsenal’s DOF opens up on his role in transfer dealings

Arsenal may just surprise fans in January

Hello Gooners! All may not be totally settled regarding Arsenal’s transfer plans for January. According to an Arsenal story I read recently, it is looking like Arsenal may sign one or two players in the winter transfer window.
Actually, this much information came from Arsenal.
Arsenal director of football operations Richard Garlick, while speaking to Arsenal’s official website, revealed what happened in the last transfer window, and Arsenal’s plans for the future.
“While the transfer window was open, my job was virtually 100% supporting Edu, Mikel and Per around player acquisitions and sales – whether that was men’s first team or academy, renewing contracts and finding solutions for players that we were selling, or sending players out..
“Typically, as the transfer deals progress further, that’s when my involvement grows. We get to the point where we have contracts ready to sign, that have been agreed by the board, the finance department and the legal department.
“Then they are presented to the player and his agent to complete the signing.”
Garlick however,  admitted that not everything the club wanted to do in the summer was completed, confessing that some percentage of Arsenal’s plans were not able to be completed, saying only 90-95% deals were finalized.
What this means is that Arsenal may dip their hands into their finances to bring out funds to buy one or two more players, who may impact the team, instantly.
The player may be a Striker, who will be expected to come and fight for a first team shirt. Perhaps, the player may even be a midfielder, who will be expected to help create chances in games. Whoever it is, may not been known yet, but Arsenal sure looks like they may sign players in the January transfer window.


Garlick ended up by emphasising the constant need for improvement. “And finally I’d say a big challenge the club faces is in terms of staying competitive. How do we stay fresh and relevant? How do we stay ahead of the rest? How do we continue to be innovative? Whether that’s how we engage with supporters or how we recruit players, there’s always a way to innovate and stay ahead of the curve.

“We need to keep moving forward, and that’s crucial because if you stand still in football, you get left behind.”

So, I think Arsenal fans can be hopeful of some more new faces coming in January, don’t you?


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  1. For once I find myself in a level of agreement with Sylvester. I do believe we will sign at least one major signing , possibly more, but a strikerat least seems a near certainty IMO.

    Our current two older strikers are not up to snuff and that is clearly the truth.
    I think firm plans are under way to change that and asap!

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