Arsenal’s dressing room divided over Ozil recall

The Telegraph says that there is a division in the Arsenal dressing room over the recall of Mesut Ozil.

The German hasn’t played for the club since March and he wasn’t registered to play any competitive game for them this season as well.

He has been sidelined for much of the campaign, but the Gunners can register players again in the next transfer window.

They could add him to their squad at that time, but Mikel Arteta alone has to make that decision.

The Spaniard has watched as his team has lacked creativity and there have been calls from outside the club for him to give Ozil another chance.

The report says that the most senior members of the team have been unimpressed by the axing of the German midfielder, and they want him to be recalled when registration opens again next month.

Arteta has a very big squad, and he has had to axe Ozil and the likes of Sokratis Papastathopoulos because of that.

But the senior players at the club wants both players to be recalled to the team as their experience could be valuable in the second half of the campaign.

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  1. I don’t care if he is recalled or not, Arteta must make the decision that gets results. Fail and he muat be fired.

    I support Arsenal and not Artea like some Jons on here.

    1. Arteta is managing Arsenal like his personal property. No explanation is given for omitting Ozil and William Saliba from the squad. Recently unconfirmed reports say Reiss Nelson has been added to the list of outcasts. What the hell is this?

    2. Yes you are right, but 5 years ago.
      In 5 days we are in 2021, no place for Ozil.
      He had so many chances and he did NOTHING.

  2. Given the way that our so-called senior players have underperformed this year, I think they would do well to focus on their own game rather than play Football Manager.

    If these reports are true that is.

      1. Trudeau, completely right in every respect. These players should be concentrating on upping their own games, rather than what concerns other players. One thing Arsenal don’t need is player managers in opposition to Mikel Arteta.

  3. Just another attempt at making the news. What does “divided” mean? I would understand if over 70% want him back, but “divided” could also mean only 10% want him back. Well, if the board don’t back Arteta to buy a solid creative midfielder, then Arteta should better reinstate Ozil, because ESR is prone to injuries and so we can’t depend on him all season.

    1. Arsenal are the best
      Arteta is staying
      He is young let’s give him sometime you guys like what is wrong with you guys

  4. Then they should grow up! Ozil has hardly been put on the poverty line, he’s getting paid a ridiculous amount of money for doing nothing, if he ever gets bored I’ll take his place 😆

  5. Ozil issue is before Arteta arrived and beyond him. Owner wants him of his books for 2 years now. He gave him.a huge wage to not lose him free and bank on him later. Nuts!

    He will be allowed to leave with remained of his wage, why keep him to side &/pay him ?/Pay him so he can go and end this non sense as it should have been end of last season …

    We would not have that mess and distraction for players…

    Ridiculous managemnt from our dumboard.

    1. Please give Ozil a reprieve, the man has paid his dues & even went an extra mile to cater for the mascot’s salary. We have a proud history of talismanic & legendary creative midfielders, Vieri, Fabregas, Arteta, Carzola, that has been the heart & soul of the team’s enterprising brand of football. Ozil, the stupendous icon must occupy his rightful place in the team, to maintain our unequaled tradition, if not for the stature of his world class footballing brain.

  6. Hahahha.
    Our poor, average, primadonna underperforming Senior players that have been embarrassing us for years have the guts to demand anything? Jokers.

    If this is true I pray we can offload as many of them as possible come summer. The youngsters showing more hunger in the Europa league and in the recent game against Chelsea.

    If we can find any dumb buyers we should offload.

    Thank you very much..

    1. Useless, it’s better to go out to the market and bring a fresh person than a distorted ozil who hasn’t been playing for the whole year

      1. yes absolutely , Ozil is done deal- forget about him. For last 2 years – DOING NOTHING.
        Who is so crazy to want him back?????

  7. I cannot understand why Arsenal allow Ozil’s diversive presence to continue to affect their squad.Surely if the decision has been made to exclude him from the squad it would be better for all concerned to simply pay up his contract and tell him to leave the Club with immediate effect.The same should apply to Sokratis.Otherwise every effort should be made to move both Mustafi and Kolasinac away from the Club and similarly to give Balogun enough opportunity to feel that he really does have a positive future at Arsenal as opposed to anywhere else.

    1. That’s what a smart business person will do.

      Instead of demeaning him, they should have done the opposite by promoting him and featuring him in games so his value rises and so Arsenal’s return on investment.

      He is now laughing all the way to the bank.

      1. “So his value rises”? lcw no club would match his wages, let alone offer a transfer fee. Where an offer was made from Saudi Arabia, Ozil would not forego his London lifestyle and has been prepared to see out his contract.

    2. Joel, I could not agree more. Well said! Why keep divisive people around when in a team game you always need harmony?
      Perhaps Arsenal should do what their motto rightly says and which seems to have been forgotten. Victoria Concordia Crescit = Victory comes (from) harmony!

  8. Ozil is a very talented playmaker arsenal should reinstate him immediately and also give chances to Bolagun and Saliba sale Mustafi,Kolasanac and Socratis

  9. Arsenal should do away with Mustafi,Kolasanac and Socratis and instead make use of Ozil,Saliba and Balogun

  10. Arsenal has “decided” to let go of him, so be it. For Ozil being around the dressing room, it’s a problem itself.

    1. Ozil has never been a problem at Arsenal until the arrival of Arteta. How do explain buying Saliba for nearly 28M and never use him even in the Europa League. Remember Saliba rejected a move to Spurs in favour of Arsenal but he gets treated like that. Give such a player to Mourinho or Klopp and you will regret.

          1. Angelo, your words not mine! Please don’t make incorrect conclusions from deliberately misunderstanding my posts, as that is the mark of a coward in debate.

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