Do you think player-coach relationships are “very inappropriate” in women’s football?

The recent suspension of Leicester City Women boss, Willie Kirk, for an alleged affair with a player, has sparked a plethora of debate on the subject of player-coach relationships. Arsenal Women boss, Jonas Eidevall, was asked about his stance on the issue, during his pre-Chelsea press conference, at Sobha Realty Training Centre today. The head coach was unequivocal in his response:

“I think it’s very inappropriate for a number of reasons, but it’s a clear no with relationships between player and manager. I think if you look in women’s football, when you look in the past, there’s no doubt and if you read NWSL, for example, reports, there are major issues within the game. There have been major issues in the game in the past as well, which probably unfortunately tells you that there are still issues at some places.

That concerns me from a player welfare perspective and I absolutely think that governing bodies, leagues, clubs, and associations need to be strong on that because I do think it’s very inappropriate and I think it goes over the player welfare, which is very sad.

San Diego Waves head coach, Casey Stone MBE, who is a celebrated former Lioness, with over 100 caps for the England Women’s National Team, as well as a former Arsenal & Chelsea player, posted a very motivated response on X:

Player-player relationships are rife within the women’s footballing world, but does the head coach / manager dynamic make it an uneven playing field for the player? Is it all about an unequal balance of power?

What are your thoughts on the subject Gooners? I’m very interested to hear your opinion.

Michelle M

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  1. Player/coach relationships are NOT good for obvious reasons, and now the Chelsea coach is saying player/player relationships shouldn’t be allowed. Tell that to some of our players Emma.

  2. It should be heavily discouraged, but like just about any other job, as long as you disclose it to your employer then there’s not much that can be done. These are grown adults and they can see whoever they please. obviously if there is some affair going on then that’s a different subject. I feel like the moment a club were to find out about this either the manager or player would be moved on as quick as possible. I dont see how this wouldn’t cause endless locker room drama.

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