Arsenal’s “English Core” is hardly England’s “Arsenal core”

Just a few of years ago, after the “homegrown” rules were tightened up in the European Leagues, Arsene Wenger promised to build an “English core” of players, educated in the Arsenal academy and taught to play the Arsenal way. There were lots of home-based players coming through and signed up to long-term contracts. Players like Carl Jenkinson, Jack Wilshere, Theo Walcott, Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain and Kieran Gibbs were all picked to play for England and were hailed as the future of their country..

This cluster of English talent was also supposed to bring more heart and loyalty to our cosmopolitan side, and they were expensively fortified by the arrival of Danny Welbeck and Calum Chambers, but now we have fast-forward to March 2016 and that very same English core has become synonymous with inconsistency, long-term injuries and unfulfilled promise.

All of those seven named are still Arsenal players, but there were only two named in Roy Hodgson’s squad this week; Theo Walcott who (as usual) got injured in training and will not face Germany (even if Hodgson would have actually taken him off the bench), and Danny Welbeck, who has played in only a handful of games since returning from a year out through injury. And Arsene Wenger is still admitting concerns about his fitness even now…

There is still hope that one day all our English players will be fit and in form at the same time, but as time has passed, younger and more consistent younger Englishman have evolved at other clubs, and the chances of Arsenal players becoming the dominant force for England is diminishing every season.

The “English core” haven’t even been able to become the dominant force at Arsenal…..

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  1. macey
    jenkinson chambers hayden gibbs
    ox wilshere ramsey
    walcott welbeck

    These guys will one day be great
    macey the new cech
    gibbs the new cole
    jenkinson the new dixon
    hayden the new campbell
    chambers the new adams
    ox the new bale
    wilshere the new iniesta
    ramsey the new gerrard
    crowley the new ozil
    walcott the new henry
    welbeck the new drogba

    on paper it would be something like
    dixon adams campbell cole
    gerrard iniesta
    bale ozil henry

    1. Well, you’re obviously being sarcastic. The team on paper looks great except for the centre, looks a bit soft. I see you have Drogba ahead of Henry, that doesn’t work for me because Henry was the better striker, so Drogba should have to re-shuffle. Love the defence.

        1. Yes, TH14 could play on the wings but he was best in the middle.

          Theo should of been the new TH14 but Welbz is more like TH14 while Theo is more like Ljungberg but lesser on the def work rate… or Overmars? Overmars was fast and had a good shot, able to cut in etc but not the best footwork.. and not the best defensively as well 😛

          Smith-Rowe could break into the squad if he keeps his development up and maybe a better solution than Theo…

  2. Our English players sum up Arsenal over the past few years – a lot of potential, no improvement. Its quite sad really.

  3. Tbh our englosh players shouldnt even be in the englands starting lineup
    walker stones jagielka baines
    dier alli
    sturridge vardy kane

    team b
    clyne smalling dier rose
    delph henderson
    sterling rooney welbeck

  4. They are all average players….bar none and this season has shown that to all and sundry; in my own opinion this just goes to show how the home grown quota can be counter productive to a players development and career….if and when Wenger gets the guts to gut the squad there should be at least 5 of our so called English core who should be sitting atop the rubbish heap, starting with Walcott and Gibbs….and there will be clubs fighting over each other not get them at vastly overpriced rates , NOT because they are any hood but simply because they are English and clubs will rather have them in their squad to meet the criteria…now tell me where the hunger and motivation for young English talents will come from when they know for sure they will command ridiculous fees in contrast to their ability….Walcott is on over a 100 grand per week, and with him you are guaranteed half a season out injured and 10 goals across all competition….lolll, good job if you can get it

  5. Our English core weren’t a big factor this season baby please

    Welbeck has performed better than Ox and Walcott and Giroud since his return. Welbeck I think has been our best English player

    Walcott, Ox should have taken the initiative and claimed their positions as permanent CF and winger, but either they didn’t or they are not good enough.

    Chambers needs time to improve
    Wilshere was injured
    Gibbs is second to Monreal

    As far as our Welsh/British player is concerned Ramsey. He was okay but Cazorla completely owned his position before injury and Cazorla should start when he comes back. WC player

    1. You’re right and now Elneny is putting in a good claim for that spot, between Cazorla and Elneny… Ramseys future in the middle looks bleak.

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