Will Arsenal match Man Utd, City and Chelsea transfer plans?

So the debate about whether Arsene Wenger will still be the Arsenal manager next season seems to have gone away, unlike the debate about whether or not the Frenchman is the right man to bring the Premier League title back and to lead the club on to greatness which will no doubt continue to rage.

Wenger has the backing of the Arsenal board, that much is clear, and hopefully in the financial sense rather than just being allowed to keep his job. Because one of the major reasons why the frustration of fans has boiled over so much this season, is that all of the usual suspects have slipped up in the title race and that left the door open for Arsenal.

I personally think the media have been really harsh on Arsenal and Wenger because nobody has talked about our terrible luck with referee decisions and injury problems as compared to the easy ride that Leicester and Tottenham have enjoyed. But it is what it is and the very real fear among Arsenal fans is that the likes of Chelsea, Man City and Man United will all be spending big in the summer transfer window and going hard for the title next season.

Will Wenger accept that he needs to do the same to avoid Arsenal being left behind? To be fair, the Gunners are in a better position and do not have to do a major rebuild and so may not have to spend as much as our rivals, but we do need to make a few big signings.

So Gooners, are you looking forward to the summer and whatever Arsenal transfer plans the prof has in store for us?

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  1. If you are expecting toe-to-toe then it is not happening but if there is similar ambition then maybe they can match the sides. Untied won’t get any top players next season and Chelsea will need persuasion which is now practically out of picture. Only side is Man City and they will do a damage and look for talents. Arsenal should start selling players like Flamini,Arteta,Debuchy,Gibbs,Sczezeny ,Wilshere,Sanogo,Walcott,Campbell. If they leave it will give the team some sort of opportunity to bring Xhaka and others

  2. I am not at all worried about those teams spending.
    Tbf They need rebuilding rather than addition of players.
    Manchester united-Weak squad.
    great keeper weak defence okay midfield poor attack.Need rebuilding
    Chelsea-weak defence.Lack of quality in midfield .Good attack.Need a major overhaul.
    Mancity-Aging squad but extremely brilliant strike force.

    What we should be worried about is our recipe for success.
    We have had great squads in the past but have failed to live to expectations.
    Need to have new ideas urgently

    1. chelsea are unbeaten in the league sjnce mid december.

      hazard fabregas matic willian..weak midfield looooool
      man city just need couple defenders…de bruyne will storm this league next year . he was showing that til he got injuries.
      man u need alot i believe as well as a diff manager.

      doesnt matter what we need…we will never get it.

    2. #gooner tetra;
      One can only be blind to say that our squad is good!!!!!!
      This good squad with Flamini and Arteta in midfield looses to Olympiakos and Zagreb in UCL and Watford in FA Cup. Wenger only after injury to Willshire and Arteta buys El Neny only to put him on bench and Flamini is his main man.!!!!??
      Giroud is wasteful upfront he was forced to play Iwobi and not to mentio Campbell.
      We need fundamental change and that is Wenger

      1. @Ezat ” One can only be blind to say that our squad is good!!!!!! ”

        Okay so only ONE team has won more games than Arsenal. What does that make all the other teams in the League if our squad is rubbish????

        Oh No! I must be blind lol!

  3. If I were to chose a team among those 4 teams I would pick
    de gea
    bellerin smalling koscienly monreal
    fernandinho cazorla
    sanchez ozil hazard

  4. Arsenal will NOT spend fortunes. Our philosophy is to teach youngsters the Arsenal Way from a young age, then integrate them into the first team. That way we have cohesion and continuity.
    No one says it much any more but Arsenal don’t BUY STARS, they MAKE THEM

    1. ….until ozil and sanchez are bought an u realise that line was bs

      we buy stars if we can pay less then the market value.
      if not…..we make stars we dont buy them!!!!

      i reckon it was more we not psg we encourage academy players and homegrown talent….which isnt so bad

    2. # G Rude
      How many new stars came out of Arsenal? I am 100% certain if Debuchy was not injured Wenger would not field Bellerin as he never used Jeff Adelaide, and he had no choice to use Campbell only after Arteta inured and Cazorla was sidelined. Wenger is not the youth development coach look at Del Alli of Spurs and Marcus Rashford of MU,

  5. We’ll probably end the season well, which means Wenger will believe his team won’t really need any major signings. It’s also the Euro’s in the summer, which will mean less time to negotiate, and player valuations rising if they have a half decent tournament. The only players leaving will be on free transfers, so no extra funds there. Although maybe a small fee for Debuchy, as he’s finished at Arsenal.

    Given every other transfer window under Wenger, it’ll be the same as always…one of immense disappointment!

    1. “Given every other transfer window under Wenger, it’ll be the same as always…one of immense disappointment!”

      I wasn’t disappointed until Gazidis came to Arsenal, before then we would break our own record on players, heck Wenger broke Arsenals own transfer record on his own (after Dein and before Gazidis) to get Arshavin. That was while we had the stadium debt as well O.O

      I’m amazed that people think Wenger does the tranfers when it was Dein initially, Dein got Vieira just to get Wenger to manage us… Wenger spoke to Dein and Dein got the man.

      We need Dein back, he is in control of Usmanovs shares (Red & White Holdings LTD) and Usmanov wants Arsenal to do well and win titles. You know the guy even offered Arsenal an interest free loan to be payed over a LONG period so repayments would be minimal so we can carry on spending what we made on players and wages… It was blocked by the board.

      I want to see Arsenal great again, I know it is the board that is hurting us, Silent Stan is the current owner and not investing enough… rather he would spend 500 mil on a ranch in USA instead of his many sports teams.

      And fans blame Wenger….

  6. While Silent Stan is at the helm then I don’t expect us to compete with the other clubs, we will make a smart buy which Wenger will be involved with but other than that… I don’t expect much.

    You can replace Wenger with who-ever you want and it will still be the same.

    It is Silent Stans asset that will be effected so Silent Stan will have final say.

  7. Remains to be seen but the opportunity is there to do something interesting. Some smart & savvy business not a spend all on anybody like Man U for example. I mean the opportunity is unique as you have 4 players bare any surprise are out (Arteta, Rosicky, Debuchy & Flamini).
    In the realm of possibilities 2 to 3 more could be added to that list. One of our striker (Giroud or Walcott) whoever Wenger decides is surplus to what he is looking for, a winger (Campbell, Ox) for different reasons than the 4 mentioned before find themselves in like lack of playing time or performances.
    And finally he could take matter into his own hand & decide to overhaul is CB options before he is oblige to with Per. Of course 2/3 are not a necessity but if you push it the argument could be made.

    All of that would open the door to bring players from the youth set up & bring 2-3 top targets (26-45 millions pound each) with the right leadership skills & quality to complement the squad to create the right mix. But with Wenger you just never know! Wait & see so you don’t get disappointed.

  8. I know what exactly what wengers going to say ! I am going to the work for French radio at the euros then after that I will look at whose available and we all know what that means.

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