Arsenal’s EPL title at risk from Mourinho joining Man United?

The chances of Arsenal winning the Premier League for the first time in over a decade are currently looking good. We have already seen the current champions Chelsea lose all hope of retaining the trophy and even if Jose Mourinho had not been sacked and managed to turn their form around, he would have needed a miracle.

But the manager who always took such delight in aiming insults and slurs at Arsene Wenger could still have a say in the title race and he could still stop his rival from lifting the EPL trophy at the end of the season. That is if Manchester United decide to get rid of their own under fire manager and replace Louis van Gaal with Mourinho.

That really is on the cards according to a report in The Independent. The paper explains that the former Chelsea boss has had his agent release a statement making it clear that he wants a quick return to management and that the Old Trafford job is right at the top of his wish list.

The report also reveals that Mourinho has already rejected the chance to go back to Italy’s Serie A with Roma and that suggests to me that he thinks the United job might soon be his. Hos time at Chelsea this season may have been a disaster but Mourinho is well known for making a big impact when he takes over. And with United sitting just four points behind us, that could be bad news for the Gunners.

Do you think United will take the risk and if so, will Mourinho still be able to stop his old rival Wenger from winning the Premier League?

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  1. Yippee…….. Would be gLad if Moanino Joins Manure(before wenger leaves)……… It still would be Wenger vs Moanino….. Only it won’t be under chelshi’s flagship……..A Chance for Wenger to instigate revenge on the trinity sc*mbags (Moanino,Costa and Dean) for what they did to us last time….

      1. Arsenal should reaaly consider getting this Ighalo. he’s phenomenal, never give up, can score any type of goal. tore liverpool apart, he just keep defenders on their toes with his pace and skills, very strong and great physique.

    1. wont b saying that if jose joins united. with the window still to come and still in the fight points wise…they will be real contenders.

      hope it doesnt happen. he with fergies help will make them an elite club again

  2. Ancelotti to Bayern…………and it Looks Like Pep is definitely coming to the EPL now……..

    Should Lois van goat be flunged outta old trafford, Moanino have been mooted to take the reins (as he once stated he would love to manage manure)

    all these are just speculations for now……. The Future would be interesting….. We wait and see! *fiendish smile*

  3. Mourinho isnt worth the time or article, what i would like to see is an article of what can we do to convince mr david dein to return back to arsenal! Coyg!

    1. gd call from gregory.
      wenger started his tenure with david dein…he should end it with david too.

      he would be the final piece in my mind…

      oh david…WHERE ART THOU

  4. OT: Seeing some of the results, our 3-0 and 5-2 wins at Watford and Leicester don’t seem too bad do they.

  5. I bet u I’ll enjoy reading wellbeck’s injury setback than this rubbish u waste your precious time and energy to writE about “The King of Sacking” pls don’t always bring his shadow close to Arsenal bcos we don’t know him that’s why I dnt mention his name here cos he doesn’t worth it…you know him…#Loud mouth sacking king

  6. I`m not a fan Van Gaal (nothing personal) but the moment I heard Mourinho had the skids under him I suggested he would look to United. He has the quality and record they require and we must ignore what happened behind the scenes at Stamford Bridge, he still has the pedigree.

  7. Don`t know how David Dein got into the debate, he`s getting on a bit now and probably enjoying
    his retirement, anyway, all things are possible and Arsenal`s board will need guidance on Wenger`s replacement.

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