Will Arsenal title hopes be alive after Chelsea v Man City?

Arsenal can still catch Chelsea! by Sam P

Arsene Wenger and his players, along with all the Arsenal fans, should be backing the current Premier League champions Manchester City on Saturday evening, if only for a couple of hours. Because they could do us a big favour by putting another dent in the armour of Jose Mourinho and Chelsea and keeping the Gunners’ own slim Premier League title hopes alive.

A win for City would give us the chance to close the gap on the league leaders to just 10 points by beating Aston Villa at the Emirates stadium on Sunday. That is still a lot I know, but I get the sense that Chelsea are going off the boil while Arsenal are hitting our straps.

Also, while everything went perfectly for Mourinho and his team in the first half of the season, with hardly a day missed through injury and some nice friendly decisions from the officials, the tide could be turning. There is a chance that Costa could be handed a three match ban for his two stamps last night, Fabregas, Felipe Luis and Ivanovic all picked up knocks and referees seem a lot more reluctant to give them decisions.

I know that Arsenal will not be able to make any slips while hoping that our rivals do, but there is still a chance, however small, for us to catch up. If things go according to plan this weekend, the Gunners could have 15 games to make up 10 points and we will soon have a full strength squad including a new defender to do it with.

Do you still believe Gooners?

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  1. Let’s play and win our games,with chelsea and city’s current performance,I have a feeling that things would go down to the wire.COYG

      1. We really need 3rd minimally because I have a horrible feeling Spuds will win the Europa league and that gets you a champions league place this year. Imagine if we finished 4th but didn’t get the champions league because spuds took the place. I think we will though, Man U have been very lucky winning games with like 1 shot on target whereas Soton will probably go off the boil. We can’t count on it though, lets push until the end and see what happens.

        1. @gpurdey

          Hahah spurs winning the Europa league has nothing to do with the 4 allotted champion league spots. If spurs win the EL then we will have 5 English teams in the CL

          1. I see, sorry I thought based a a few years ago when Spuds finished 4th but Chelsea won the champions league and they missed out it would now be the same for the Europa league. My mistake, no need to laugh though, it’s not that far fetched is it?

    1. For me finishing the season with a five point deficit on the winners would be better a than expected second half season and if we get past monaco and have an fa cup final to look forward to i would be one happy Gooner.

  2. I’m not being negative or anything, but its not just Chelsea that are above us. So our chances are pretty slim, if any. But one certainty is that we are going to have a great results coming our way and great run till the end. Feel it in my bones.

  3. I hoped for once that Ivory coast get send off the CAN today so that Toure and Bony can play against the bloody blues this weekend …

    1. um!…… Clever idea…….. But i wish ivory coast could continue in the ACN ….. I also wish it were possible for bony and Toure to fly back to EngLand just for a day against chelski L()L

  4. It’s possible that Fabregas and Costa won’t play. Fabregas due to injury and Costa due to possible ban. If that’s the case, City have a good shot.

    As for us, we are too many points behind to think about 1st right now.

    Our focus should be to go on a LONG winning streak. Actually are main focus should be beating Aston Villa.

    The PL title or even 2nd place is not in our hands but winning our games is. We need to WIN WIN WIN and see what happens

    Arsenal 3-0 Villa

    1. I agree Fred, just keep focusing on the next game only, don’t look to far ahead!!
      We are on a bit of a run, we have key players hitting form, and others returning.
      Keep winning – especially the big games – and don’t worry about what Chelski or City or Manure are doing.
      Then let’s see where we are in mid April

  5. YES but only if we purchase backup/rotation to Cokeqlin!!!! If not Scnheiderlin then what about BENDER!!!

    1. @ButtFlaps ……… I’m surprised u could spell “schneiderlin and Bender” properly than our very own “coquelin” *crying*

  6. WE CAN CATCH chelski but on ONE condition …….. We will have to keep winning while chelski would have to keep Losing……. See?… Its simple L()L

  7. Today’s headlines

    1.Arteta signs 1 Year contract.extension today
    2.Gareth Bale admitts he supported Arsenal as a child
    3. Still no word on Paulista

    1. 1.Same as Rosicky last year. Makes sense. He’s an intelligent player.
      2.Alright then, leave him going to Manure, we have enough attacking options
      3.Check the official site on Paulista. He’s signed.

    2. That Bale was an Arsenal fan was no secret. He was eager back then to join us but Wenger claimed something like ” He is a fine player but we have also Clichy who will be around for many years at Arsenal”. The rest of the story is known to us. Big Fail

      1. Noone could have predicted that he would turn out to be such a lethal forward threat, it was a fluke that spu managed to get him there.

      2. i’m sorry to burst ur bubble. But it was not a fail by le prof. Yes he failed in some signings just as the best coaches in the game fail eg..sir alex and pogba. But in bales case he was a crap LB/ defender. he wasn’t a forward then so everyone that saw him judged him as a defender n he was crap. Even bale admitted it. It was a stroke of luck that redknapp figured he could play as a forward n it worked. No harm done, we got Alexis thanks to le prof and more to come.

          1. lol…we re saying the same thing mate. So re u saying that bale is a better defender than clichy??? I don’t rate clichy but he is a much better defender than bale. So in other words, Wenger was right not to sign him as a defender.

    3. The reason no word on Paulista im hoping is we really might be looking at bringing in another and we want to showcase them together.

  8. Interesting how we can understand how a string of injuries to key players can slow down Chelsea but a string of injuries to our key players usually results in cries of “injuries are no excuse, we’ve got no depth etc etc” . Once again proving the old adage that we are toughest on the ones we love.

  9. Let’s catch up with Man United first. One step at a time and all that. The sad thing is our season has not really taken off. Slowly the injured and wounded are coming back. Hope to turn things around now. And more importantly the FA Cup is ours to lose now. Rather we focus on the Champions League and FA Cup than looking to overhaul City or Thugs FC.
    And nice good run in the UCL and a lot of luck and you never know. But 3rd place finish in the league is a bare minimum. And with the squad and talent at our disposal I see no reason not to.

  10. IT’S OFFICIAL!!!!!! We have officially signed PAULISTA!!!! Campbell also signed a new deal before he left on loan! Two great bits of news

  11. Q: “Will Arsenal title hopes be alive after Chelsea v Man City?”
    A: No, our title hopes won’t be alive even if Chelsea and Man City lose each of their next 3 games. #LookingForwardToNextSeason

  12. Has history not tought you yet that Arsenal will never win the title again with the current managment. Wenger sure knows how stupid and fickle most of the fans are, hehehe.

    1. If history taught us anything is that Wenger for sure does not listen to the fans. Be them fickle like you or staunch like Bale.

      1. Gee, When i think about how many times i have cought you contradicting your self. Dont act like Wengers personal housemaid and see things the way the are. We simple will not Win the leauge in the upcoming 3 years under Wenger, and never the Cl under him, beside playing 18 years playing in it.

        1. agree. things are going well now, but we’ll still finish 4th this season. and i’ll bet good money next season we’ll get off to the same slow start we do every year. Its the same thing with Wenger. All Arsenal fans love him again after he messes everything up, and barley gets 4th. Its happening again right now. Arsene knows how to bend fans perception of him. He doesnt have to come close to winning UCL or league to be seen as a great anymore.

    2. The same history u claim has also taught us that Wenger has won trophies and the title as well but hatred has blinded u from seeing the other side of the coin. Everybody knows Arsene struggled to win wen trying to balance the books cause the club could not compete financially then. But the last two years have seen him spend serious money that we fans and the media believed he couldn’t. So why can’t we esp wen we have seen more improvement in the last two years than the last 10. Really don’t understand why u call fellow fans who support their club n manager fickle. That is why we re fans and supporters. The real fickle ones are the ones who are easily influenced by the media and other club fans. Media says Arsenal is rubbish so yes lets follow. Media says Arsene doesn’t spend money, media says Arsene has not won a trophy in 9yrs, media says Arsenal will never win big games, media says Arsenal will never win TITLE…..Don’t u get this is their job. Do urs, support ur club and team….that includes manager mate.

      1. The trophys he won where also thanks to others and not bec of him alone. The moment his ego took over the club, we started to lose it. And also dont forget they the trophys came in a time line where it was easier to win things then now.

        Money was there to spend but Wenger stubborn nature stoped us in wining. Best example last year. What happened last year? Money was there, Arsenal was doing good in the leauge, and what did Wenger do. Kim Kalstrom.

        Fakk, your Wenger ass licking logic bro.

        1. Just f*ck off I can’t stand you. You have nothing positive to contribute so how about you don’t say anything

  13. Yes Maybe especially that the following week they play Villa away, a match that Mourinho doesn’t win often. The more important question is will Arsenal win against Villa at home and Tottenham away?

  14. After Chelsea’s 2 draining hours v Liverpool
    I believe City will win opening the way for
    a tight run in. Arsenal beat City away so need
    fear no one home or away. Arsenal should remain
    unbeaten in the EPL FA cup. Semi final ECL is
    a distinct possibility. All the Arsenal fringe players
    Jenkinson Campbell Podolski Sanogo Ryo have been moved out.
    DRB aside only those who “can” have been retained.
    Even Wilshere Arteta and Debuchi could return in time for 3-4 crucial cameo’s.
    Arsenal look strong and can still win the Premiership FA cup double.

  15. Hopefully Costa will get his overdue ban,and will be unavailable, Fabregas is injured so City have a chance. I’m hoping referees will be paying ore attention to Costa at the moment, like they did with the diving. I do genuinely think they are running out of steam, mind you my favourites for the title have always been Man City and they are also suffering from some post Christmas blues, especially without Yaya Toure (they have no balance in their midfield with Fernandinho, fernando and Milner, it’s way to defensive, they have to mix it up a little. Also Jesus Navas is so poor at the moment. Sorry off topic…)

    To be honest it’s going to be down to the managers, both teams have been a little bit unpredictable recently, City have to win but I don’t know if they can. Even if they do, I think 10 points is too much to overturn, but I do think we can close the gap.

  16. Paulista our new #5…should we invest on more latin american talents?! sanchez, ospina, paulista are all brilliant.

    1. We need a South American “Big 5” full-house in our squad, just to cover all PR and marketing bases; we have a Brazilian, an Argentinan, a Columbian and a Chilean – just need a Uruguayan for the full set.

  17. “The FA has confirmed that Chelsea striker Diego Costa has been charged for violent conduct following the incident involving Liverpool’s Emre Can in the Capital One Cup last night.” skySports
    I hope it will be at least 3 match ban …

    1. Violent conduct carries at least a 3 match ban so if he’s been charged with that, he’s got at least a 3 match. Chels may appeal to try and get him elligible for the City game though…

    1. Yep, not the same competition. He could even played in the qualifying round with other team and still be eligible.

  18. Our title hopes ended the day the transfer window shut. Arsenal have been awful for most of the season, and Wenger’s decision making at times has been shocking! Can’t see Wenger suddenly having a normal thought process from now to the end of the season, and I can’t see us winning 7/8 or even 9 games in row. Which is what we’ll have to do to have any chance of the title.

  19. Don’t know why most folks want a city win. Personally as an arsenal fan, I’d prefer a draw(they both lose 2pts while we gain 3 if we beat villa.). As for the title run, speaking as a realist, I don’t think we can go ahead and win all our remaining matches(even if we do, I don’t see city or chelsea dropping lots of points for us to catch up). 3rd place in the EPL is a realistic target, along with a S-final run in the UcL(lets be honest, it’s an uphill task to win it) & the FA cup trophy.

  20. I’d love to be an optimist and say “Yes! We can do it” but the reality is, no. Even if we win all our remaining “big” games against Chels, Spurs, Utd and Liverpool the statistics suggest we wouldn’t get a big enough swing of other teams losing. We can total 87 points if we win every game. Chels can still hit 100. At most I see a drop of 20 points for the blues (4 losses, 4 draws) and that leaves our target for a Top finish at 80 meaning we can lose one game and get 2 draws. That’s conservative estimation.

    We need to focus on our own game and just win. Play to our ability, win lots of games and then see where the chips lie. If we’re third or second with a few games to go and the points total still says it’s possible then we can talk about it. Before that, the probability of us being able to do it is too low.

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