Arsenal’s errors highlight Wenger’s failures!

When will Arsenal stop shooting themselves in the foot?‏ by KM

We managed to blew the 3 points once again. Now I know Arsenal will not win all their games but it’s not the first time we make life difficult for ourselves. We conceded a goal because we lost the ball in our own half after it was in the hands of the keeper. Mertesacker’s pass wasn’t the best but Flamini certainly didn’t do much with the ball either. And this highlights the need of a good solid defensive midfielder.

Why do you think City brought in Fernando, although they have Fernandinho? Matic at Chelsea is another example. If Flamini had the strength to bear with the Spurs attacker instead of lying on the ground without fouling him to prevent the danger we wouldn’t have been behind. We could’ve addressed this in the transfer window. We needed another defender and a DM as much as a striker and all we got at the end was a Danny Welbeck signing because we always leave it too late. Where are all those people saying, judge when the window is over? Well it’s over for a month now and do you see the gaps in the squad or do you now wait until we finish fourth at best again and then say we were unlucky ?

The problem here is that we put ourselves in a difficult position from our own mistakes. Against City, a simple counter with pace was enough for us to be behind. And after some heroics to turn it to 2 – 1 it only takes a corner to equalize. Against Everton, we conceded from a counter attack. Against Leicester, one cross in the box and another headed goal in our net. I’m sorry, but it’s not good enough. I don’t know if we train defending corners or counter attacks but it’s embarassing that we create so many corners and most of the time I’m more worried about the counter attack, because we fail to capitalize on them.

We face Galatasaray at the Emirates in a must win game. We need to put a solid performance. We haven’t had one game where things go according to plan. That’s mainly because we only have one plan – Wenger’s – and when it doesn’t work we don’t know what to do. You can bet Mourinho is watching happy on his couch as Arsenal keep repeating the same mistakes. Chelsea will come out with a plan designed specifically on how to beat us and it will most likely work.

Mourinho will additionally motivate his squad because he wants to beat Arsene. I wish Arsene had the same passion and put up a team with a plan. I also wish he would address the obvious problems we have for years. He won’t though. He needs to take the responsibility for failing to do so and either get people who can manage those things for him or leave. Then again he wouldn’t do neither. For getting paid 8 million a year, that’s not good enough.

Konstantin Mitov

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  1. leo says:

    there was no plan from wenger needed a cdm/cb & a world class striker hopefully we will have a good run after chelski game & then buy in jan

    1. muffdiver says:

      we will get one player in jan- as usual .
      im expecting a loan signing

    2. ArnSam says:

      Wenger is the real problem
      welbeck will not change any thing
      arteta is not a DM n’ i don’t know what flamini is…

      1. almostawinner says:

        wow.. 10 people think wenger is not the problem.

  2. leo says:

    good news that jack wilshere is back in traning & could be available for chelski game hayden/bellerin in squad for galatarasay game would love 2 see hayden in cdm role he will better than flamini

  3. muffdiver says:

    all this optimism….

    happy birthday giroud- i bought u some travelodge vouchers as a bday gift

    i recommend all of you to visit this site on sunday afternoon- should be interesting 🙂

  4. davidnz says:

    We have a quality, fit 20
    player squad right now
    so I think we will be
    fine on Wed nite.
    Winning the home game v Gala is more important
    than the away game at Chelsea.
    But I would not be surprised if Asenal drew or beat Chelsea.

  5. Gunnerphyte says:

    Why is everyone always complaining about wengr? Flamini(NOT WENGER!) lost the ball that led to the goal we conceded, how is that wenger’s fault? Is it because he ws the one who brought flamini to the emirates? Guess what…everyone at arsenal ws bought by wenger. Does that mean if any of the players we have makes a stupid mistake, we gotta blame Wenger for signing them?
    We played well against spurs, we dominated possession, we looked threatening on attack, we put in some good shots on target. We only conceded that goal because flamini(not wenger) made that stupid mistake, its not because wenger’s tactics were poor, people.

    Whats with the hatred? Wenger is the arsenal manager as we speak, get used to it or go support hull city or something.

    1. Jimbeam says:

      I support Arsenal not Wenger, I dont have to like or agree with the manager to support the team.

      For the last 4 years everyone, and i mean everyone has been screaming for the need of a good DM in the centre of the field for Arsenal. Wenger first tried to turn Arteta into a DM, that really did not work out, then he got Flamini on a free and Flamini is just not good enough of a player to play in a top 10 team in the EPL, so that was never going to work out.

      So essentially, it is Wenger’s fault that he has not filled an obvious gap in our squad for years and tried to play under par players in that position.

  6. We will win against galatasaray that’s one thing I am sure of

    But we can beat chelsea too or get a draw

    Remember the Away game against dortmund and we defied all critics and won there

    After that we had to play man utd
    Everyone including the press, fans were totally over confident that we were gonna beat man utd

    But we didn’t win
    The reason whatever be I am just saying the same scenario is building where we are being given no respect and have already last the game in many people eyes

    I think we will surprise many people this weekend by getting a result at Chelsea(draw or win)

    F##k wenger though but let’s support the team as the are the ones on the pitch

    1. almostawinner says:

      i support the players 1000%.

      can u imagine if it pains us to see wenger playing ozil on L, sanchez on bench and wilshire & arteta in the middle, what the players must be thinking/feeling????
      what must campbell or roziscky be thinking as their skills waste away? as DMs are passed over because they cost 5M too much or because we dont do business in january, or …. ….
      as he motivates them (gently and mildly of course) before a game to win and give their 1000% while he saves money in the bank??? as he play same formation each time ? as he plays 4141 ?

  7. gunner86 says:

    Wenger is just not addressing the positions where we are not good enough.
    Ozil and Sanchez are good players but weren’t needed.
    If we had spent ozil’s 42 million on a striker and Alexis 35 on a top midfielder we’d be far better off.we have too many attacking/wide midfielders.ozil,sanchez,ox,theo,gnabry,santi,rosicky,jack,ramsey,campbell yet 2 injuries and defence and we’ve no 1 left and have a def mid in coquelin on the bench for defensive cover.
    He let sagna,vermaelen and jenkinson go and only brought in 2 replacements when Stevie wonder cud have seen we were way too short at the back.
    We need 2 proper def midfielders,2 proper centre backs to use along with koscielny and get rid of mertesacker.
    And we STILL need a new striker

    In my opinion wenger is the problem and needs to go

    1. Budd says:

      You can’t add to the submitted squad already. Some must make place if we need new signings. A loan would work though. Unless you plan to buy an under 21 player which does not count for the 25 man squad.

  8. Maigari33 says:

    Every sincere gunner is well aware our sole problem is wenger; no tactics at all, substitution is problem, transfer window hell, no motivation what soever.
    We needed a proven goal-scorer and a defensive midfielder, we went ahead and signed Danny and even now as stronger teams ( drtmond, man city, tottenham and even everton) toy with our middle, wenger is pushing for Arteta and Giroud to have contract extension.
    In my opinion, since we’re destined not to buy a proven natural DM, atleast wenger should give Hayden and coquelin a chance one last time.
    As far as Striking department is concerned, I have for long rest my case after wenger said: ‘he go for top top quality’ and ended up signing Sanogo

  9. LoCkAy says:

    We have been fooled and conned season after season by someone who is not recognised as a great manager, but here in England…!!

    Forget about the stories of Real Madrid and PSG wanting him because they were total fabrications… Why would you hire Wenger when you can have Ancelotti (yeah, exactly!).

    I travel to France more than often and never once heard pundits and proper sports journalists “sing” Wenger’s laurels, NEVER (basically since 2006).

    When he is in France and on sports platforms, he is constantly drilled about his transfer policy and management (rarely the case here… They seems impressed, by what, I cannot put my finger on it)…!!

  10. gooner100 says:

    What a tiresome fcking bunch many of you haters are!!

    I get sick and tired or reading self opinionated crap from so called Arsenal fans. We didn’t buy a DM and yes everyone thought we should have. Get over it. Welbeck may not be world class yet, but with your bitching he probably never will. Shut the fcuk up and start supporting the team you claim to support.

    Constant whinging like spoilt children just drives the press and every blog to write more and more shite cos you jerks just lap it up and have no ability whatsoever to just get behind the team. It’s your personal opinion that most important to most of you. F£king shameful.

    I hate to think what the next Ozil, Welbeck, etc will think about it if presented with the opportunity to join Arsenal….’yeah sure…then five minutes later those halfwit haters will be on my case!’

    There is FA that can be done when the transfer window is closed idiots and for those that hate Arsene, he has a contract for the next few years. Get used to it, support the team or fcku off!! Fans my arse, some of you just want to trash the team, screw the players morale and make the world buy into your bullshit. We are 4th, not 14th….which is more than can be said for last years runners up!! Morons.

    1. almostawinner says:

      get over it gooner100.

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