Which of Arsenal’s Europa stars deserve a game at Everton?

They will probably not be in the Arsenal starting line-up to face Everton at Goodison Park in the Premier League on Sunday, having completed the Europa League tie in Serbia last night, but the goal scoring hero Olivier Giroud along with Jack Wilshere and Theo Walcott who played big parts in the goal will be hoping that they have done enough to feature in Arsene Wenger’s plans for the weekend.

Which, if any, of the front three from Arsenal’s win in Belgrade is most likely to come off the bench may well depend on how the game against Ronald Koeman’s beleaguered Toffees is going but they all made a case.

The French striker’s finish was a timely reminder of what he can do and after his super sub heroics in many games last season, Giroud could be the first man Wenger turns to is we need a goal. He did look out of touch at times but the time on the pitch and the confidence he will gain from the goal should help that and I think he got sharper as the match wore on.

Walcott with his pace and movement offers the boss a different option and although his finishing could sometimes be better Theo has already netted five goals for us this season. The Everton defence lacks pace and confidence so they would certainly not like facing him.

Wilshere performed the best of the front three, reminding us all why he was being talked about so highly a few years back, but this was his first full first team game for some time and I think Wenger will be a bit wary of playing him again so soon. In times of need, though, his ability to make things happen like last night’s winning goal could be just what Arsenal need.

What did you lot make of the Arsenal forward line in Belgrade and which should Wenger use at Everton?



  1. Wilshere has not played any one
    decent in 5 years because of injury.
    So far this season he has only
    been included in soft Europa and FL cup games.
    I see no reason that will change any time soon.
    If he is any good he would start v Everton.
    I doubt it though as Wenger is protecting him from any difficult game.
    He knows if Wilshere plays badly in a big game especially if
    the team loses the fans will go ballistic like post Watford.
    Everton are desperate right now and will hurl themselves at Arsenal come Sunday.
    If Wilshere plays he would become a target especially physically
    but also Everton know Wilshere is quick to anger and
    is easily wound up and commit rash challenges which
    could lead to penalties, cards or injury.
    Wenger knowing Wilshere’s temperament and terrible injury record
    is aware that another long term injury will make Jack virtually unsaleable.
    Me thinks the bench is as close as Wilshere will get to playing Everton
    and will be kept for the soft home games like Norwich, Red Star+ Bate.
    Wilshere’s contract runs out in June so will he be offered an extension?
    Will he be sold in January? If the right offer came along probably sold.
    So Wenger wants to make sure he has a fit Wilshere so
    he at least has a strong hand in such negotiations whereas
    an injured Wilshere is virtually worthless so caution is the game right now.

  2. I reckon Wilshere, Coquelin, Holding and Cech would be fit for the Everton match, if needed. Arsenal would also need Sanchez’s creativity, guts, skills and movements to break Everton’s defense.

  3. DeBoer canned @ Palace

    Shakespeare giving his walking papers @ LC

    Billic a half away from being run out of West Ham

    Is Wenger due an extension for navigating AFC to a 4-3 record against a brutal fixture list and only 9 points off the EPL leaders?

    In Wenger we FREAKING rust

  4. he will surely start Xhaka and Ramsey,that has been our problem this two are not good together.
    I will like him to start Jack and drop Xhaka he has been awful.but Arsene doesn’t drop players even when they are in their worst form.
    am not looking forward to the match,but good luck to them.

  5. We don’t need wilshere tomorrow. Everton are hungry & wilahere is so fragile. Everton might use him and get a penalty or a red card

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