Arsenal’s Europa League opponents planning to shock the Gunners

Arsenal will open their Europa League campaign this Thursday when they face Rapid Vienna and the Austrians are confident of pulling off an upset.

In Arsenal’s bid to return to the Champions League next season, one competition that they will look to win is the Europa League.

The winner gets a place in the Champions League group stages for the next campaign and the Gunners are keen to get that either through the top four or through Europe.

They will have to start their campaign in the best possible manner by winning their first group game, but the Austrians will not stand idly by and allow themselves to get beaten easily.

Their manager, Dietmar Kuhbauer was speaking ahead of Arsenal’s Thursday visit and he claimed that his team will have to find a way to disrupt how Arsenal plays their game.

He added that his side cannot afford to sit back and defend because the Gunners are a very good team.

‘We have to try to disrupt the way they play,’ Kuhbauer told reporters at this pre-match press conference via Mail Online.

‘If we play only to defend, that will not be enough. They are a very, very good team despite the probable rotation that comes.

‘There are other names but we know what they want to do, how they want to play and that is what matters.

‘They play with tempo and it is always difficult to defend against that – our players will have to be very, very strong in spirit.

‘They are an attractive opponent who of course have won a lot in the past, we have to play at a very good level if we are to get something.’

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  1. My guess is Arteta will play the same 3CBs and try to break. It seems that our game is based on defence. That was good, but now we have Gabriel we can come out of our shell. We don’t play ‘Total Football’, we play ‘Total Defence’. It’s very boring. Let’s hope we play 4-3-3.

    1. Don’t forget with a player like Partey in front of the CBs this will give us a better defence.

      4 – 3 – 3 and try to find a real playmaker should be our new target with our forward players playing around and moving all the time to create pace and receive the ball

  2. Playing 343 gives us stability and anyway we can break at speed and score with our wingers and wing backs going forward. The crucial point is that we must not concede early because we are capable of scoring at any time. Also playing 343 has the advantage that we can change to 433 during transition from defence to attack and switch back to 343 during the defensive phase. Anyway this Austrian side is a good side and cannot be under estimated. Real Madrid under estimated their opponent last night and lost at home. No team is small and no match is easy as seen from this season PL results. Waiting to see Partey get more game time to showcase his class, the likes of Willock, ESR, Nelson and Saliba play. Heres to hoping for a Gunners win to start the EUl campaign!

  3. Ahhhh.. Thursday night football is back! 😏

    To be honest, It was tough to watch last year. I’m hoping we can at least play a more confident style of play with the hand brake off!

    No disrespect to Rapid Vienna, but If we get a cagey game with limited shots on target I won’t be too happy! These are the kind of games where you want to see good football. I want to look forward to Thursdays! 😄 😄 😄

  4. I don’t blame him, it’s because we let a team like Olympiacos eject us from the competition last season, that’s why he can even dream of getting a result against us. Be glad to see that dream crushed to smithereens tonight.

  5. @ Kstix u r msking me laugh this morning well never blame him we make small teams sometimes even dictate play now with our defesive football not to talk of Olypiacos driving us out of the tournament. It is a very big shame to our club and we the fans.
    Arteta still have and is doing a good job.He can make it better by playing more attractive, fluid, attacking with the winning mentality.

  6. He’s all excited because they scored 5 in their last game. Someone on another site said we will beat this lot even with Willock and Nelson playing….!!
    Oh how I’ve missed the EL music…… not haha, not a patch on the CL tune 😄 COYG

  7. Please Arteta should play to win this game as a befitting birthday gift to me. I don’t want anything to soil my day.

    1. Two days ago was my birthday, we lost to City the day before. I guess what I’m saying in essence is find other ways to make yourself happy on your birthday. Lol

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