Arsenal’s excellent defensive problem!

Chambers, Jenkinson, Debuchy and Bellerin? What should Arsene do? By Galen

Last summer I was 100% certain that a certain Serge Aurier would be the Arsenal Right-back this season. Like most Arsenal fans I was surprised we went for Calum Chambers. What even surprised me the most was that Wenger paid £12million for a 29 year old Right-back! It was clear that the club wanted experience. It was clear that they wanted an international who will come in and slot in straight away without any difficulties. Debuchy is very similar to Sagna as he is very reliable. He is a good defender and he picks his attacking opportunities well.

Debuchy is gonna be 30 in July and he played just 10 league games last season. They say when the rain pours on one person the sun shines on another. We knew Bellerin was a great prospect from Barcelona together with Jon Toral. But I guess not even Wenger saw this coming. The improvement from him is a 360 degree. From playing under 21 football to being (in my humble opinion) the best Arsenal Right-back. When Barcelona signed Vidal I was so happy. not because am a Barcelona fan but because I knew they won’t be coming for Bellerin this season.

So what do we do with Debuchy? Competition is great but we also have another right-back, Carl Jenkinson, who has been on loan at West Ham and he has shown he is a capable Premier League player. Arsene Wenger has said Calum Chambers is a CB and he will give him his chance during preseason.

That’s why I said I don’t think we need a CB as Per Boss Gabby and Chambers make 4 CBs. I don’t also know any team in Europe with more than 3 or 4 CB. Chelsea won the league with Terry, Cahill and Zouma. So what should Wenger do with the RB situations?

1) Send Carl on another loan for one more season and let Bellerin and Debuchy compete for the Right-back position?

2) Sell Debuchy to PSG and bring Carl back from loan with Chambers as cover in case of an injury crisis?

What should Arsenal do with the Debuchy situation. Its a very tricky conundrum. But I am totally convinced that Bellerin is our best RB. When you are good enough you are old enough. There is a little room for improvement but Bellerin fits our game best with his pace and attacking moves.

Debuchy was out for about 8 months this season playing just 10 games. Will he get back to his best? Is he going to be the same player? At the age of 30 should we sell him? We all saw with Sagna when he came back; he was never the same player. Even at Man City this season he is not the Bac we knew at Arsenal.

What should Arsene do? For me I think its a good problem to have….


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    1. Jenkinson loaned……debuchy and bellerin fight it out…we are good in the cb position, boss/per/Gabriel/chambers….what we nerd is a top striker. Peter cech and kondogbia/wanayama

  1. It’s a tough one, I actually think debuchy’s best matches were at centre back, I think long term wenger sees debuchy leaving and jenkinson/bellerin then slugging it out rather like gibbs/monreal on the other side.

    Also I think wenger said he sees chambers as central midfield not centre back. Wenger could go that way,

    Rb Jenks/bellerin
    Cb mertesacker/debuchy
    Cb koscielny/Gabriel
    Lb monreal/gibbs
    Dm coquelin/chambers

    Don’t forget chambers is still a kid, coquelin didn’t nail down the dm role until he was 23. Wenger also rates Isaacs hayden, who had a terrible season with an injury, but could really push on next season. What bellerin and coquelin achieved last season should really inspire the likes of hayden, gnabry, akpom, bielik, zelalem. Sure I want big name signings to improve our 25 but I want these kids to really step up this season, even if that is on loan.

    Hearing that wenger is letting diaby decide his own future, he is in the flamini situation of 2 years ago, if he can prove his worth he might get a proper contract, there is already a pay as you play deal on the table, but diaby wants more, so wenger has said prove you are fit enough, if not for arsenal then someone else. I just hope that doesn’t stop us going for a kondogbia

  2. No doubt in my mind…retain Bellerin as number one. Chambers as back up. Jenkinson on loan and sell Debuchy.

  3. I am worried that Wenger will continue Per and Kos partnership, it failed miserably against big boys, kos got exposed too much in the expense of Per lack of speed … Wenger should consider Kos and gab partnership early from the pre-season matches … Per must be a bench player …
    No need to say anything about RB, it is well equipped …

    1. Per Mertensacker should be allow to leave he is Arsenal`s weakest link. Kos has been supporting him too long, he needs to play freely and not have to worry about covering his partner.

  4. high time we stopped Looking at chambers as a right back solution…….do we usually enjoy watching him being skinned alive by pacy wingers?

  5. why would psg want debuchy? they’ve just signed aurier and they already have van der weil.

  6. OT..Seeing how quality players are moving in this transfer window am a very sad sad sad man.The other big clubs have confirmed they will spend big but for Wenger he said we have enough depth in the squad but if special player is available we can buy,now special players are not available without a bid.We have only one Arsene but we cant win major trophies with wenger he used to win them when it was a two horse race,only utd were a threat but now he cant repeat the invincible era or win epl 10yrs can evidence there is competition and we are not in it.Clubs like chelsea are in debts cuz of buying wc players to win trophies,We put club into debt b4 to build stadium so he can generate more revenue for club owners and share holders

    1. Sooooo… Wenger said the exact same thing he says every window?? It’s smoke and mirrors, Wenger holds his transfer dealings very close to his chest.. Always has! Cheer up 🙂

  7. @ season ticket holder.
    Are you a prophet of doom? Why bring negative vibes to this forum about the club? Aren’t you glad that we have a world class stadium? It seems you are oblivious of Arsenals financial situation shortly after the stadium was built. Now, thing are getting better and if you are a true fan, support your own rather than being moody and pessimistic. We have turned a corner now and things would only get better. Cheer up! Brighter days are ahead.

  8. “Arsenal’s excellent defensive problem!”
    Those this article meant for purpose of boosting a defence capable of sustaining a title “challenge” campaign (or a successful CL, I know I am pushing it)?
    Because if it is the case, we are far (well millions miles) from it.
    Apart from Koscielny, NONE of them would get into a top team… I cannot talk about Debuchy right now as it had been injured, but he was the French first choice at the World Cup… As for the rest, Mertesacker is done, Bellerin is a good player not world class (so is Monreal) and our LB second option is injury prone average Gibbs…!!

    That is fine since league and CL are not in our future agenda, this squad (and the manager, I guess) are good enough to make sure we get the top four and the continual CL rewards (money of course and nothing else) that come with it.

    As for winning the league and the CL, we are (if the current situation does persist) 5 years or never away from achieving success.

    This team needs (as well as a world class manager) 4 more world class players introduced in order to be seriously competitive.
    If we are really talking “serious” trophies (thanks for the FA Cup, but no top club is define by a small domestic cup), players like Wilshere, Gibbs, and more should be no where near the first team.

    By the way there are news from France that Diaby will be offered (apparently talks are advanced) a pay as you play contract.
    Would it surprise me? Of course not, this club does not belong to the fans, but to a small group of “greedy” unambitious suits (Wenger included of course) and you are just paying “silly” money (most expensive in Europe!!) to watch a club no where near the top firms in Europe.

  9. everyone take a chill pill. it s nice to have depth. but suddenly everyone freaks out, same thing with rosicky not playing. this happens when you ve got competition and depth.

    anyway, I think chambers can cover for rb, but he isn’t a natural one. he has been caught out a lot for pace. he physically resembles a cb in my book and should be our 4th choice. I think jenkinson is ahead in terms of development. we need home grown players and so we should make loan deals happen. I think chambers should be the one loaned out more than jenkinson, who had a great , consistent season.

  10. I’m sick of the Debuchy bashing. He is a top quality RB and very good cb also.

    Same old story first there was the Giroud bashing until this season when he scoring quite consistently for a while then Ozil bashing until he came back from injury and started showing his brilliance consistently. We never learn.

    Debuchy was injured for long time but played commendably when he did play. He has a right to battle Bellerin for starter position but his quality should NOT be in doubt

  11. Don’t sell anyone.
    We don’t need the money and this season prove worthy the fact of having several players fr positions

  12. What about LB. Sell Gibbs and get Creswell or Mings? We have no good academy product on LB.

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