Arsenal had a good run but FA cup luck just ran out

Arsenal’s FA cup run had to end sometime by Sam P

It is tough to take Arsenal fans, and we did have some chances to extend our incredible FA cup run but when the final whistle blew the dream was all over. I for one was still wondering how we had not leveled the scores in the closing minutes as the run of the ball finally went Arsenal’s way.

You could say that Alex Iwobi was unlucky not to score or the rebound off the post could have gone in off the keeper but id did rebound to a Gunner and I was already out my seat and starting to celebrate when Danny Welbeck spun and somehow put it wide.

I have calmed down a bit now and am starting to think that it was just not our day, highlighted by our missed chances and by that one in a million strike by Guediora. And to be fair, we did get a big stroke of luck with Gabriel not seeing red so I am not saying Arsenal were robbed or anything, just that the rub of the green was against us as it were.

Even the best teams need some luck to win a trophy, like Germany got against Argentina in the World Cup final. You can see this theory in action when no club have yet managed to retain the Champions League. How unlucky were Bayern Munich and how lucky were Chelsea the year they won it? That final and their semi final with Barcelona before was like voodoo football and although that is an extreme example you do need some luck to win anything that is not just a one off game.

Arsenal have had very little go right in league or Europe but you have to say that the FA cup has done well for us for almost three years. It had to end sometime Gooners and good luck to Watford I say. I wouldn’t mind a bit of luck in the prem now though if you are listening up there. Hello…any chance?

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  1. Wenger failed to bridge the gap btw fantasy and reality and this will and has finally started to consume him. The only club in top 5 leagues in europe not to sign a single outfield player when it was clear that there were deficiencies in KEY areas.We are going to exit the champions league for a sixth successive year only at round 16 stage.The frenchman was waiting for the FA to be a scapegoat for was had already been a dump season.i can sense and feel that the REIGNS OF WENGER ARE COMING TO A CLOSURE and we will finally be free from the shackles of dictatorship!!!

  2. hopefully this is it: the dictator will leave this summer.
    and if kroenke goes, i’ll be really happy.

    1. if kroenke goes …….. “if” ……… There’s the problem

      i prefer “when” …. When kroenke goes

  3. Good. At least we can now concentrate on the EPL trophy.
    Leicester will not win the PL title. The Bookies will not let this happen. Huge payout $$ at stake…

  4. Ahh the old swingometer of luck eh!!

    Can’t even get past Watford in the ‘Emirates FA Cup’. Our sponsors will be disappointed!

  5. I once said WENGER OUT here and i was warned and told to explain myself but rili i think its self explanatory. Do i need to explain myslf when i say Wenger Out haha 😛

  6. We were lucky to get that far
    because of the super soft draw.
    Sunderland, Burnley, Hull
    and Watford all at home.
    Forced to a replay by Hull
    then knocked out by the first
    EPL side we face and a lower mid table side at that.

  7. When I read yesterday that Wenger said we were fortunate to still still be in three competitions, my response was that, within one week, we could be out of all the competitions!

    1. yea right………. Here’s a few of our comments from that post

      March 13, 2016 at 7:19 am
      Wenger, when will he learn… I hope for an
      outright win today cos this is our only
      REALISTIC chance of a trophy…
      pls we plead, win this!!!!!
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      Sam, need a striker
      March 13, 2016 at 7:53 am
      Does it really matter? … EPL is what we
      want …
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      March 13, 2016 at 8:23 am
      Of course it matters, winning
      something is always better than
      winning nothing. I really really want
      to be a millionaire, that doesn’t mean
      I’m going to start throwing out my
      spare change.
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      SoOpa AeoN
      March 13, 2016 at 9:43 am
      Hahahaha……… Yes wenger we are in 3
      competitions whilst still on the verge of
      Losing out on all three
      it’s one thing to be a
      participant….another to be a direct
      if we do not treat watford with utmost
      concern, i fear there’s a very very slim
      chance we could make it in the other
      so yea…..when will Wenger Learn?
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      March 13, 2016 at 10:06 am
      Well, if you don’t take part in the
      competition then there’s no chance in
      winning it, ei?
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  8. Guys why are yal taking the easy way out? Everything that goes wrong results in “Wenger out”. @ the end of the day he ain’t going nowhere, soo what’s the use complaining? I’ve seen crazy things happen in football (Chelsea ucl 2012, Porto 2004, Chile 2015, Arsenal coming back from the dead to finish 4th in 2012-Rosicky was on fire etc.) so we still have a chance at the epl, can we please judge Le Prof after the final game at least? If he doesn’t clinch the league then he may go. I don’t remember Bvb fans whining about Kloop last season when things were not going well, so lets take a page outta their book and get behind the team, we all know Arsenal is enigmatic, I won’t be surprised if we beat Barca! #COYG #AKB #AOB

    1. We may potentially beat Barca in that game but will it be enough. What would the point have been?

      Same old same old.
      I judged Wenger a good few seasons back and nothing he has done since has changed my mind.

  9. Impenia
    March 13, 2016 at 8:32 am
    Chelsea were still in two competitions 4
    days ago. Today they are in none! By this
    time next week, we could be out of all
    competitions (or maybe left in one).

    What does it matter if you only have a
    “Mathematical” chance of winning a
    trophy, but no “Realistic” chance of doing
    so. We could not maintain or extend a 2-
    point advantage, now we want to upturn
    an 8-point disadvantage. We could not
    score a single goal against FCB at home,
    suddenly we think ourselves capable of
    scoring 3 unreplied goals at Nou Camp. If
    this is not delusion, then I don’t know
    what it is.
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  10. @Mozart7…………. There’s no sitting on the fence ere…… ENOUGH IS ENOUGH……. Even if Arsenal Lifts the EPL or UCL, Wenger should do the Honourable Thing and Retire

    messy Arsenal requires a proper sanitation!

  11. To me your view of Cups requiring luck to win and being difficult to defend is true but should be seen in the greater context. We are not sitting in 1st and just got unlucky. We have one win in 7. We have not performed since the turn of the year consistent with a team having aspirations to win anything. We are not playing fully committed for 90 minutes.

    Game after game we get the same bullshit:

    We deserved to win
    we will respond
    we have strong character
    we were unlucky

    If Leicester win the PL no one can say they were unlucky, to date they have been to most consistent team, they lose a game their fans can start talking about being unlucky. Barca lose to Arsenal this Tuesday, their fans can bring out the Cups are hard to defend argument.

    For a team on a downwards spiral that argument is a bit thin.

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