Arsenal’s FA Cup to decide Wenger future?

Arsenal reached the semi-final of the FA Cup thanks to a dominating 5-0 win over Lincoln City, but could the competition prove more crucial in the future of our club than it normally would?

Bayern Munich pummelled us in the Champions League with a disgusting aggregate score of 10-2, and that called for some pundits to feel sorry for Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger, and Robbie Fowler even added that he even deserved to leave on a high after such an illustrious time in his role.

The FA Cup could well prove to offer Wenger that exact high, and an end of season parade could be the perfect send-off for the Frenchman.

The trophy win would prove to be a bigger achievement than in previous years, given the vast strength remaining in the competition, with Manchester City, Manchester United, Tottenham and Chelsea remaining all battling to left the trophy.

All the Gunners remaining matches will be held at Wembley Stadium, leaving no remaining home advantage for any of the sides, and we will look forward to the draw tomorrow night, immediately following the battle at the Bridge between Chelsea and United.

The most favourable draw could come from taking on the Red Devils, with them on course for a Europa League quarter final match which would result in them playing a few days before the FA Cup semi-final is scheduled for April 22-23. They would of course need to overcome Premier League runaway leaders Chelsea tomorrow at Stamford Bridge, where they have won 15 of their 16 matches in all competitions this term…

Regardless of our opposition, the FA Cup could prove to be the only achievement that would allow Wenger to leave the competition on a high, allowing Wenger to leave the club without regret, and there could always be the thought that he may choose to extend his contract with no top four finish or trophy triumph…

Would it be wrong for Wenger to leave on such a low? Could we overcome our rivals and win the cup?

Pat J


  1. hecmanx says:

    Low or high wenger should leave at the end of the season

    1. john0711 says:

      you will get some “silent” numbnuts thumbing you down for this

  2. Arsenal_Girl says:

    I think if we manage to win the FA Cup and finish out of Top 4 = Wenger stays
    If we stay in the Top 4 and do not win FA Cup = Wenger stays
    If we miss out on top 4 and do not win FA Cup = highly likely Wenger Stays

    I want Wenger Out regardless of the outcome of the season
    However, I don’t think the Board wants to get rid of him unfortunately

  3. hecmanx says:

    The atmosphere in the Emirates is poisonous and it’s the fault of wenger, that’s why he needs to go.

    He is clueless on how to solve the problems of the club that have been very obvious for many seasons now.

    The fans that are protesting are not doing so because of how current poor form, but because wenger seem to make same mistakes over and over again, and he just can’t motivate his players to perform.

    Big ups to the fans that made their feelings known to the greedy and incompetent board, let them know we are not happy with how things at the club, let’s keep the heat on by doing the same till they listen to the fans that invest their emotions and money on this great club

    1. Arsenal_Girl says:

      I totally agree

      He is completely clueless on how to resolve

      Sir Alex Ferguson needed a Top CF to win the PL so he gets RVP and wins it same season

      Mourinho (who i hate) went to chelsea and decided Chelsea’s big problem was no Top CAM and CF. So he got Fabregas and Costa and won the PL same season

      Conte decided that Chelsea needs a Top DM so gets Kante- they win the PL same season

      For years we have needed a Top DM and CF. No Top DM
      We move Alexis to CF (which is good) but that leaves us weaker on the wings but Wenger doesn’t get a Top winger to compensate. We get Lucas but Wenger hardly plays him

      We have spent over a decade waiting for Wenger to do the right thing

  4. SoOpa AeoN says:

    So wins over the Likes of sutton , Lincoln and other feather-weight teams are now a deciding factor for wenger’s continued reign huh?
    While big time Losses to Bayern , chelski , Liverpood and others are catalysts for a contract extension….
    There’s not a prominent club as stupidly run as my dear “Arsenal”….No not one!!!

  5. legend Henry says:

    The problem is the fans love wenger more than they love Arsenal.
    I don’t really know what’s wrong with the mentality of the fans.
    They are equally for nothing like the board.
    No wonder ,like club like fans !!!!
    win or lose,wenger out !!!!!

  6. Fatboy Gooney says:

    Win lose or draw the delusional one isn’t going anywhere and no one has the balls to sack him.
    Here’s the Latest news:
    Wenger has spoken ?? and his preference is to stay ?
    So.. Er.. You may aswell go find another part time hobby to keep you occupied for a couple of years. ?

  7. Fatboy Gooney says:

    I wonder if the spuds booked two weeks in Barbados to celebrate their 6nil win against the mighty lions, MillWall?..No?.. Thought not.

    We will definitely be drawn against the Spuds in the semifinals, wait and see. And the other semifinal will be an all Manchester derby ??
    That’s how rigged the FA cup is this year, talk about trying to ramp up its prestigious-ness.

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