Arsenal’s fan favourite becoming restless and could ask to leave the club

Gabriel Martinelli is tired of his lack of playing time at Arsenal and the Brazilian could become the next Arsenal player to ask to leave the club.

He quickly became a fans’ favourite when he burst onto the scene for the Gunners in 2019.

However, since the arrival of Mikel Arteta, he has made little progress at the club.

He started their first league game of the season against Brentford and failed to impress in a 2-0 loss with the likes of Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang and Alexandre Lacazette missing the game.

He was also not very helpful in their 2-0 defeat to Chelsea in their next league game and has since started just their Carabao Cup game against Wimbledon.

Martinelli is struggling and his poor form will come as a shock to most Arsenal fans who rate him highly.

Mirror Sports claims the attacker is becoming fed up with being ignored by Arteta.

The 20-year-old has been an unused substitute in Arsenal’s last five league matches and this shows how far he has fallen down the pecking order at the club.

With the likes of Emile Smith Rowe and Bukayo Saka impressing for the Gunners, it is hard to see a way back into the team for him now.

It would be interesting to see if he would ask to leave the club in the January transfer window.

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  1. Martinelli is a quality player who is being left to fester….he needs game time. He must be getting fed up. Such a shame.

      1. @SueP
        Not long ago, folks on here were complaining about the risk of “overplaying” young players. MA should rotate the four Martin, Emile, Saka and Gabriel, in order to get the most and best out of them in order to avoid burn out…IJS

      2. If Mikel can trust Auba who is doing nothing in front of goal since last season to date, why can’t he give Matineli at least 20 to 30 minutes of Auba’s wasted 90? At the moment Matineli is better than Auba. It’s also unfortunate that when he’s given time, he’s played in a weaker team selection and you expect him to provide miracle?

    1. Agree with the players ability, but he has time on his side and MA’s plan seems to be a squad of younger players.

      Our problem is the lack of european football to give our squad the opportunities they need to gain valuable experience and MA cannot experiment in the Carabo Cup.

      As far as I am aware, Martinelli seemed quite happy to wait, but maybe the report is more up to date?

      1. Ken, please note my response to your “sledge” on ball tampering in the article on World Cup qualification.

        1. The lack of any European football is impacting the progress and playing time of a lot of our players. European football is a must and not getting it makes all sorts of problems.

  2. I’d be unhappy if I wasn’t playing, but I don’t know where he would slot into the line up at the moment. The team has limited games and is trying to build up the chemistry. At the moment, I don’t see him replacing any of Saka, MO, PEA, or ESR.

    Cup ties, sub app, or at worst a loan out in January for some game time. Not enough minutes to go around right now.

    1. How many minutes have Auba wasted in front of goal since last season to date? If at least 10 to 15 of every 90 was given to Matineli when fit, how profitable do you think that would be to the club and the player? He’s right to be frustrated. See what Klop has done to Firminio. Is he starting games? Hasn’t he been their prolific striker? You need to know that age is against Auba and the more time he’s given, the more wasteful he has become. It’s the high time the manager rethink his strategy!

  3. I can only say that MA doesn’t like him just like the way he hate Saliba and Guendouzi because he’s not the one that bought them…..MA dislike this Three players for no reason….. right now he has started his hatred in Lacazatte who is even better than Auba right now

    1. I would get all the decisions involving Martinez, Gouendouzi, Saliba, Martinelli, Lacazette, Mavropanos and Pepes ostracising if we had seen a marked improvement and benifit from them getting blown out.

  4. frankly I’m quite surprised this situation hasn’t turned into a dumpster fire already…we’ll know it’s a truly serious situation when Marts starts using his social media accounts to vent his frustrations, as that usually leads to some sort of excommunication edict by our overly fragile manager

  5. He’s a top quality player.Patience is a virtue not appreciated by up and coming footballers.
    I dont blame Martinelli.MA has to get a team which can win matches even if the Brazilian is not among the subs.
    I am not surprised he will leave come Jan.

  6. Well “Diet Pep” seems to be getting rid of players he didn’t buy, how “The talent of the century” continues to get overlooked is beyond criminal and the boy seems to be reverse-coached since the new management came in.

  7. He and Balogan should have went to loan, since we still have Lacca and Eddie and apparently MA us sticking to Auba to try to get him back to form.

    Even Lacca cannot get secent game time and in my opinion, he is better than Auba at the moment.
    Clib failed to market any of the three main strikers Auba, Lacca, Eddie, at least they have loaned the youngesters.

    Yes they can play on wing but MA is not into rotating the wings enough to give them game time. Problem for Gabi, he is not even used in u23.
    At times Saka seemed out of breath, but MA kept him on field, in the hope he will have one brilliant moment I assume, in general MA does not always use the 3 subs.

    1. Unfortunately, it appears that Saka is going to be played into the ground, unless Arteta starts to rotate him to allow him to recharge his batteries.

  8. Martinelli is a great talent no doubt. His chance will surely come. I would be interested if MA decides in a formation of Laca, Martinelli and Saka in the front 3 or rotate Saka, ESR and Martinelli. Sadly we dont have European football for all the players to get game time. Also Patino is waiting in the wings. I only assume that when the FA Cup starts, all will get enough game time, along with League Cup. Also, I feel that Martinelli should be brought on in the PL games when either Saka or ESR look tired or out of sorts.

  9. He needs to go on loan in the championship… we need to fetch in new strikers guys how do u see these here..
    Victor osimhen
    Sasa khaljdic
    Ollie witkins

  10. hmm time will tell,this players will become stars in other teams oneday and there we will start looking for them back

  11. I’m all for giving fringe players game time and starts, minutes, whatever but not at the expense of results.

    guys you need to be a little more practical here, We are not in the ”best ” of form, things are getting closer i feel to how we want to play but you need foundations first.

    The only player worth dropping is Auba but then do you really want a front 3 of 20 years olds?
    When the going gets tough its hard for those young players to get a grip of the game.

    If anything give him a loan spell in January to a prem club and see how he gets on there, it wont stunt his development anymore than sitting on our bench is doing

  12. Saliba, Guendouzi, Martinelli. They are not Artetas signings, he wants to build his team, he holds grudges and is a micromanaging control nut who suffocates creative self expression. Results show the state of reality. Sadly some who have watched for the last two years are living in hope that the teams game will change. Hope is not enough….we need empirical change. For so long we have played, 95% of the time, low level micromanaged football.

  13. Arteta needs to rotate, Martinelli should come in for Saka, to get game time and avoid playing Saka into injury,

    IMO, Aubameyang should be rotated with Martinelli, where Lacazette comes in to give the front line experience,

    Martinelli could give Lacazette the speed he requires, while Lacazette gives Martinelli the hold-up play he lacks.

  14. Maybe a loan spell is in cards. But there has been no indications from the plaayer’s camp of any discontent(yet). Dont think the hate part that is going on is also true. Bias might come in play, but its not like MA has totally shunned him yet. Yeah, maybe he got less game time, first being eased back and now maybe he is not able to adjust to the controlled style of play. A loan might be the best case scenario and at worst he can always fetch more than Eddie lol (hopefully that point wont come.) I think he is still in the plans because MA has not been inconsistent in his conduct with Marty yet like I feel he was with Matteo.

  15. We should organize a January loan deal to a premier league team that is willing to give him regular playing time. Martinelli was very promising, IMO he had the same potential as Saka. If we do not make top 4 this season I believe there will be no justification for continuing under Arteta’s leadership. Martinelli will be back from loan and hopefully the next manager will get the best out of him, Saliba and all our youngsters.

  16. Martinelli is training rigorously and he is biding his time, by studying his opponents vigorously. His chances will come and he will be ready for those days. Good luck Gabriel Martinelli, we are all backing you to have a great future with the Arsenal. We need an other goal-scorer to arrive, maybe Martinelli will be perfect timing, opportunity knocks.

  17. I like his energy and directness but he’s shown recently that he doesn’t have the experience yet to get around being marked and has been very ineffective in recent showings, so I don’t get why people think he should take a place in the team from players like Saka/Odegaard/ESR/etc. Time will tell if he’s genuinely good enough, or just a flash in the pan.

    1. The team selection Martinelli played in was crap. That is not the team that won the matches. He played in a midfield without Party.

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