Arsenal’s favourite son – David Seaman?

There are some players who, for reasons that aren’t wholly apparent, become firm fan favourites – David Seaman isn’t one of those. It’s all too apparent why this goalkeeper was one of Arsenal fans’ favourite players, and why he continues to be remembered fondly.

One of the premier league’s best ever goalkeepers – and one of the world’s best goalkeepers – in his prime David Seaman was instantly recognisable because of his unusually long hair in the world of well-kept footballers. Though he cut it off for charity in 2005, in a weird twist, Seaman admitted in earlier this year that he still keeps his iconic ponytail in a drawer at home!

Known as ‘safe hands’, Seaman is now a regular on the speaking circuit, and appears at events of all kinds to talk about his dazzling career and share anecdotes about his time at Arsenal during one of the club’s most successful periods.

The Yorkshireman is also available as a motivational speaker; the unusual age to which he played professional football gives him an unusual insight into the value of perseverance and hard work. The impressive standing which he holds in the eyes of many football fans also makes his an authoritative voice – keep reading to find out why.

Early life

David Seaman grew up in Rotherham, a town in the West Riding of Yorkshire, and began his career playing for Leeds United, the team which he had always supported. It must have come as a shock, then, when Manager Eddie Gray sent him to Peterborough shortly afterwards – the then manager had been Seaman’s favourite player as a child.

After spells with Birmingham City and Queen’s Park Rangers, Seaman was eventually transferred to Arsenal in 1990, after a series of complex negotiations and a transfer fee of £1.3 million – at the time, a British record for a goalkeeper.

Time with Arsenal

When Seaman joined Arsenal, they were very much on the up and up – and his time with the club coincided with one of the most successful periods in history for the team.

During his first season at Arsenal, Seaman conceded just 19 goals in the 38 matches of the league, and the club claimed the title in May of that year. Over the next couple of years the team, with Seaman as a crucial member, won silverware in the form of the FA Cup, League Cup and European Cup Winners’ Cup.

The lucky streak that Arsenal was on continued with Arsene Wener’s recruitment as manager, and under him the team was more or less unstoppable, thanks in part to Seaman’s goalkeeping.


David Seaman’s career was ended eventually by the niggling injuries which bothered him for much of the latter years of his time with Arsenal. To this day he is considered one of Arsenal and one of England’s best ever goalkeepers, and since leaving football Seaman has continued to appear in the public eye. David is particularly popular as an after dinner speaker, along with many other ex-Arsenal legends (if you want to book him for a special evening contact his agents MN2S). He has also appeared on TV shows such as Strictly Come Dancing and Dancing on Ice.


  1. It’s been long since I heard from ‘safe hands’.Currently, our club is not in safe hands. He should came and take over from ‘insecure hands’ so that our club will be in safe hands and we would not have to suffer the torture of being in insecure hands.

  2. OT – Someone know the code to the Fantasy Premier League’s private league that Fatboy Gooney made for the JustArsenal members? Please comment below.

    I have lost all interest with these dealings. I know Arsenal will maybe slog and brush aside Liverpool and Leicester. Then the entire camp including the gullible fans will act as if we are a force to reckon with. Everyone will laugh on ignoring the glaring loopholes in the side. And the next thing you know is Gradel running circles around our defence at the Vitality scoring a hattrick. I just can’t even bother anymore.

  3. OT: On skysports, Wenger said Pogba ticks all boxes.. .

    Since He ticks all boxes, then please get us a striker and defender that ticks all boxes.

    Unless he hasn’t seen any player that ticks the right box or he is yet to find the right player.

    Is it just me, I don’t like how Wenger goes around talking about other teams transfer. .

    1. I feel the same sometimes. I think Wenger is highly intelligent, and he seems to have an opinion on just about everything. But just because he’s asked, it doesn’t mean he should even bother. I would like to see him go radio silent, or tv silent, and just put all of his thoughts on the job at hand.

      1. The more Wenger is the headline, the less pressure on the team….. why not throw the media a snippet to make a story.

  4. Even teams like West ham, Cyrstal Palace, Everton and Swansea are doing whats within their power to buy attacking players, even overpaying if thats what it takes.

    I think Swansea have done the best in getting forwards in Llorente and Borja Baston. The latter had a great season last year. However they must make sure he doesn’t turn out to be a another Michu. Even then they still had a bid for Slimani but it was rejected by Sporting Lisbon.

    Midtable team more active than Wenger. He can’t find a solution to problems running for 5 years in needing a top CF and top CB. He thinks he is better than any manager out there, because he is doing things his own way.

  5. David Seaman, yeah, they were the days. Immense Keeper in front of an immense back four (I was gonna say unit, but it didn’t read too well). Old safe hands, the safest, but lock your daughters up all the same!

  6. ol’ Safehands was a ledge alright, I can’t understand why the club hasn’t done all in its power to make him the GK coach

    He learnt from Bob Wilson, who improved him no end. Remember the impact he had on penalty saves! David would be able to impart all those years of knowledge and experience in an inspiring manner such is his exuberant natural enthusiasm and love for our club

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