Arsenal’s final confirmed team of 2022 as we end year against Brighton

Arsenal’s last line-up of 2022 has been confirmed ahead of our clash with Brighton at the AmEx Stadium.

We were already aware of the loss of Gabriel Jesus, who returned from the World Cup with an injury, while Arteta hinted that both Emile Smith Rowe and Takehiro Tomiyasu weren’t quite back to 100% in his pre-match press conference.

This lead us to predict an unchanged line-up from the one which took on West Ham on Boxing Day, although which player gets the nod at left-back is anybody’s guess.

Earlier predicted Arsenal XI:

White Saliba Gabriel Tierney
Partey Odegaard Xhaka
Saka Nketiah Martinelli

As you can see, it was the LB spot which denied us a correct prediction.

Was this the XI you wanted to see to see the year out with?



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  1. Strongest team without Gabriel Jesus we have. I am a massive fan of Zinchenko, a top class intelligent player. I predict a battle that turns into the Martinelli show.

  2. If Everton can keep Man City at bay, our boys shouldn’t miss the opportunity to widen the gap. Nketiah’s and Odegaard’s high pressing efforts will be crucial to ruin Brighton’s short passes from the back

  3. 98 mins gone still 1-1 and still at least another three mins left.WHAT IS GOING ON AT CITY. HAS TIME STOOD STILL????

      1. That’s fair enough but they still added 2 minutes to it when normally and certainly for Arsenal when we are chasing they blow on the dot or within 30 seconds regardless of the stoppages in stoppage. Wish the world would adopt the initial WC attitude of adding the correct time for everything. It would cut down on stoppages slightly and perhaps lead to other reforms. Why we can’t have an in-play stop-clock like American sports is beyond me. It’s not an Americanisation it’s just common sense that America happened to get right in their sports. If that lead to shorter halves overall say 40 min but still more football is actually being played that we can watch then we all win and it’s much much fairer as everyone plays the same gametime.

        1. Yeah was a little too much but to be fair Everton time wasting was disgusting and so exaggerated the ref had to give some time.

          1. In that case (I wasn’t watching) City probably should have had even longer. That is how it should be. A set amount of time for the ball to be in play so everyone has a fair crack. That is it. There is no issue with technology there wasn’t 20+ years ago in this regard and most fans if explained to them that they get to see more actual football would be on board. Makes you question the powers that be who are totally immune to fan criticism anyway. Why don’t they do it? The only reason not to is to allow for subtle corruption there is no other positive to the current system compared. They have never been afraid of fan opinion when comes to numerous issues anyway so if they trot out the tradition and fan backlash etc. as an excuse they are lying.

  4. Draws for City and for Newcastle despite City having 12 min stoppage. Big opportunity here now. Let’s hope the guys seize it baring Jesus it’s our top 11 no excuses.

  5. This is what happens when you wish your direct opponent well and wish your beloved team a loss.
    They claim they love Arsenal and know football better than anyone on JA.

    1. Exactly Phenom, some so called realists claim to have watched Arsenal for a century, therefore they know better than everyone. COYG.

      1. Ignore those realists Angelo, even why Arsenal are playing against chicks, I will always wish my beautiful team well.

    1. Yea I’ve just seen their team ,missing key players ,good time to take advantage of the other teams dropping points

  6. Just shows how difficult this league is , so it could still be a point gained on us.
    But I hope we can get by Brighton and take all 3 pts.
    These have been a dodgy team for us so taking nothing for granted.
    1-0 I expect us to come away from a very hard away fixture , fingers crossed.

  7. I watched the city game and all I can say, if we manage our fixtures we’ve got a chance. City will lose games, we will lose games for sure it all comes down to how many we’ll lose. City are a shadow of what they were last season they afford teams far too much space and are actually misplacing passes! At times, Everton players had acres of space to run into but couldnt do sh*t

    1. Haaland as good as he is has disrupted their established system. Similarly Sterling offered something very different to Grealish at LW. They are still the yardstick but not infallible and are vulnerable to excessive midfield injuries especially if it includes Foden/Grealish.

    2. Last season City lost 11 pts against the so called ‘small’ teams, they’ve already dropped 9 pts this season.

      Buying Haaland actually made them more predictable and pep completely choking on substitution.

    3. It’s weird, de bruyne’s influence seems to be growing each year, and maybe they’ve just become overly reliant on that one player?
      At the same time, haaland is scoring at a rate we haven’t seen in this league, and they don’t look especially weak at the back, so I’m not sure what to make of it. Could it be that other problem of a great goal scorer hurting the team because they don’t get so involved with the play, as we saw recently with Cristiano Ronaldo?

    1. cricfree still works but is sporadic. streamhunter . eu might be a good option. Watching on nowtv personally but that’s a pay option

  8. When we worry about our game too much, it’s usually game that we win easily. Let’s see how this will end

  9. I wouldn’t worry too much.since Potter left ,Brighton have been conceding more goals,they are more open defensively.

  10. Big big goal. Brighton are a good side but that goal puts them in a terrible spot now. Saka/Odegaard 21/24 crazy and not a flash in the pan joint 2nd/1st goalscorers for us. Other joint 2nd Martinelli (21).


  11. What’s this unnecessary waist of time for? We 2 up, 2min to halve time and we are receiving Yellow card for wait of time

    1. You must be new to Gabriel’s shithousery! my only worry is he’s on a yellow noe and knowing who he is, i just cant rest.

    1. thought Martinelli was bad. he lost almost every ball. had some good movements but with the ball he seems shaky. as he was last game also. he is not in a good form.

      1. He is cutting in every single time on his right foot hence making it easy for lamprey to defend.

        Needs to go to his left and hit it like vs west ham

        1. 2 goals have come from his movement ,not sure how he’s been bad .
          Oh just scored one as well as I type .

  12. De Zerbi made Brighton possess the ball and press very well. I wouldn’t be surprised if he moves to a bigger club in 2024

    Fortunately, our boys were clinical and defended very well

    1. Exactly GAI. The type of coach I would love at arsenal if we needed one. He’s a true coach not just a manager. Brighton look like a very well coached team.

      1. It’s amazing to see what he could make within a short period of time, but he also inherited some well-trained players from Potter

    2. Brighton is fantastically run. Using state-of-the-art statistics/algorithms mixed with real-world applications. Tony Bloom is a legendary football bettor (gambler full stop, poker, horse racing.) So the next time someone says statistics are pointless etc. point them at Brighton and Bloom’s personal fortune.

    3. As I wrote earlier,he also made them more open to counter attacks, they’ve also been conceding more goals too.

  13. HT. TWO NIL UP. Our odds for the title are plummeting. Now backable as short as 6/4.

    Who would have predicted THAT back in EARLY AUGUST!!

  14. The same type of possession we had against United but still managed to lose the game. We have another game on Jan 3rd. It’s foolhardy obsessing over possession than the 3 points at stake.

    All that matters in this game is get the 3 points, conserve energy, avoid injuries and unnecessary yellow cards. Arsenal have created more clear-cut chances and goal scoring opportunities and had more touches in Brighton’s 18-yard box.

    Most importantly, they’ve been clinical. Saying they are ‘fortunate’ is ridiculous.

  15. Amazing what a good back four does for the nerves. Hit em on the break boys. Wow Martin O is becoming World Class.

  16. Odegaard is gradually turning into a world class player. You get the feeling he’s going to score in almost every game. He could have scored in our last game.

    He is mastering the art of arriving in the box and occupying strategic position, similar to Gundogan and KDB.

      1. He scored in 3 games since January prior to our current/last, nevermind he didn’t start until April or he scored 5 in 8 and that time. The important stat was 3 games since January it beggars belief. Has 11 in 11 at the Emirates all competitions so it’s insane. If he was the Brazillian Edinho reactions would be different.

        1. Exactly. His goal scoring rate is very, very good, but people keep acting like he’s proven he isn’t good enough when really he proved the opposite last season when he came in. (Losing top 4 had nothing to do with him).

          1. The important point was he’s one of his own, with a repeatedly publicly stated outstanding attitude who had a good goal-scoring record at lower levels. At the bare minimum, he deserved support until he proved otherwise.

  17. I love the early substitutions. Good to see Tomiyasu is back and will get some minutes. We need him to cancel out the threat by Almiron in our next game.

  18. Martinelli know how to score a quick fire that halts the opposition’s momentum. Same thing he did against Leicester. Just when they thought they could do a comeback, Pele Godson steps up. That boy is a baller and mentality monster!

  19. What’s happening? Since when last did we concede dis much goals? Arteta change too quick, this is Brighton not Bournemouth

  20. Making hard work of an otherwise good performance. Mini test, I believe we’ll be fine. Disallowed now so totally fine.

  21. Massive win. We didn’t dominate the play but were efficient. I was worried about this one – Brighton are a tough side for anybody, especially at their place

    1. Extremely well-run club, honestly thank god they don’t have insane investments otherwise they’d be a threat to everyone.

  22. Really entertaining game! It would have been an anticlimax to drop points in this game. We must prepare well for the Newcastle game.

  23. For all the pundits saying we do not have a plan B without Jesus.well tonight’s game is the perfect answer.sharing the goals is the answer.

    1. Where was the City plan B when it was 1-1. City was the better team but there was no plan B to overcome the unlikely 1-1.

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