Arsenal’s first signing nearly complete – Alexis replacement?

It is looking more and more likely that Alexis Sanchez will be leaving Arsenal this summer, with the news that his Chilean team-mate and friend Arturo Vidal has been tapping him up for Bayern Munich. Speaking to reporters in Chile, Vidal said: “I told him it was the opportunity for him to be in a big team.

“If he wants to compare with the best, he has to go to the best team.”

You can’t say that Vidal is wrong, especially when you think about how the German giants brushed the Gunners aside in the Champions League, so it would seem imperative that Wenger starts bringing in some big names to soften the blow of losing our Duracell Bunny. But it looks like our first signing is nearly completed, as the Sky reporter Kaveh Solhekol has revealed that the young Nigerian striker Henry Onyekuru is ready for talks on his personal terms.

Kaveh also revealed that there is a host of other English and European clubs interested in the man who scored 25 goals from the wing last season, but it looks like Arsenal is his preferred destination at the moment. He is a winger/striker it seems, so could be a perfect replacement for Alexis in the future if he settles quickly into London life.

I, for one, am looking forward to seeing him in action in pre-season. He could turn into a great bargain one day….



  1. yagoonersya says:

    Onyekuru! that kind of signing explains why wenger can’t coach himself out of a paper bag.Arsenal finishing is poor you saw that against Chelsea. All we need to hope about a title is big name striker

    1. Kostafi says:

      I really tire when people put down youngers. Who knew Mbappe last summer? No one except maybe Wenger who went to his parents home to try to seal a deal. Now he is being marketed for £80m. Gabriel Jesus I saw online yesterday was painting streets a couple of years ago…
      Do we need another centre forward? Yes, because Welbeck’s finishing is poor despite the other good aspects of his game and Giroud seems to have his magic moments so he is best saved for that. We have the dreaded Europa league coming, which was the spring board for Harry Kane to hone is goal scoring. If any forward we have goes on a free Europa scoring run, by all means lets see if that can be translated into the league.
      I am still Wenger Out tho, only with the good sense to back Arsenal not Arsene. We need another top keeper if Ospina goes, a top DM for those difficult away games where Rambo goes off on one, and a quality CF who can actually finish. I dont know where Mahrez fits but like Hazard PL POTS are always quality, so I’d have him.

      1. ks-gunner says:

        Just bec you heard this player bec of Wenger doesnt mean that other havent heard of him

        A fantastic youngstar does not cost just 7 mil and Mbappe being at Monaco means something

        In the end of the day, we know those players at times at first but others do buy them if chance given, thats the diff between wannabes and the real deal

        1. JembutArsene says:

          Just because you can type a computer after graduated the high school diploma at your 50’s, doesn’t mean it makes your smarter than a toddler, you’re about as useful as an ashtray on a motorcycle. As arsenal fans, the problem we face is how to remove an owner who has shown no ambition, no commitment and no love for the club. He is the worst thing that has ever happened to arsenal.

          1. ks-gunner says:

            The first step to remove the owner champ, is to get rid of Wenger as he is the only one who keeps the fans at bay from turning against the board

            Wenger is the perfect salesman, and Stan is loving it

            Take the money out of the Yank, and he will be gone in an instant, now do the math

          2. JembutArsene says:

            So then why your so called group of better arsenal with wanting sir arsene out is fading and the silent majority are quite and not go along with your vitriol?

            Arsene is still admired by many of silent dedicated and cultured majority fans, unlike yours, that’s why you have to accept it or support other team if you don’t like it.

            You won’t be missed.

          3. ks-gunner says:

            So you make your self to believe as i said before, the fanboy in you is very strong

            I will be waiting coz nothing last forever, and you and Wenger will perish in time due of old age


          4. ArseOverTit says:

            ignore him Ks, and he will go away and return to whence he came..

            Either that or knock himself out like a pigeon fighting his reflection in a pane of glass

      2. funkyrith says:

        All the names you told did not come to Arsenal for a reason. May be our scouting is poor, and we have a gr8 facility but bad group of academy players.

  2. Muffdiver wants change...not for arsenal...for.the vending machine, I'm thirsty as f### says:

    No one can replace sanchez
    Especially a 19 year old from Belgian league
    He looks promising an a good deal
    We will get behind him of course but aubemeyang is going to psg for 60 – not worth a bid?!

    1. Frank says:

      He could be the next big thing, look at what Mbappe has achieved in a year so I think it is worth buying the kid. He can’t be any worse than Sanogo.

      1. Kostafi says:

        He certainly cannot haha

  3. JembutArsene says:

    Let’s just not invested in the vitriolic nonsense created by a section of angry fans associated with the club, least of all the dross can attract. Wenger was OFFERED a deal to stay and has said yes. Bend it all you like but he’s not the biggest issue, Kroenke is.

    1. yagoonersya says:

      you celebrate Arsene signing a 9m a year contract will you get a share of that for being a wenger sheep! Grow up

      1. JembutArsene says:

        Seeing as you like repeating yourself, have you got anything to say about wanting Sir Arsene out? I was hoping for a battle of wits but it would be wrong to attack someone who’s totally unarmed. You should show they truly support the team no matter what the results, by accepting the status quo, letting matters proceed and then hoping that the board find the “world class” manager they are looking for. Indeed in a rational world populated with rational beings, those who believe Mr Wenger is a major cause of what they see as the club’s failings, would now debate the issue from the point of view of their final objectives. That is, “what is it that we really want?” and “what is the most likely way of getting it?” If the answer to that question of what they want is “Mr Wenger out now,” then I think most people will acknowledge that the current owner and current board are highly unlikely to bend to pressure from fans. Stan doesn’t rank among one of the worst owners? sure about that? Cannot think of worse ownership among the top 15 teams in Europe. We’re easily the worst among the English top flight, which is cause enough for disdain. This notion he lets the manager spend what the club makes is absolutely unfounded in evidence. It’s a PR slogan of sustainability. I won’t even delve into how idealistic that is in the top echelons of European football. Football is a speculative sport anyway. If you want to run a sports team in a risk averse, profit guaranteed way with a minimum of financial commitment; don’t buy a ‘soccer’ team. There are guarantees in american sports- draft picks, wage caps , no relegation etc.- that don’t exist in soccer. Wenger gets discussed quite literally EVERY day, yet you can’t manage to broaden the conversation to encompass all elements of Arsenal fc. That speaks volumes on you, not about anyone able to engage on a wider topic. You’re utterly fixated with Wenger and any discourse that doesn’t explicitly reference Wenger or hold him wholly responsible is met with a backlash of nonsense as seen above. Your input is pathetic. How about you stick to posters who speak your lingo; let others who discuss Arsenal deeper to have that conversation without your anemic commentary. Deep down, you are fully aware of what an appalling owner he is and are as fearful of his impact on arsenal as I am. However, you are also aware of how difficult it is to dislodge any owner of a football club- particularly someone like him- and have resigned yourself to the fact that we are stuck with him. So, you are hoping that in spite of the dead hand of Kroenke, Gazidis might be able to manoeuvre something. He might be able to edge wenger out , get a new, young coach full of fresh ideas and we’ll still have be able to tug enough cash out of Kroenke’s hands to build a side that could still seriously compete. It is possible. What I do not believe, is that you think Kroenke is anything more than very bad for arsenal, and that with a better more ambitious owner, arsenal wouldn’t have done a lot better since 2007. Telling true fans to stop living in the past, all the while bringing the past to slate Wenger, bunch of hypocrites, very slow and with some caution people are seeing improvement and potential, we are getting better whether you like it or not. We are looking like clicking and its exciting for our fans who haven’t had this feeling for a while, i just struggle to understand why most you don’t want us to do well individually and collectively, most of you are the most baffling people on here.

        Sir Arsene will be here for 2 more years, stop the moaning and get behind the team or you will not be missed.



        1. ks-gunner says:

          Sir my ass, hahaha

          We not doing better, actually we are breaking negative records lately way to often, and i will be not surprised that uefa leauge teams wil come and beat us as well in the near future

          1. JembutArsene says:

            Oh, the angry kid is back. Guy, must Arsene see the need to answer every question asked? Is there something in his contract that says he must give an answer to every question?
            I think our football is still pretty good to watch and has the potential to be vintage.
            The fact that our football remained good, if ultimately unsuccessful, throughout the times we couldn’t afford to lose Ozil and Sanchez allows me to respect Arsene even more.

            You’re about as useful as Anne Frank’s drum kit. I’m not saying your stupid, I’m just saying you have little luck when it comes to thinking.

            Not a surprise you ain’t getting this whole football and the youth policy was a failed project thing with your limited brain power. If that belligerence makes you uncomfortable its only due to the crudeness.

            ARSENE KNOWS BEST.

          2. ks-gunner says:

            I am not angry old man, but its just that your fanboisem at this old age of yours is a bit irritating

            Soon enough though you will be back into hiding when team likes Besiktas Kebab fc will come to visit

          3. ks-gunner says:

            There is a big diff between Besiktas kebab fc and Galata old man, but i dont blame you for not knowing this

            Kebab was invented in Berlin ( Ich liebe Deutscheland) so you better appreciate my funny name callings in the future

          4. JembutArsene says:

            At least don’t say it to any turkish fans for caution awareness.

            Off from work now, at least the banter here not as ugly as le grove.

            Your doing a fine job here to civilize things around here, pretty pic ADMIN girl, or man, or both of man and girl.

            PEACE OUT.

          5. GunnerJack says:

            Does anyone have any idea what this means:
            “The fact that our football remained good, if ultimately unsuccessful, THROUGHOUT THE TIMES WE COULDN’T AFFORD TO LOSE OZIL AND SANCHEZ . . . blah, blah, blah
            That sentence is completely meaningless. Just think about it:
            Throughout what times exactly i.e. do you mean we could afford to lose Ozil and Sanchez at some time in the past season? If so please enlighten us of any time we could afford to lose them? Basically, what on earth are you gibbering on about?

          6. lord wafflebury says:

            Oops seems like you copied and pasted in the wrong place dude….exactly the same word for word you used on me 3 articles

          7. Jimbeam says:

            Blah blah blah blah, Specialist in failure fanboy and his senseless drivel.

            Stan is a horrible owner, he has no passion for the sport and will not play the sugar daddy so he is completely useless.

            But that does not get Arsene off the hook. He has done less good moves in the transfer market then bad ones. He has had much more money to spent then Klopp or Pochettino and finished behind them. He has finally changed tactics after 10 years for the last 10 matches. Conte had the guts to do it in September, they finished 18 points above us.
            Wenger has free reign and has no one and i mean absolutely no one to blame but himself.
            I am an Arsenal fan not a Stan or Arsene fan. You can be both you know, Actually if you are a true fan of Arsenal you should be opposing the reign of Stan AND Arsene

  4. yagoonersya says:

    Anyone who doesn’t love Arsenal and playing for Arsenal is the last person we want at our beloved club.If Alexis is Munich bound swap him with kimich or Costa he hasn’t improved the status of Arsenal above what it is.If his heart is not at Arsenal then don’t water a dead flower

    1. JembutArsene says:

      Yes, yes, yaya is a gooner.

    2. Guneal says:

      Those days good players love a club are long gone. These days good players love money and to win. Give them one of those and they will stay, two of those and they will be a legend.

  5. Kedar Damle says:

    Not even close to Sanchez…. We would require 2 or 3 players combined in starting line up to replace Sanchez…

  6. JPS_AFC1 says:

    Yes he could turn out to be a bargain buy, however to say this kid is Alexis’s replacement is just sillyness. You think a kid from the Belgian league who is 21 years old can replace one off the best players in the world is crazy talk. This is what I hate about our beloved club and manager always trying to shop in the dollar store to replace world class players. Only Griezmann, Lacazette, Aubamayang or Mahrez can replace Alexis. Come on guys seriously

  7. yagoonersya says:

    Wenger signed the contract and this the only season he has failed to hit his boss target in 20yrs why not! but I would like to Henry managing Arsenal he is allowed to mess abit with all he achieved with us.Give that legend a chance

    1. tas says:

      yagoonersya respect to you but…..
      Can we pls drop this players as managers nonsense, i have nothing against TH becoming a Arsenal manager but pls pls let him have at least ten minutes of managing a team first before letting him have the 6th richest club in the world,
      its like you give your 17 year old kid with no driving experience or license the keys to the Ferrari because he has sit next to you when your driving MAKES NO SEANCE

    2. JembutArsene says:

      So Stan Kroenke did what we knew he’d do and signed Wenger up to another two years. Please please please instead of all the empty threats about being done with Arsenal or stopping your ‘support’…..please please please just piss off as you give Arsenal fans a bad name and bring embarrassment to the club, and if your a season ticket holder who doesn’t want to be there then give up your ticket and let someone who really wants to go and support the team have the ticket.

      Life is too short to moan all the time, find a hobby, an interesting one like milking a cow or whatever.


      1. ks-gunner says:

        life must be good if you live with having a loser mentality

        1. JembutArsene says:

          It must be difficult for you, exhausting your entire vocabulary in one sentence eh kiddo. It’s not my fault you have problems comprehending posts, so you can call me a Wenger lover all you like, it’s one name that doesn’t faze me unlike most of you. Some on here look at things dispassionately when it comes to issues around Arsenal unlike you Wenger out keyboard militants who seem to believe you are pushing him out by commenting on blog.
          Kroenke is the main issue at arsenal fc, not wenger. Whatever anyone thinks about wenger’s ability as a coach, he spends what he is given, like all managers.

          I’ll always put the Club above any manager or player. I simply see things differently from most people here. For me AW has been, and continues to be, an excellent manager. For me its not simply about results, – but even if it was, his record is extraordinary – its about his commitment, ethic and vision. As far as I’m concerned he can stay as long as he wants. However, when he does leave I’ll be right behind his successor and on we’ll go together. If you don’t like it then support chelsea or citeh whatever, there is always a choice.

          You will not be missed, SIR ARSENE KNOWS BEST.

          1. bran99 says:

            you reply a one line sensible comment with a 2 paragraphs comment and still the whole of it is nonsense!! you must be very free

  8. Tello says:

    we need 2-3 defenders, 1 central midfielder, 1 striker (in this order of importance) as long as we can keep alexis & özil. but since they will leave us it’s going to be even more complicated. I am absolutely wondering what happens in the next few months..

  9. khangunners says:

    Wow admin wow! Are you for real calling him sanchez replacement!! If that is the case we are in for a long season once again

  10. Goonergaz59 says:

    You are rite he could be a future Arsenal star but he could also be another yaya sanogo

  11. Gwin says:

    At the moment, arsenal is clouded in negativity and the media and some of us are to blame. At moment, who would want to play for a team that has some fans( albeit a few) who would boo him at the slightest opportunity. Some of us need an attitude change so the cloud of negativity around our cloud can be lifted.

    1. Kostafi says:

      How would Robbie and the AFTV gang make any money?

    2. khangunners says:

      I think pple are wrong. The booing made both the manager and the players to wake up. No way could wenger hve gone with 3 at the back if not for fans discontent and pressure. When you just cheer then nothing good will come criticism is key in order to be successful

  12. tas says:


    Arsen Wanger signs two year deal

    1. tas says:

      i bet Pep Guardiola will get the sack end of next year if they don’t win EPL and he can come to arsenal where he belongs

      1. khangunners says:

        Pl is a tough league and to win it you hve to be very consistent. Pep to will hve to ensure his team is consistent or i dont see it happening. Its not how you start or how you end it’s more how constant you are with wins thats what wins you pl and its one of the reasons we fail

      2. JembutArsene says:

        We should put you on bargain backyard sale of useless fans.

        Sing with me now, One Arsene Wenger.

      3. Gwin says:

        What makes you think he would fail with all the riches at his disposal at City but be a success at arsenal with less funds if he is sacked. I don’t see any logic in that line of reasoning.

        1. tas says:

          Gwin its simple his bosses are not pleased with him this season and if he fails next season his sacked, other clubs are not like arsenal you don’t get time on top and yes they will spend probably around 300M, City needs to change more players then Arsenal in the near future and as we all know new players need to settle and some fail, that’s why they are trying to steal EPL players who already conditioned, if they fail to attract the likes of Sanchez and some spud players he could have problems next season,

          The reason i would like to see pep here at arsenal because we play the way he knows to manage, with only couple of changes we could have success and to get those couple of top players he is the man not Arsen

  13. GoonerKev84 says:

    Jembut you’re right there is only one Arsene Wenger where else would you find a grey haired beanpole who makes 9 million a year sitting on his hands and getting rewarded for it? If you find him let us all know and I don’t mean a lookalike i mean a man who draws up his own contracts and signs them. Guy Roux used to do it at Auxere he was manager when the titanic went down and still manager when James Cameron won an Oscar for the movie titanic.

    1. JembutArsene says:

      So prepare yourself for the possible lifetime endless contract renewal as long as our King alive.


  14. joy says:

    Pls who is dat I Henry oyekuru self

  15. LtDan says:


    So you think one big name striker is the answer ? Just going on the reputation of “a big name” will get us the results we’d like ?

    Most of the those big named strikers are already tied up in contracts which only then leaves the “Nearly Rans” or footballing journeymen who just want to finish their illustrious careers earning a big wage based on their previous conquests whilst still playing at the highest level.

    Also, letting Henry take charge of management/coaching at the club. Are you for real ? Just because he was one of our greatest ever players, it doesn’t mean he’ll be anything like a good coach. You think the rest of the premiership will tremble just because an ex big name is back at the club and in charge. It would be a disaster, all he’d do is try to live on his past glory and fail. He’d then get a backlash from the rest of the footballing world especially here in the UK and we’d be even more of a laughing stock as far as the media and punditry world were concerned.

    We can’t just get a big name striker or an unproven ex player and think that’s going to be the answer !

    Your’e always on here shouting to the rafters about Wenger out and putting down people that don’t agree with your brand of idiocy but you don’t have anything worthwhile to say other than to berate people who don’t want to think like you.

    Your’re much more of a fantasist than Wenger………….why don’t you leave the Arsenal support to others that do it much better than you

  16. gunner 71 says:

    I am interested to see how Alexis does at another club other than Arsenal. Made his name with us and had a wonderful season but it could be out of the frying pan into the fire.

    1. LtDan says:

      your’e absolutely right. At the moment he’s a big fish in a big pond but going to a “bigger club” with bigger egos and perhaps more rigorous regime might actually stifle him.

      At Arsenal, he was allowed to play in a top club, in one of the hardest leagues in the world and excel. Which was only down to the management style of Wenger who gives his players a lot of autonomy by allowing them to express themselves.

      Unfortunately, this autonomy and self expression has often led to disarray and a disjointed, non consistent playing style.

      I don’t think Sanchez will be allowed such a free reign at other clubs and definitely didn’t enjoy that at Barca. Saying that though……..he’s a very determined player and don’t think he’ll have any problems following a regime but, he’ll definitely miss Arsenal and the fans !

    2. bran99 says:

      he was a beast at Udinese, he was very good at Barca (no one can compete with Messi in the same team), he is a beast at Arsenal.. what more do you want from him? with his never die attitude do you think he won’t succeed else where? he is a very hard worker, and remember the saying, ” hard work beats talent”

      1. LtDan says:

        I wasn’t criticising him explicitly. I was was saying that because he is a hard worker and willing to put a shift in under pretty much a free reign, which he’s got at Arsenal and allows him to be a major force is a credit to the manager.

        What I was also implying that, because Arsene Wenger does have the free reign policy with many of his players, the whole team seems disjointed at times. I was also implying in support of Sanchez staying with Arsenal, that he might not have that free reign at another club and might not be as potent, meaning I hope he realises what he’s got from us.

        And in response to Abel below……….who is obviously the oracle of world football……I don’t need Sanchez’ CV from Udinese or Barca to realise how good a player he is. And illustrates my point to some degree. At Barca it is a big club, big players and big expectations and egos and as a result of that, he was relegated to the bench because of that. Maybe Sanchez wouldn’t comply with the role that Guardiola had him play. Didn’t pass to the the clubs idol that was Messi and wanted to plough his own furrow. At Arsenal he has been allowed to do just that which is what I meant when I said he made his name at Arsenal in a more exclusive sense as it applies to Arsenal.

    3. Abel says:

      Unfortunately, your football knowledge is poor otherwise how would you say Alexis made his name with us? He was phenomenal at Udinese before moving to Barcelona where he was relegated to the bench by Pep cause he hugged the ball too much and wasn’t passing to Messi Al the time. Even so, he w electric and scored lots of great goals whenever he played.

  17. Big G says:

    Alexis replacement, I don’t think so.

  18. Wolf says:

    Looks to me no different than what Wenger does every season buy on the cheap when we need world class proven quality.
    One FA cup win and all’s rosey again is it? Either here is populated with AKB’s or people with short memories. Aubamayang looks like he wants a move why we not bidding? Wenger is a bargain basement dweller is why and I see no change in his attitude towards the transfer window. He should of stepped…blud

  19. ks-gunner says:

    Well Fans have had always this option

    Support the team, but what are we fans going to do when those we are supposed to support do run off away this club?

    Arsenal has become an emty club, without any drive and ambition, those who have it, do leave, those who have it not do stay

    1. JembutArsene says:

      The emirates wil always be full of true supporters, look at the waiting list.

      1. ArseOverTit says:

        Ah yes ‘true’ supporters…;)

        no it will be, like it has fast become; full of football tourists, season ticket loaners, and half and half wearing football ‘fans’, who spend big at the armoury and take selfies and tweet while Arsene and his teams come in second best like they have in the league and europe for 13 and 22 years respectively.

        the ‘Brand’ is definitely booming BUT the club is slowly dying as a result.

        I’m guessing you don’t even live in the country let alone the North side of London, and have no idea of the realities surrounding our football club and never will. Still, keep it simple eh.

        1. khangunners says:

          Exactly most fans in the emirates or a huge bulk of them are not even arsenal fans

  20. amb98 says:

    If Sanchez is looking to go Bayern Munich then the club need to get some players of them in return e.g. Douglas Costa/Coman and Javi Martinez/Renato Sanches.

    Regarding Onyekuru, yes he is unproven and we do need a world class forward however he has scored over 20 goals for a team struggling in the Belgian league. I know the standard isn’t great but that is still a good achievement for someone so young. For £7 million it is a risk free purchase. Let’s not forget people like Kante, Mahrez and our own Kolo Toure who have come from similar footballing backgrounds e.g. lower teams in foreign countries and have been huge success stories.

    1. vinie2000 says:

      Where is Takuma Assano? The Asian Messi we bought last season? In Germany 2nd tier. Slickers and leeches stick to the King of failure. i would have loved to hear your comments If we have lost the FA CUP final. Once a loser always a loser. i did not renew my membership last season and i will not do it this year so those in waiting list carry on supporting this mid table mentality team. I had enough last season with humiliations all over UK and Europe so time to rest. I would rather spend some money on BT and watch games at home.Lucas will eave, Alexis is almost done and we get the Wonder from a league less competitive than the championship teams and all of you are looking forward for success. It said it all, let’s talk end December and see where Arsenal FC stands by then.My prediction? Out of the race as usual.

    2. bran99 says:

      you think Onyekuru will hit the ground running? this guy is new in the EPL, even though he is the top scorer in their league, EPL is different, this guy is another prospect, don’t we need finished products to compete for titles? let’s judge previous prospects, which of them fired us to the title? NONE. we need stars, finished products, beasts.

      our rivals are buying strong and known super stars and we are excited of Onyekuru? so many AKBs have lowered their mental thinking to that of Wenger, whatever he says or does then it’s the right thing and no one else can do it in this world, he is their God

      1. Abel says:

        Onyekuru, may or may not hit the ground running but he is an exceptional talent. If City got him first, you’d be here criticising Wenger and his scouts for lack of vision and ambition. I remember a certain Romelu Lukaku who was bought from the same Belgian League by Chelsea a few years ago when he was 17yrs. Fast forward a few years and he is one of the most sought after forwards in the EPL.

        1. bran99 says:

          I wouldn’t be the one to curse, Wenger would just add him to his I-nearly-signed list, I wouldn’t say anything. but If he turns into another Sanogo, what should we say? who should be judged? will the one who bought him (and the whole list of average players) be responsible for Arsenal downfall? or his loyal fans will be here defending him and mentioning all names of Henry, Van Persie, Bergkamp, Vieira and co. that we should judge him based on that list and not the list of Sanogos and some Asian flops he bought?

  21. Nebsy says:

    Guys, please read the club’s statement. It’s a mixture of satire and science fiction.
    Both Kroenke and Ivan Gazidis are saying that Arsenal wants to compete for the Premier League TITLE!
    So we have some great shows coming back this year. We’ve got Twin Peaks after 26 years, we’ve got Game Of Thrones season 7, we have Rick and Morty season 3, long awaited season two of the Attack on Titan anime is back, and we have Arsenal fake ambitions in an honest attempt to sell the merch season 2. What horrible human beings they are.

  22. Gworm says:

    I’m still waiting for someone to replace Wrighty…… Trying to find a ‘replacement’ for a great player is a bit like trying to replace your favourite jumper, you know, the one you’ve worn for years and which fits all the curves. Perhaps I could ask, who did Thierry Henry replace? Or Liam Brady, or Denis Bergkamp? I think you get the picture – great players are great players in their own right. The important thing is to get the balance of the side right by having the correct mix of offensive and defensive players. I suspect this is more of an art than a science and who knows if this kid is going to develop into a great player, but if he does, then he won’t be ‘replacing’ anyone.

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