Arsenal’s first transfer is not even real! According to the BBC

Some Arsenal fans were getting excited (although some were unimpressed!) that we were set to buy the young winger who scored 25 goals for his club KAS Eupen after the Sky reporter Kaveh Solhekol revealed that the young Nigerian striker Henry Onyekuru was ready for talks on his personal terms with the Gunners.

But now that has been flatly denied by David Ormstein from the BBC. The bigwig from the British TV station says that the story is completely fabricated! “The Nigerian striker [link], I’m told, is not a true story,” he said. “I don’t think that is happening.

“I don’t know whether that’s emanated from his club or agents around him but as things stand that is not happening.”

So that was just another agent trying to drum up interest in his client, or have Arsenal changed their minds about buying an unknown for the moment?



    1. People pretending they understand that by the thumbs. Someone might but I highly doubt many will. I have no clue what he is on about unless he’s talking about that simulation theory, matrix, even then like wtf.

  1. I didn’t know Ormstein was a BBC Big Wig.Must be true then if he is a Big Wig.Probably Wenger has changed his mind and feels Sanogo is much better than him.

  2. What sort of idiots believe something simply because they read it on the Internet?

    Here, we’re signing Ronaldo and Messi.

    What bullshit fluff do I add to that to make it believable? “Sources inside the club”?
    “His agent was seen having dinner with Stan Kroenke”?

    FFS Grow up.

    If we buy someone, the club will announce it.

  3. if we manage to sign top top players this season without CL then who was telling porkiepies previous years that we cannot find or they will not come to Arsenal

  4. Lol ??it’s probably because the kids an Arsenal fan and his role model and idol is our legend T.Henry.
    This isn’t the first time that a linked or supposedly signed player gets chucked into the back burner as soon as it’s revealed his a fan of the club.

    I was about to share this news lol but Admin beat me to it,for once ??

    Reports has it that Arsenal have agreed a deal for the 19 year old in the region of £6.8m, with the forward reportedly due for a medical at Arsenal after his international engagement with Nigeria.

    However Ornstein who works for the BBC and mostly covered games and news about arsenal revealed the stories from what he has gathered is false, categorically stating the deal won’t happen.

  5. I think the deal will happen is only a matter of few weeks.we can get him and loan him to any EPL team that most need his services, to put a clause that we will get him back by January window should we need him. Just like Chelsea did with AKE. He’s has a very good potential to be world class in few years to come,reminds me of both Harry Kane and Dele Alli

  6. “I have plans to play in Europa,” Ozyakup said.

    “I was born in Holland and developed in England at the best academy in the world.

    “I trained with the best and want to relive my time at Arsenal again.

    “I want to be an ambassador for Turkish football in Europe like Arda Turan.”

    Ozyakup won the 2009 Youth FA Cup with Arsenal alongside Jack Wilshere and Francis Coquelin.

    The Turkish international left Arsenal for Besiktas in 2012 and went onto win two league titles.

    Sounds as if his ready for the Europa league then.??

  7. As far as ‘done deals’ go, I’m rather concerned if Kolasinac is really coming.

    LB of Bundesliga Team of the Season for free, now that’s good business.

  8. Some people are so desperate for news of signings they will believe any rubbish that is written. When will people realise that you can only believe an Arsenal signing when it is reported on the official website.

    1. Lol ?? Arsenals official website is probably controlled by Wenger during his spare time,which would explain why it’s sooooo slow and secretive.

  9. Thoughts on Szczesny? I say loan him out for one more year then he takes over from Cech an Cech can be on cup duty. Juve are even interested in him as the long time replacement f Buffon, he had a great season with Roma keeping the most clan sheets in the serie a

    1. Juventus & Napoli want to buy him. He will more than likely be sold ?
      Ospina is off to Turkey and apparently Arsenal are looking at Pickford.

      1. Yeah but why sell him? Hes still young for a goalie, and hes a perfect long term replacement for Cech

        1. If Mr selfie was as good as you say, Wenger would have kept him at Arsenal. Your forgetting that the Italian league is more defensive than the premier league, so basically Roma’s defenders made Mr selfies clean sheet record look more impressive then it actually was.
          Anyways, He’s a nutter & a liability who smokes in the showers lol Arsenal want £17 million for him.

  10. We need a replacement for Santi Cazorla. Estimates are putting him out until October at least and we all know what Arsenal medical estimates are like. So even when he gets back it will take him a long while to get back to his best, even if he ever manages to get back there again due to his age.

    1. Cazorla is done, when he nears that October thing, bang!! another operation that will keep him for 3 more months, that’s the trend of our injured players at Arsenal.

      his wound is complicated, I wish him the best, he is someone that’s so hard to replace

  11. The reality of the matter is that each year after a strong end of the season Wenger talks about positives and attracting the top top players and I am only basing myself on the years since 2013 and our debt free status!
    But all we have got to show for it is Ozil in 2013 (because he had no choice but to show something), Sanchez in 2014 and Cech the year after…the problem here is that most “top” clubs would’ve made those signings within a transfer window to make a statement or simply because that is what is required to ruthlessly elevate yourself above the competition and compete for major honours.
    The year Ozil came we were in for Higuain and inexplicably when everything was agreed we went for Suarez (with a now unfamous and shameful bid as if to say: look fans we are trying it is not our fault) and lost both players. One of them should have really come along with Ozil.
    Even though we spent 100m last summer there is no top 10 player at there positions, it’s a fact. The only one for which I could make a genuine case is Xhaka and believe he will be much much better next year!
    But here he goes again making false promises as if we are on the rise, as if we have qualified for the UCL when we really not, as if with all the turmoil surrounding the club and the uncertainty in not having both Sanchez and Ozil in the squad next season isn’t an issue and not only them by the way. For a club who counts there money the way Arsenal does and for the apparent lack of speed and ability they have in sealing identified targets: it is a big issue.
    I truly wish he proves me wrong but i gotta say the optics based on history and everything mentioned above are not looking good and clearly not in his favour…

    1. Raoh, you hit the nail on the head mate. Couldn’t have said it better myself. Great comment and totally agree 100% . I hope he proves us wrong to I want WENGER and KROENKE out off our club but this is the biggest summer i think in the history off our club. We either loose our best player and Ozil or we keep them and build a team around Alexis and fly next year. Really really nervous about the next 3 months. My beloved Gunners are coming to Australia for the 1st time in my lifetime and im torn because i said that if Wenger was still manager i wouldn’t fly to sydney to watch the games. Deep down i know i will be there though.

  12. Atletico’s transfer ban appeal was unsuccessful so hopefully we can make a renewed attempt to sign Lacazette, will cost around £50m.

    1. the guy is good, but Wenger would rather have the slow OG than him. AKBs will attack by saying OG is the main striker for the France national team; but our style of play is not like France so when we need prolific strikers, don’t compare based on who plays and who doesn’t for France.. even Bendtner was the main striker for his country

      1. My first choice is Belloti. Guy has pace, powerful shot in both legs, dribbling, hold up and link up play and can bully defenders. Get him and we’re sorted in attack (with Sanchez retained).

    2. That’s £20m more than Wenger thinks he is worth so he will probably go elsewhere

    3. Wenger will never pay 50mil,he will probably offer a measly 30mil and Lyon will tell him to get lost and he will say ok no problem.

        1. Depends on Lucas if he would go to France because they are saying he wants to go back to Spain.If Lyon did want Perez and he was ok with it then yes of course it would be brilliant business.

  13. Gazidis has struck again! He said, “Arsene’s DNA is the same as the Club’s.” My question is, does this mean failure according to Jose? I’m only asking. Please don’t shoot the messenger.
    Up the Gunners!!!!

    1. Mour made that comment before Wenger won his cups. Even Mour would admit a trophy is a trophy, and you can hardly call someone a specialist in failure if they’re winning stuff. He’d still have a bone to pick because he knows he’d get sacked if it was him winning only cups, but I think that stupid comment has been put to bed.

  14. I just came from a site were Gooners were all saying it’s not the kids fault so lets just hope he’s another Holding, and then wished him all the best. This does have a ring of agent hype about it now when you think about it, we heard nothing of him, never even heard there was a kid scoring well over there. Then two weeks later we have him signed, our signings don’t usually go like that. Holding and Bielik took ages to get over the line and that was about five mil for both. People tend to believe these rumours more than the big ones, for obv reasons. Everybody now knows this player so the agent done his job and this is a good example of why clubs tend to use Arsenal for this type of stuff.

    Other news, I’m hearing that we’re close to signing Turan, and it might be Alexis and Ozil asking for it to happen.

  15. I pray to God we don’t sign Onyekuru. We need players that can win us the league.
    If we waste money on him we can’t pay money to sign top striker.

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