Arsenal’s fixture list can only put more pressure on Wenger

Nightmare fixture list doesn’t help Arsene by Konstantin Mitov

Hello guys and welcome to another weekend that could see Arsenal’s slim top 4 chances disappear. We have a game on Monday against struggling Middlesbrough and it can go either way. If we turn up, we could dispatch them, or we could easily bottle it like we do so many games.

Reports suggest the manager will be here next season which is terrible for our future, but interesting news reckons Josh Kroenke wants to install Henry, but Arsene refuses any possibility of anyone interfering with his job. It’s about power and amazingly the board still give Arsene all of it.

If you are on the board how can your opinion count less than the managers is amazing. But the results have sounded out reasons for concern and despite blind optimism, the top 4 is gone for me and looking at the fixtures, it’s only getting worse.

Boro, City, resurgent Leicester, Spurs, who will destroy us on our current form, Man United with Mourinho, who Arsene has never beaten, and Stoke and Southampton away where his record is terrible and the fact that fixtures are coming up in 2-3 days mean either those players start turning up or we’ll continue with our abysmal run.

I reckon, it will be the latter. Despite reports we’ve added a left back, we’ll again fail with the transfers if we leave it all to Arsene. He’s facing wrath like he’s never seen before unless he pulls a rabbit out of a magic hat.



  1. The troll formerly known as robin vanpayslip says:

    We could have been playing the bottom 3 twice and it would be bad. This is Wenger’s Arsenal

    1. AFC says:

      Fasten your seats belts guys because apart from Boro and Sunderland the rest of the teams left to play can easily have goal fests galore against arsenal.

  2. SoOpa AeoN says:

    Hahahahaha…….who still believes we’d finish in the Top 4 this season?

    Brainwashed you……. Give yaself a big knock in the head

    Ouch!…..does that hurt?

  3. Javier says:

    Mediocrity will continue to be the norm with Wenger in charge
    Wenger is violating the Natural Law of Football

    1. SoOpa AeoN says:

      hahaha…….keep doing that bro…….. Love it!

    2. AFC says:

      Wengers middle name is mediocrity, damn the guy is such a loser.The sooner this french frog goes the better.

  4. Gavana says:

    By the way I just fancy SPURS to win the league this year to put just to destroy Wengers record! Damn, Chelsea lost!

    1. SoOpa AeoN says:

      Reality Check!

  5. SoOpa AeoN says:

    Hey guys this might be a slight clue as to if Mr. Potato Head has already signed the thing or not

    According to the AST(Arsenal Supporters Trust) , any contract signed must be announced with immediate effect otherwise it would be a breach or violation of the stock market rules

    If this is true, then buddies, there’s a grain of hope the deluded one could in the end be ousted out as he hasn’t yet put pen to paper!


    Worse case scenario : he stays and our sufferings continue….

  6. khangunners says:

    Top four has already disappeared. Its now 10 points. Its like climbing mount everest with no rope. If we had players with bite and character then you might hve said we hve a slight chance but we hve models running in the field shambolic and shameful. It will hurt me the most if man u finish ahead of us!!
    What will make our club great again?

  7. SoOpa AeoN says:

    Reality check brother……. Reality check!

  8. What is really unnerving and will go as a dark age for AFC in years to come is how this man took one of the richest teams in the world by ramsom …completely inexplicable how we are subject to take this mediocrity for another 2 years or as long as Le Fraud decides he will stay as he thinks is his born birth right……Legacy??? a man who lost his self respect this way has no right to claim a Legacy not even for what he accomplished almost a generation ago…of course and also inexplicably he still has supports from some Fans … little contribution to this team stops as soon as he announces his stay….will always be an ARSENAL supporter but a Silent one just like the owner of the team… much I hated Moaninho and how much would I give now for him to be our manager…

  9. Javier says:

    Fire brigade phones Arsene Wenger in the early hours of Sunday morning…

    “Mr Wenger sir, Emirates Stadium is on fire!”
    “The cups man! Save the cups!” Save de cups ” replies Arsene.
    “Uh, the fire hasn’t spread to the canteen yet, sir.”

  10. Bolinks says:

    Well, it seems Tottenham is pretty much in the race to win the league. I feel sad for our shambolic team.

  11. Gunner 4 Life says:

    I don’t know what should I be worried about more.. Wenger staying at the club or Spurs having a Great chance of winning the League before Us….! Damn it’s getting hard to live for Us Arsenal fans….!

  12. Vinie2000 says:

    Well fellow Gooners, after UTD win v Chelski. The idea of Europa league is more laughable now than ever. UTD has focused on winning the Eurpa Cup and also finishing as high as they can so it would be a good season for Marinho..For us? looks more than gloom..UTD get UCL spot and we get Europa league spot with Everton ..Here comes Thursday football for while..denigration, regression…so many names to call aberration of football we have displayed this season under Mr Wenger. The fair thing to do is to resign at the end of the season. If he remains, there will me more ill feelings towards him and more division. We” the real Arsenal fans” are not losers..those who want him to remain…are deluded as he is and to make matter worse..SPUDS got a chance If chelski slip..Pain will be harder to see them winning the EPL..I can not handle more embarrassment. TIME FOR CHANGE

  13. The troll formerly known as Robin Vanpayslip says:

    OK guys, I’m going to level with you and say I’ve been doing some soul searching. I read an article earlier today implying it was the gooners fans fault. That made me angry but I’ve been doing some thinking and maybe it is. Hear me out before judging!

    Recently I was reading this article and it said that a heavy drinker can open his/her front door more easily than someone that is a casual drinker. A heavy drinker (someone that has at least 5 drinks an evening) can use his/her past experience to recall how to open the door. The alcohol going on beyond a certain level triggers the brain to remember it’s past experiences. Low level drinkers (I.e, less than 5 a week) on the other hand struggle to open their doors to a greater degree than heavy drinkers as the level of alcohol in their system does not trigger the need to recall past experiences.

    So how is that relevant? Well, there is only one manager in this league that is bonafide successful in standing toe to toe to SAF and there is no one at his level here today. There is only one manager that has not lost a league game in a whole season. Everyone else makes incremental change but there is only one manager that changed the face of this game in how it is managed behind the scenes. That man is Wenger.

    So how does this come back to my opening statement? Well, have us gooners been buying him a drink every time we see him? I don’t know because I wasn’t there every time he was in a pub but science is saying that alcohol unlocks old experiences and Wenger can’t do we must buy him a drink every time we see him

    #no Arsene, you don’t seem drunk. Here’s another one

    #My round. Same again, why am I even asking!

    #Fam, why you acting so old? Ok, pint and whisky chaser it is

    And most importantly of all:


    1. Fatboy Gooney says:

      Nice effort Mr Trolling on a wage slip ??
      I bet at some point you thought that another article would have popped up by the time you finished writing yours? ?

      Save your money mate, Wenger is far too stagnated in his pissy-alcoholic-pants to remember anything ? his done… End of.

      1. The troll formerly known as robin vanpayslip says:

        Yeah but i dropped science on the argument……

  14. Fatboy Gooney says:

    Apparently, Ozil turned down a deal worth a cool £100 million from some Chinese club and Now Wenger is trying to convince Sanchez not to accept the deal that was originally offered to Ozil lol it’s all fun and games at the Emirates.

  15. Onochie says:

    What’s this

  16. At least someone on the board is showing some common sense, Kroenke’s son seems to be getting the point after all…..if the Dinosaur stays at least would like to see Henry on board, new blood is what we need, also a sign to Le Fraud that he needs to step down at some point and let Arsenal rise once again

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