Arsenal’s fixture list is looking kind to us after the break

Arsenal have a kind run! by SOH

After Munich I was very much angry at the way we got beaten, but understood we were outplayed by a great team. So I put up an article directed towards Wenger and Stan and not the team, as I do believe with a fully fit squad we have a team on the edge of doing something special, but there are certain things holding us back! With that said, again we were much on the back foot against the Spuds until our record breaker Ozil did what he does best, sets up chances with ease… And to be honest, with his vision we could’ve won it if Giroud had put away one of those Golden chances! Still, with City dropping points we had a chance to go clear at the top by two points, but we are still joint leaders going into the break, so it’s not all bad!

Now that I am calm and have thought about it, we do still have a chance in the Champions League as we CAN beat both Dinamo Zagreb and Olympiakos (and should have the first time around) as the fixtures around them are not as hard as the games we have played around the last set of CL games.

Our coming fixtures are:

West Brom (A)
Dynamo (H) CL*
Norwich (A)
Sunderland (H)
Olympiacos (A) CL*
Villa (A)

Plus, our injury list will be reduced and players rested! City is the big game in the league. The rest in my opinion are winnable around the Champions League games, so we can focus on both competitions can we not? If we can win these games before CITY at home we could be well placed in the League and finish 2nd in the CL group, not all bad, though I’m sure in the last 16 it will be another mega fixture… Barca or Madrid probably.

Here is hoping Alexis and Cazorla both get a good rest as they badly need it. Coq/Ozil/Bellerin/Gab/Boss/Nacho all should get a good rest, Cech will be fine. Not sure who is back after the break, Ox/Rambo/Bellerin?

I believe in this team and will support it to the death ,as I know we are capable of big things, but this doesn’t change my mind on the direction I think the club needs to go behind the scenes! International breaks I usually hate as there’s not much decent football on, but it couldn’t have came at a better time for the team!

Ps… have to give Leicester a we shout out as they have been absolutely brilliant ,and fair play to where they are sitting in the league! Credit given where credit is due!

Sean O’Hara

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  1. There are no real easy games in this League, but I agree that (on paper) they look a lot more Arsenal-freindly than our recent fixtures!

    1. Hey mr Jorge sampaoLi……….. It will be wise and advisable to Let our sanchez take a Long break in order to regain full strenght and fitness……… Haven’t chile qualified already?……..

  2. Those who down played K Gibbs worth to this team have no idea what they talk about, I still say name the other pl second string left backs who are so much better than Gibbs. People wont realise how strong we are in the full back positions until either of Monreal and Bellerin are out with serious injury. Hope it never happens but if or when it does then anyone who believes that both Gibbs and Debuchy will not look like a pair of first team players within two months or less of football well they don’t know football.

    1. Thank you ! Many tend to forget Gibbs and Debuchy have only started two games this season and none at all last season, they were injured for half the year and need time to get back on form.

  3. Listen Baby Please

    I beg the Gods to let us have at least Bellerin, Walcott, OX, Ramsey on a daily, and Ospina back soon. But also want Wilshere, Rosicky on a daily, Welbeck to come back also.

    We need all our players healthy on a daily to compete for the Title

  4. We were looking a great team untill we lost that Walcot and Bellerin…look how we’ve been struggling since we missd those playrs and adding to Ramsey…those three playrs shud return as quick as possible our opponents are attacking us from the ryt wing because both Campbel and Debuchy dnt offr what Bellerin and Walcot offerd…it can get worse if they dnt return soon…without them we cudnt hv blown leicestr and man u!

  5. If the transfer window were to be left open all year round and most fans here were to be incharge of Arsenal, we did be sure of constant buying and selling of players at the end of every match day.

    1. the crazy thing is that u think we’d be the only one buying and selling all year round?…………. How many teams are ready to buy, how many teams are ready to sell?……… Then again, how many players are approved on a team shortlist?

    2. Could you imagine if Wenger listened to fans and sold Giroud for Bony/Michu/Dzeko or sold Walcott for Pedro ?? LOL Arsene knows !

    1. According to the physio room. Com… Bellerin, Ramsey and Ox are due back after the international break.
      Walcott is due back on the 29th of November.

      But nothing is official from Arsenal!

  6. Yes the fixtures look kind for us after the international break,
    But we need the injuries to be even kinder!

  7. Definitely we need a couple of reinforces in January more excuses about injuries and lack of depth. those injured are always the same and we will not want to have same old story like Diaby years and years in the waiting and nothing came out of it.those coming back from long injuries should play with the reserves or loan them out to smaller teams in the EPL until they re-discover their mental-physical strength and then get them back but we need 2 platyers ( Carvalho as DM and Huntelaar ST ) to be able to challenge for the last 4 months the EPL title.If fellow gooners have some names bring them out but we do not have more excuses..this has to be the year.

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