Arsenal’s EPL fixtures released – a tough start after opener against Brentford

So most Arsenal fans believe that this is the season that Mikel Arteta needs to put up or shut up after being given an 18-month free pass to do his rebuilding process, so he will be hoping to get off to a flying start to the new season.

The very first game is a local derby against newly promoted Brentford. Early in the season the players coming up can be difficult because they have only lost one of their last 15 games and will be on a high from winning the play-off final.

And being a local derby it is always a potential banana skin.

But after that Arteta has the daunting task of facing both Champions League Finalists in the next two matches. He has a reasonable record against these two, but it certainly won’t be an easy opening few weeks…

Here is Arsenal’s full fixture list:

14/08/2021 Brentford (a)

21/08/2021 Chelsea (h)

28/08/2021 Manchester City (a)

11/09/2021 Norwich City (h)

18/09/2021 Burnley (a)

25/09/2021 Tottenham Hotspur (h)

02/10/2021 Brighton (a)

16/10/2021 Crystal Palace (h)

23/10/2021 Aston Villa (h)

30/10/2021 Leicester City (a)

06/11/2021 Watford (h) 20/11/202115:00Liverpool (a)

27/11/2021 Newcastle United (h)

30/11/2021 Manchester United (a)

04/12/2021 Everton (a)

11/12/2021 Southampton (h)

14/12/2021 West Ham United (h)

18/12/2021 Leeds United (a)

26/12/2021 Norwich City (a)

28/12/2021 Wolverhampton (h)

01/01/2022 Manchester City (h)

15/01/2022 Tottenham Hotspur (a)

22/01/2022 Burnley (h)

08/02/2022 Wolverhampton (a)

12/02/2022 Chelsea (a)

19/02/2022 Brentford (h)

26/02/2022 Liverpool (h)

05/03/2022 Watford (a)

12/03/2022 Leicester City (h)

19/03/2022 Aston Villa (a)

02/04/2022 Crystal Palace (a)

09/04/2022 Brighton (h)

16/04/2022 Southampton (a)

23/04/2022 Manchester United (h)

30/04/2022 West Ham United (a)

07/05/2022 Leeds United (h)

15/05/2022 Newcastle United (a)

22/05/2022 Everton (h)


  1. Well that’s us in the relegation places after the 1st 3 games 😂
    OT Dan smith hasn’t put up the predictions yet ,only 4 hours till match day 2

    1. 7 points off 9 could see us in the top 4! Negetivity even before the whistle is blown, will contibue all through the season and pause when Arteta walks away, then recycle, rinse and repeat for the new manager and so on…

      1. LOL! Giving Arteta too much credit. You honestly believe no coach can do a better job than a guy who has no track record of coaching success in football.

        1. He believes Arteta is better than Arsene. With this kind of logic, you will laughing all the way to heaven.

  2. Mikel should look at the fixture and make his purchases. If he fumbles he’s on his own. These are not friendly fixtures. We need a real team to fight this term.

  3. I expect the Brentford and Norwich games to be tricky but Chelsea and ManC should be a breeze😊

        1. Ah, yes humour! I remember it well. I tried it once, about 50 years ago and no one laughed . So I have been a misery guts ever since and loved it. Strangely though, no one else does. So the moral of this story is that I alone am perfect and everyone else is wrong.
          So is this story itself humour ? Or irony? You decide!

  4. The next Artetaout window will open in December unless there is a massive change in performance, result and League position by that time. But after looking at the fixtures, the odds are stacked against MA.

    No more player excuses, no more lack of preparation. Heck, no more crowded fixtures. The first half of next season will cement the label on Arteta. Fraudterta or the process works.

    1. The Arteta out window hasn’t closed mate it’s just the spineless board have decided not to listen to the majority of the fans and are hoping that it goes quite ,let’s hope he can pull off a miracle because it will be come toxic very very quickly

      1. “Will become” -as in the FUTURE tense? With such as you on here Dan , it has already long been toxic(in the past and present tense), I’d say!

          1. Dan, Not being a child, I do not have a clue what most emojis are supposed to mean. I see what looks to me like an ordinary, albeit cartoon, face with no particular expression on it, so cannot work out why you would post it.

            Presumably, it means something to you but for reasons of your own you prefer to speak only in cartoon emojis . I was previously under the mistake impression that you are an adult. Plainly, I am mistaken!

          2. It means Jon I do not want to converse with you and your type ,I’ve said it countless times before hence the emoji,hope that helps .

    2. He has a tough start and he has to bring his A game (if he has one) or it won’t be pretty after the first 6 fixtures. There’s a potential of losing 12 points there.

      Those 6 fixtures are enough to show how our season will pan out. He should beat Brentford and Norwich comfortably even though a shocker will be understandable but he has to get at least 8 out 12 points in the remaining games.

  5. Not actually a bad start. Say what you want about MA, but the results have been extremely good against the top 6, and even better when one considers the mess he inherited.

    Don’t expect much off City, but we can beat Chelsea and Brentford for sure.

    1. I’m sure his top 6 record will worsen severely but I’m also sure his bottom 14 record will improve. I honestly don’t expect him to win more than 3 points against the big 4.

      1. I honestly don’t expect one positive post from you out of your next ten, so what is your point…

  6. True that!!! Arsenal Fans need behavioural/intelligence management. We need to get behind our team, like the Leeds fans. I know its more trendy to be negative to Arsenal cause that’s what the mainstream media want. Don’t fall into their trap. Think!!! Arsenal have been one of the best teams Since December. This is the PL, its not meant to be easy. THINK!!!

    1. Sue, based on last season, neither Auba nor Elneny will be overly missed at all and your post assumes no new midfield or forward arrivals. Why?
      I think far to much gloom in general among our fans exists about the effect of the AFCON, as not all players who go there are there all that long and other top teams are also affected, thus reducing any unfair effect on our club, by comparison.

    2. There you go Sue another excuse for Arteta to keep his job lol! He must be thinking why don’t they have Afcon for 4 months that will be great.

  7. The first 10 matches should decide Arteta’s future. Less than 20 points and he should be out!!!

  8. Never ever have mercy on small club fans. All of them wish to be in our place but they are not able to. They are more noisy than us when their teams go up.

    Just the other day we had an Aston Villa fan here boasting why a certain player should join us instead of them. Aren’t Chelsea fans think they are the biggest club in London now?

    Aren’t Manchester City fans think they are the biggest team there now even though they bought their way to success?

    Arsenal fans are the best in the world except SLIV
    and his usual BS.

  9. I’m pretty sure Arteta’s and Edu’s project relied heavily on EL/UCL money. Since neither happened, their project is bust and their Arsenal careers are on the line.

    But to be honest, the squad will probably do better than last season, even without the perfect additions. I expect the boys to win around 65 points next season ONLY if the club buys a LB that can play when Tierney’s sidelined and a RB to fight with Chambers and Cedric as well as a decent replacement for Xhaka (it can be a cheap acquisition and still work).

  10. Team just need to get off to a relative good start. win one draw 2 of the first 3 that’s the least that is expected of arteta. If arteta cant get the team off to a good start he should be sacked as early as possible.

  11. Arteta isn’t going anywhere if Kroanke still remain in Arsenal no matter the clamoring of the fan

    1. Dont be too sure. Kroenke didnt have any plans of ditching Wenger until fans started protesting. And Wenger was a club legend, greatest manager in Arsenal’s history.

  12. Looking at this by evening of 29/09/2021 Arteta will be out of the door and we will panic sign another low class manager then whole season we will try to put blame on players Arteta had bought then in transfer window start our usual activity again of identifying players as dead wood then try our very best t get rid of them in Windows upon windows to come. Like Liverpool have a slogan you never walk alone we should have our as we never learn.

    1. I am prepared here and now to bet you a thousand pounds that you are wrong about 29/9/21.

      CARE TO PUT YOUR MONEY WHERE YOUR MOUTH IS ? You have only to accept my bet and then you can start worrying! Logic would indictate you should refuse, assuming you like keeping your money.

      1. Jon, I am not a gambler and don’t do bets. I am sensible person. Plus I know If I bet I will loose not because Arteta is going to out perform but because the way our club is run, they will never sack him unless they are completely forced by fans. If we had similar owner to Chelsea or Mancity then we won’t be even talking about Arteta being hired or even surviving past October of last season at this very moment.

  13. ThirdmanJW, can you explain me the point of having all those useless records when look where we finish the season. What good record are you talking about top 6 ? Now don’t start talking about that FA cup wins in Arteta first season. I feel you lack the relevance of results and records, you can have third best defensive record in league, you can be 2nd since January intersm of points, you can gain more points in the season then last one but what is the point when you get smaked by two small teams in cup Southampton and Villarreal. You have nothing to play for after half of the season. You finish out of European spot after decades and you become a mid table team. All what you claim Arteta has done is garbage and means nothing if all you have to show for at the end is where we sit in league and our cup defeats by teams much inferior in squad to us. Also what mess did Areta inherited so this mess was fine when he won FA cup but now blame the previous managers. He made Partey, Willian, Auba all seasoned players to flop. He has no clue how to work with youngsters, his tactics are all over the place and team has no identity ..neither the fans nor the players know what sort of football are we playing. So tell what your dearest Arteta has brought to the club which is meaningful?

    1. You have commonsense logic, his logic is intellect’s logic. Both logic are very different. For example, TMJW believes in Arteta >{2xArsene} but most of Arsenal fans don’t

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